Fader: Tyler, The Creator Interview


These interviews just keep coming! This is only a written interview, but it holds a lot of information on what to expect from Wolf coming on April 2nd. According to Tyler, Lucas and Nakel will have some verses on the album – something to look forward to. In addition, Tyler speaks about his upcoming tour and gives us a bit of an insight on his life at the moment and his plans for the future. Definitely more serious than most of his interviews, but still very enjoyable. Down below is a direct quote of Tyler speaking about his upcoming tour

I’m nervous. All the songs are just my songs. I’ll just let the crowd know, This is awkward, let’s do this. And then get over it. On the last Odd Future tour, we did some big venues. They were cool, but for my tour I wanted to do smaller venues like we did when we first started. I like those shows, they’re way more fun. I like sweatboxes where if I stand at the edge and go forward I’ll fall into a bunch of people.

Read the interview in it’s entirety via Fader here!

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