OFWGKTA x Warsteiner Limited Edition Beer Bottle + Paris Pop-Up Shop

Simultaneously releasing with an Odd Future pop-up shop in Paris, OFWGKTA collaborated with the German beer company Warsteiner to create a limited edition 12-ounce bottle. The limited edition beer bottle features a custom label embellished with Odd Future’s signature donut logo and the “OFWGKTA” rainbow imprint on one side, with the Warsteiner logo directly above. On the opposite side, the infamous “OF” donut logo takes its place on the bottle, with the words “Warsteiner special edition for Colette”  below it.

The Paris-exclusive bottle will be available for sale at the upcoming pop-up shop taking place at the French boutique and retailer Colette. The shop is set to be open from August 20-25 and will be accompanied by an in-store performance on the 23rd. As said before, this is a limited edition collaboration that can only be bought by those who are able to visit the pop-up shop in Colette (213 rue Saint Honoré, 75001 Paris, France) during those dates.