Black Book Magazine Interviews Frank Ocean

“Odd Future’s Frank Ocean Does Not Make R&B”

“You’ve probably heard of Odd Future by now, but chances are you’ve heard less about Frank Ocean, the 23-year-old New Orleans native and singer/songwriter who admits he just might be the mellowest member of the raucous crew. After moving to L.A. and signing a deal with Def Jam that went nowhere fast, Ocean released his debut album,Nostalgia, Ultra, via Tumblr in February. (He prefers not to talk about the songs he’s penned for stars like John Legend and Bieber.) Over samples of The Eagles, MGMT, and Coldplay, Ocean’s smooth vocals cover the delirious turf you might expect from an Odd Future member—drugs, porn stars, absent father issues. But, please, just don’t call it R&B. Ocean simply prefers “good music.””

Nadeska Alexis

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