The Internet – “Fastlane” (Official Music Video)

The Internet releases “Fastlane,” the long awaited music video from their debut album “Purple Naked Ladies.” Serving as a prequel to their previous video “Cocaine”, you won’t want to miss this. Directed by Matt Alonzo.

Matt Martians: I had a very broad idea when we were making the song. I knew what type of mood and colors I wanted for the song from the beginning. I told [Odd Future manager Christian] Clancy what I had and he suggested we watch the movie Natural Born Killers, because he said the ideas were very similar. After we watched it we started to develop the core idea for the video as far as characters. We also wanted this video to play as the prequel to “Cocaine” so we had to figure out a way to tie it all together.

After watching it, what are your thoughts on it?

Don’t forget to purchase the physical copy of “Purple Naked Ladies” on January 31st!