“Channel Orange” iTunes Early Release!

As many of you know, Frank Ocean will be a special guest on Jimmy Fallon tonight and will perform in premonition to his debut album, Channel Orange. Jimmy Fallon himself tweeted that there would be a “big announcement about his new album.” ¬†With the filming of the show already done, many people who were present at the show went to Twitter to give us details of what occurred. Channel Orange would be dropping on iTunes at midnight, and Frank will be performing the song “Bad Religion.” What was only a rumor at first has been confirmed by Billboard.

Channel Orange¬†will be dropping tonight around midnight exclusively on the iTunes store. The physical version of the album will still be available for purchase next Tuesday, the day of it’s official launch. Are you as excited as we are? We hope so.

>>Buy channel ORANGE on iTunes here!<<

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Don’t miss Frank Ocean tonight on Jimmy Fallon at 11:30pm!