Billboard Gives a Track by Track Review of Tyler, The Creator’s Wolf


The Wolf reviews begin! just released their track by track review of Tyler, The Creator’s new album. Here’s a preview:

When Tyler, the Creator first emerged as the mouthpiece of Odd Future, his growl was layered. Most people experienced his projects in the reverse order, starting with the audacious “Goblin” (2011), before realizing 2009’s “Bastard” kicked off Tyler’s utilization of music as a form of therapy. His invented therapist set the stage on the first effort for what is ultimately Tyler’s third album “Wolf.” While Tyler probably didn’t predict the future four years ago, there’s a definite progression up to this point. “Bastard” acknowledged the issues, “Goblin” celebrated them, and “Wolf” is left to fix them.

Read the rest of the review here. Remember to pre-order Wolf on iTunes or Amazon!

  • Lizard King

    word.. this is the best out of the three… production wise.

  • Floris

    dc about them reviews