Earl Previews New Track In NYC

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Yet again we get to hear a live preview of another track off Doris. This first new one Earl played last night, at the The Downtown Festival in New York, is just a short preview but it’s the first time the track has been heard and it sounds grimy!

“I feel like the Tom Sawyer for real niggas
Looking for a problem, revolver under the Hilfiger
No bluff needed, we will kill niggas
So try me if you want, bruh, I promise I’m with all of that
Late night shooters, got ’em thinking Johnny Carson back”

The second track in the video is called ‘Centurian’ and the studio version will also feature Vince Staples. This is not the first time this track has been heard though, Earl first played it in his set at the Low End Theory, and just a few weeks ago FlyLo dropped it at one of his shows.

With still no release date set for the album, and live videos of new tracks popping up every few weeks, we can only hope that an announcement is on the way. The next single set to drop from Doris is believed to be ‘Hive’ which features Vince Staples & Casey Veggies. No release date in known for Hive yet but we do know that Earl is eager to drop this project!


Check out the video below to hear the new track.

Some more videos from the same show.







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