Tyler reveals details on “Wolf” Album

Tyler, the Creator sat down with Spin recently to discuss what’s been happening with him and the group as well as future plans,  namely a new album from him.

The LP, as many a die hard fan on this site already knows by know will be called “Wolf”, and as Tyler explained, will be a lot less “rapey”.

The StepKids, a psychedelic, jazz-influenced band he likes, play on his laptop. “My new album [Wolf, expected to released in May 2012] is gonna sound like this,” he says. “I wanna make the music I actually get all my influence from. I don’t know how, but I’m gonna try shit like this out. I’m gonna make a band or something.”

“Talking about rape and cutting bodies up, it just doesn’t interest me anymore,” he says, contemplative and sincere, looking directly into my eyes, now sitting cross-legged on the hotel bed. “What interests me is making weird hippie music for people to get high to. With Wolf, I’ll brag a little bit more, talk about money and buying shit. But not like any other rapper, I’ll be a smart-ass about it. Now it’s just girls throwing themselves at me and shit, but I got a girl back home. People who want the first album again, I can’t do that. I was 18, broke as fuck. On my third album, I have money and I’m hanging out with my idols. I can’t rap about the same shit.” The look on his face is uncompromising. The man knows where his power lies.

It seems like just the other day we were all eagerly counting down the days for Goblin‘s  release,  but now that time is somewhat distant in the rear-view. Odd Future has come so insanely far, it seems crazy to think that there was a time when all we knew about these kids was from a Tumblr, a semi-infrequently updated YouTube Channel, as well as various other videos on other channels of them goofing around, eating barbecue sandwiches, or breaking Sidekicks. Now they’re everywhere, winning MTV Awards, making cameos on Cable shows, magazine covers, you name it. The mystique for all intensive purposes seems to have vanished. Now the group has graduated from that new kid down the street who gets into a lot of trouble but seems completely awesome to hang out with, to that good-close buddy that can’t really surprise you so often but when he in fact does, it is as epic as it ever was.

This album has a lot of potential to bring that element of surprise back, especially when you consider a few things. This new direction that Tyler says hes taking, the kinds of artists/his idols who he has named to be possibly appearing on the album, not to mention the hopeful reunion of EarlWolf. And what kind of band would Tyler make? Wait, think we already have an idea.