Vote for Tyler, the Creator in the MTV Video Music Awards

Tyler, the Creator of OFWGKTA has been nominated for two categories in this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The two categories that Tyler, the Creator is up for nomination are Video of the Year and Best New Artist. In the Video of the Year category, he’s nominated against Adele, Beastie Boys, Bruno Mars, and Katy Perry. In the Best New Artist category, he’s nominated against Big Sean, Foster the People, Kreayshawn, and Wiz Khalifa.

Spread the word to vote for Tyler, the Creator as much as possible. We want to see him swagged out on stage, crying from happiness. Show some love and vote for Tyler in both categories.

To vote for Tyler, the Creator for Video of the Year, click here.

To vote for Tyler, the Creator for Best New Artist, click here.

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