The Odd Future Wolf Gang Bible

If you guys or new comers haven’t read the OFWGKTA Bible yet, Its an excellent read about everything oddfuture. Check it out.

“I wrote the Odd Future Bible to give people an easy way to learn about the group, but also as a place for old fans to find anything they are missing from their collection. Over hours upon hours of research, I gathered information on each group member, every song they have ever released, and every video they have appeared in, and I am constantly updating the Bible with new information. So use it, share it, look at it, or masturbate to Syd’s pictures, I don’t care. Thanks to Kevin though, who hit me up about sharing this on ODDFUTURETALK. Swag.”

Every cult needs a handbook, and the Odd Future Wolf Gang are no different. But don’t get it confused: this is not a critique, nor a review, nor an analysis of the group. This is simply a bible for all you Wolves, who understand that it’s Golf Wang or Do Well In School. Read the rest over at  sibatmedia