Pyramid Vritra – Pyramid [Download]

The wait is over! Over the past few months Hal has dropped two singles from the album, each with their own music video. Many of you read the album preview posted a couple of days ago (which might have given you an idea of how the album sounds), but now you can experience the album yourself. It’s been years in the making, but it’s here now. Pyramid.

Track list:

  1. Riviera (Feat. KC 2.0 and Frog Toad)
  2. Transporition
  3. Sweden (Feat. Gary Wilson)
  4. 322
  5. Sea
  6. Keyz (Feat. SPEAK!)
  7. Icecream 4 U (Feat. Matt Martians)
  8. Canyon
  9. Is That Her…?
  10. Svetlana
  11. Drain (Feat. Frisco)
  12. m48 (Feat. Andre McCloud)
  13. Voyage to the Golden Crystal
“Pyramid”. The First Full Album And 5th Release By Pyramid Vritra/Hal Williams of NRK, and Odd Future’s Jet Age Of Tomorrow and The Super 3. 13 Tracks of whimsical, dreamy, technical, simi-lethargic, experimental anger pop. Composed between 2010 and 2012, Containing features and guest production by KC 2.0, Gary Wilson, Speak!, Matt Martians, Syd Tha Kyd, Andre McCloud, and Ethereal. Listen.

 >>Download: Pyramid Vritra – Pyramid<<

If the free album wasn’t enough, there is a bonus material package available for download, it includes a digital booklet, 3 bonus songs, lyrics, and the Drain video.

>>Download: ‘Pyramid’ Bonus Material (Name your price)<<

This bonus material is ‘name your price,’ so we encourage you to support hard working musicians and send Hal what you think he deserves.