Pyramid Vritra x OFT: Scopolomine

It’s been two weeks since we first showed you the pixelated cover of this project, but the time has come to fully reveal it. On this Friday the 13th, we proudly present “Pyramid Vritra x OFT: Scopolomine.” Scopolomine is an EP that contains previously unreleased and scrapped songs from Pyramid Vritra (Hal Williams), The Jet Age of Tomorrow, and NRK (Nobody Really Knows).

Take note of three songs in particular. Drain (feat. Frisco) is the next single off of Pyramid Vritra’s upcoming album Pyramid and features Frisco aka Syd Tha Kyd on the chorus. Sea is an alternate version of a song that will also appear on Pyramid (That’s two sneak peeks). And last but not least, Villa is an NRK posse track featuring Gloomy Pyramid, Tyler Major, Mr. Northstar, Pyramid Vritra, and Pyramid Murdock. Until now, these songs were unheard.

The EP consists of 10 tracks, two of them being bonus songs. Peep the tracklist and download below.

  1. Alternate Ending (2010) – Pyramid Vritra
  2. Yellow (2010) – The Jet Age of Tomorrow
  3. Villa (2012) – NRK
  4. Finer Thangz Instrumental (2011) – The Jet Age of Tomorrow
  5. Wapple Pieces (2011) – The Jet Age of Tomorrow
  6. Drain (Feat. Frisco) (from the album Pyramid, 2012) – Pyramid Vritra
  7. Redrum (2011) – Pyramid Vritra
  8. Odo (2011) – Pyramid Vritra
  9. Bonus: Sea (Alternate Version, 2010) – Pyramid Vritra
  10. Bonus: Un Monstre (2010) – The Jet Age of Tomorrow

>>Download: Pyramid Vritra x OFT: Scopolomine<<

Named it right after I saw a documentary. The Vice one. In a cheesy attempt to link things. Music is like a drug which takes control of you, takes you away, removes you from your body and opens your mind. In that sense it could be any drug, but I feel my music has a certain ability to evoke emotion, at least to me, and that can be dangerous, but life is dangerous; you can’t ignore danger. It’s interesting. – Pyramid Vritra

In addition to the EP, Hal agreed to do a short Q&A in which he answers a few questions about his influences, NRK, and the Pyramid way of life. All questions provided by fans.

Q: How did you meet Murdock, Gloomy, and K.C. 2.0 and how did you form The Bandits/NRK?

A: We all met in high school. No one would say shit to the weird quiet nigga with ice creams and bape and shit on but KC, Murdock and Gloomy (who also lived in the same neighborhood as me) were different. Everything just clicked, we would skate and make music we liked to skate to. First as “Kash and Gullie” which was just KC and I (alongside Gloomy and Murdock as Nada Rec.) Later on we added Tyler, Mables, and McCloud to form the bandits, which eventually was replaced by the full roster and family “NRK” or “Nobody Really Knows” you know today including Jay Cue, and Lui Diamonds. 

Q: What is your favorite quality/trait of every NRK member?

A: Hmm. This is gay, but Tyler and KC are my favorite lyricists of all time, Jay Cue and McCloud have ridiculous drive and stage presence, Lui is prolly the cleanest producer in NRK and has progressed faster than anyone I know, Murdock is a genius, dude is honestly a better producer than a lot of us, Gloomy has a near poetic way of storytelling and putting thoughts together, and Northstar has some of the greatest ideas and concepts I’ve seen yet. Floyd is funny as fuck. But all in all that’s the fam.

Q: What inspired you to start making music?

A: Nothing to skate to and we were dissatisfied with the music that was being “given” to us. The radio is and always has been ass. Other than NRK and OF, not really much else mattered. The music you hear now is the shit we used to play in the school parking lots loud as fuck after school and get weird looks for.

Q: Was there a single event that made you want to create music?

A: Fun, and simply that.

Q: When did you start to view music, in any form as a possible career path?

A: Hard question. I’d say sometime between the Goodwill tape and Voyager. Goodwill was our first real attempt at putting music out, like with press kits and all. We got like one blog post and thought we were the shit lol. Between those was Elouise. My “first” solo release. Matt started supporting and mentoring me and the rest of NRK, and fan reception picked up. Then came the comp and so on, honestly I don’t really remember the sequence of things, it’s all a blur low key.

Q: What things outside of music inspire your music the most?

A: Hmmm, my girlfriend, my friends, life experiences, colors, sounds, places I’ve been, things I’ve seen. You live, you learn, you create.

Q: Where did the whole Pyramid idea begin? Did you learn about Ancient Egypt in school?

A: Yes, didn’t we all? But honestly the pyramid and the imagery behind it stem from something completely unrelated. It’s more of a philosophy, a way of life, a connection between all of NRK. Many of you are already “pyramids” even though you don’t realize it, you have potential. No more to comment on that. And no, that doesn’t mean we’re adding people to NRK. Closed circuit. Family.

Q: What can you tell us about ‘Rose Gold?’

A: Nothing. Rose and Gold are two words. Their relationship to each other will be revealed before this year finishes running its course.

Q: You can spend a day in the studio with anyone, dead or alive – who do you choose?

A: The Jet Age Of Tomorrow.

We hope you enjoy Scopolomine and learned something from the Q&A. Huge shout out to Pyramid Vritra/Hal Williams (@PYRAMIDVRITRA) for taking the time to put this together and making sure everything went as planned. Thanks to Riley, Obi, Alex, and Malefic Form for providing the questions. This EP is for you, the fans.

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Oh, and one last thing…

Pyramid coming soon.

Salute the f***ing Pyramid.