Bandit Interview with Christian Clancy

Bandit interviews none other than Papa Wolf, the “father” and manager of Odd Future, Christian Clancy. In this interview we get some background of what Clancy’s career looked like before Odd Future, and his transition into working with the wolves that we all know and love. In addition, Clancy shares some personal details, and doesn’t hesitate telling us about the most inspirational people in his life and why they are important to him.

Even when he was asked about keeping Odd Future relevant, Clancy gives an insightful response and discusses his plans for the future. Get to know the man behind it all here, and read the interview in it’s entirety.

Kelly and I genuinely love these guys. They hang with our 4 year old daughter. They have dinner at the house, it’s family, we have deep talks and we have fart joke talks. It’s all based on trust and respect. If I was 17 today I’d probably tattoo OFWGKTA on my forehead. I was that angry kid that went to Metallica and Slayer shows to release all that energy. Not sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing but Im way more comfortable around them than I am around other people my age. (I suck at old guy small talk). And i respect my responsibility to be an example on some level whether they give a shit or not. – Christian Clancy