OFT Exclusive: Interview w/ The Internet

[Matt Martians and Syd during a rehearsal session] Photo by LAStereoTV

As a huge fan of The Internet, I couldn’t miss their first ever live show at the Echo. Weeks before, I asked Matt and Syd if they’d be willing to do an interview with me, and they kindly accepted. The show started off with a DJ set from Hal Williams/Pyramid Vritra, half of the Jet Age of Tomorrow and co-founder of NRK. After a few minutes of Juicy J, Lil B, and a couple of his own beats, Kilo Kish went on stage and did her thing.

Kilo finished off with Tb70, gave gummy bears to a lucky fan before taking off, and Matt and Syd took the stage. The Internet performed most of the tracks from their debut album Purple Naked Ladies in order, with the exception of an additional new track, and songs off their Purple Naked Ladies Bonus Songs EP.

As the show came to an end, my guest and I were escorted backstage where the interview took place. The hazy room was lit by a dim light, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. Even when my guest dropped the blunt being passed around mid-interview and was “cursed with 20 years of bad luck,” the laughs and the interview continued. This is what happened. Listen to the audio, or read the transcript down below.


Me: So this is your first ever live show, how do you feel about that? Was it everything you expected?


Syd: It was everything I expected, yeah, it came out perfect for me. Shit, better than I expected, honestly.

Me: And you said you wanted to take vocal lessons before doing any concert, how did those go?


Syd: They went well; my vocal coach was here tonight. I don’t know where she was, I didn’t get to see her but she was here, she got in. I’ve been takin’ ‘em for a couple months now. It’s pretty good, it’s working. I could tell tonight that it was working.

Me: So do you feel comfortable in front of large crowds now since you’re going to go to theUK in a few weeks, and you’re going to perform in a festival?


Syd: Yeah, I think I’ve got used to a live crowd just from performing with OF, you know? Even knowing how to like hold a microphone and swag out or whatever you know, I learned from the best.


Q: What was your favorite song to perform live?


Syd: I think the last one, ‘The Garden’


Me: Yeah, that was my favorite.


Syd: [Laughs] Yeah, that was the greatest.


Me: This one’s for Matt. Matt!


Matt: Aye!


Me: When did you start drawing?


Matt: When I was 2. Came out the womb sketchin’.


Me: Was there a point where you learned that you could make money off of it?


Matt: Uh, there was this sketchy ass nigga in Tennessee that was trynna pay me to design his clothing line, and he would pay me like 600 dollars for a design. When I was broke as fuck that was like making a million dollars.


Syd: Really, that was when he first moved to LA. He had that job.


Me: Do you have any hidden talents?


Matt: Hidden talents? [Asks everyone in the room] Do I have any hidden talents guys?


Matts friend: He can lowkey control fire. He won’t tell you, but he can lowkey control fire.


Matt: I can read people pretty well, I don’t know if that’s a talent.


Syd: Yeah, that’s definitely his talent. He’s good with signs and shit you know, like reading signs about people.


Me: I know you guys are currently working onKish’s debut, Feel Good EP, Sweaty Martians, and maybe other things that we don’t know about. What can we expect from those?


Syd: You can expect a lot more live instrumentation and you can expect a lot tighter shit in general.


Me: There’s also rumors of a collab with SBTRKT, can you tell us about that?


Syd: That’s not a rumor, yeah, that’s happening. Yeah, we have a few tracks with him. He’s tight. They’re super nice.


Matt: That nigga is cool as fuck.


Syd: Yeah, we hung out with Aaron, the main producer and drummer. He was super nice. He taught us a lot, honestly.


[Syd’s friend walks in with weed]


Me: Can you tell us about how you met Kilo Kish?


Syd: Uh, yeah, well Matt should tell you that story ‘cause  he met her first.


Matt: I met Kish in New York City. I lost my wallet in New York, the first Odd Future show at Webster Hall. I was being sus as fuck and walking through the crowd ‘cause I was being an extra loud ass nigga. Somebody pickpocketed my wallet. So your boy had to stay an extra day. I went to a party and I saw Kish there and the guy you just saw here, J Scott, who’s a DJ, I stayed at his house. I went to high school with him and she was staying over there at the time and she played me some music just randomly ‘cause we were bored. She was like “Yeah I rap” just playing and shit and I thought it was actually pretty tight. I sent her a beat and she got on the shit, and I was like “Hey this is pretty decent.” She started being really consistent with it so I was like, “uh, let’s do an EP.”


Syd: And it worked out. And then Hal went ham on the production, swagged it out, we got her out here for the show, it was perfect. Real perfect.


[Taco and Earl walk in. Taco talks to Syd and Syd’s mother walks in a few moments later and comments on the smell of Marijuana]


Me: Can you tell us a little bit about the Feel Good EP, since you said it’s gonna sound a little bit different from Purple Naked Ladies.


Syd: Yeah, Feel Good will still be utilizing a lot of electronic stuff, you know? It will sort of be our transition from purely and mostly electronic to mostly live. ‘Cause the next album; we’re tyring to make it all live. All live.


[Syd points out her mother in the distance]


Me: Who would your dream collaboration be in a future Internet album?


Syd: [Consults Matt] Hey, dream collaboration on an Internet album?


Syd: Jamiroquai –


Matt: Jamiroquai!


Syd: or Erykah Badu. Chin Chin, Jamiroquai or Erykah Badu.


Me: How about a Jet Age album?


Matt: [Grabs recorder from my hand and talks through the wrong end] Aight, so let me explain Jet Age real quick. What people don’t understand about Jet Age is that Jet Age is just a culmination of beats that me and Hal submit and they – [Syd turns the recorder around into the correct position] Oh, no hands! [Laughs] Jet Age is just a bunch of beats.


[Christian and Kelly Clancy walk in and congratulate Matt and Syd]


Matt: Aight, so Jet Age is basically shit me and Hal make that’s kinda like – the guys like it, but you can’t use it. It’s really spacey and free-form so, Jet Age makes leftover beats that me and Hal make for Kish, Tyler, The Internet. Beats that we wouldn’t use, but they’re tight as fuck.


[Syd’s mother congratulates her on the concert]


Me: You guys recently decided to opt out of the business part of the music industry, and started the ‘Feng Shui Experiment.’ With that you’re gonna release a full-length film that’s gonna teach upcoming producers the ups and downs. If you had a movie like that, how would it change your vision or your producing?


Syd: I feel like for those who are clueless, it’s going to make a huge difference. For those who already know a little bit – or know at least what I knew before I got into it – it only makes so much of a difference. Either way, people are going to want to see for themselves, you know? I just hope this will open people’s minds and let people know that they don’t have to give up all of their rights to everything to be ok and have a good life, and be happy. 


Do you have any surprises for us for the rest of the year? Are you guys working on the third music video?


Matt and Syd: Uhhhh…Yeah.


Syd: Yeah, we are. Other than that we got a few remixes coming.


Me: Are you guys gonna release the Bad Girls remix?


Syd: We’ll probably release it at some point. We’ll release it. There’s gonna be a bunch of remixes dropping for that, so we’re gonna release it around the same time.


Matt: Yeah, we got a lot of remixes dropping.


Syd: We just did a bunch of other remixes.


Me: Can you tell us anything about Sweaty Martians?


Matt: I don’t even know if that’s what it’s called anymore but me and this nigga Thebe make shit like every day. We just make shit. He basically lives at our house on the low.


Syd: He comes over like every few days.


Matt: Yeah, and spends the night for like three days, and we just make music. We just talk shit and listen to Lil B. That’s literally what we do, we just listen to Lil B.


Syd: He’s like his little brother.


Me: Alright, that’s basically it. Do you have any last words for anyone hearing this, or for OddFutureTalk?


Syd: Thanks to OddFutureTalk. Thank you guys a lot.


Me: Thank you.


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