‘The Story of Odd Future’ – BBC Radio 1Xtra

Here’s a good treat for you all. BBC Radio 1Xtra did an hour-long audio documentary with Odd Future that discusses everything you need to know about the group – how Odd Future began, how the members met, and even some details on their future plans. Every member of the group contributes to the conversation, and even OF Manager Kelly Clancy joins in to give us details on some of their personal lives. This is definitely an enjoyable and fun listen. Sit back, relax, and enjoy! (The stream will only be available for one week after today, so listen to it while you still can!)

>>Stream ‘The Story of Odd Future’ via BBC Radio 1Xtra here<<

In addition to the stream, there is also a write-up available that gives a brief history of Odd Future. The article can be read here.

Expect a bombardment from the screwy world of Odd Future, on tour and at home in LA, with screaming fans, intimate honest interviews and Taco’s guide to surviving a zombie attack. In the words of Jasper Dolphin…SHAZAM!