Doris So Far

Since Earl Sweatshirt’s return from Samoa fans have been highly anticipating his next body of work. Doris, his debut album off his label Tan Cressida is currently without a release date, but on top of two singles already released, Earl has not been shy to perform new songs. Here is everything we have off Doris so far.

Doris – Just one of the handful of songs Earl showed off live at the Low End Theory

Guild – Performed at weekend 2 of Coachella the song features Mac Miller.

150 Molasses – The already popular hook “I’ll fuck the freckles off your face bitch” features Wu-Tang Clan member RZA

Hive – Performed at SXSW Earl once again puts Vince Staples on a track.

20 Wave Caps – Also performed at SXSW this song features Domo Genesis

Burgundy – A personal favorite produced by Pharrell

Chum – The first official single we got off Doris

Whoa – The highly anticipated EarlWolf song off Doris. This song was the 2nd official single off Doris

  • Tyler Brown

    He should release the song burgundy or the release date for Doris .

  • Lee Johnston

    im pretty sure he would release hive before any song tho

    • NovaNIgga

      Guess not. Faggot

  • Kevin Achico

    ayyyeeee yall used my SXSW videos. dope

  • Exhaustable

    dont forget Centurion…where’s Centurion lol

  • NovaNigga

    Yo. Add 20 Wavecaps featuring Domo Fuckin Genesis to this shit list.