Tay Walker – I Wanna Know (Prod. by Jereme Jay)

Meet Tay Walker; R&B/Soul singer, full time student at LA Film School, and long time friend of Odd Future’s Syd The Kyd. If you’re a fan of The Internet, you heard him on track 2 of Purple Naked Ladies — They Say. Rewind one more year and you might recognize him from the song Flashlight (also with Syd) in which he went by the name of “Lux.” Tay Walker along with Christopher Smith and Patrick “The Great” form the band that plays alongside The Internet when they are on tour. All together they form The Imaginary Friends.

Always on the grind, Tay Walker has already released 4 singles from his upcoming project titled 25 Hours a Day. Fresh out of tour, Tay gives us this, his fifth single titled I Wanna Know produced by Jereme Jay of Roc Promo. Stream and download down below!

Download: Tay Walker – I Wanna Know

Want more of Tay Walker? Learn more about the man by watching this short documentary, “The Life of Tay Walker.” Get a behind the scenes look of him working with The Internet, his backround, and brief clips of his everyday life.

I feel like the only job that I should have is furthering my career in music…I’m putting everything else aside. I’m going full-throttle and I’m going to try and make a living doing what I love.

Expect to see more of Tay very soon. 25 Hours a Day will include production from The Internet, a feature from Mike G, and Tay is also expected to be heavily involved on The Internet’s upcoming project. To top it off, he let me in on a small secret. A track featuring Coco. O from Quadron and Syd The Kyd is in the works and will also be premiering here on Odd Future Talk. Stay tuned! Don’t sleep on this man’s music!

Tay’s previous singles:

  1. Tay Walker – Peace of Mind
  2. Tay Walker – Karma
  3. Tay Walker – Victoria’s Secret
  4. Tay Walker – Porsche (Feat. Ill Camille & Goldsmith)