A Day In Ladera: OFWGKTA (Video)

In ‘A Day in Ladera’, a short film shot in the summer months in sunny California, there were no fireworks, soda or cookies to be found. Playful antics and dancing as hyper and rhythmic as their music combined with uncensored accounts of what seems like a typical day in life for the members of OFWGKTA are captured on film by Ryan Rigsby. “Chill, smoke, hangout,” they definitely have it their way whether posted outside a Burger King or not. More down to earth and loquacious than ever, the California natives portray an air of fun, obscentiy and a strange mix of raunchy and innocent. From krump battles to simple cruises down the street, one thing is for sure: they got the Angus if you want beef.

This is documentary-style video we made in summer 2010 of the everyday life in Ladera, home of many OF members. This was before all the magazines, the MTV, the Tours, the Jimmy Fallon, the labels, the VMA, and all that stuff. enjoy

Filmed & edited by: Twitter – @Ryan_Rigsby