Earl Sweatshirt: Bless This Mess


As you may already know, Earl was featured on the cover of the newest issue of Fader magazine. The article, from the same issue, is now available to read online and it is probably the most informative piece we have gotten on Earl so far in his career. We get a glimpse into the messy apartment where he currently resides and also a glimpse into his state of mind as he prepares to release his major label debut album on the world, Doris. Earl also discusses his time in Samoa, a subject which he hasn’t spoken on much since his return last year, and his relationship with his father. Check out the Fader article below.


Earl Sweatshirt’s apartment is a nightmare—four laundry baskets, seven video game controllers, Budweiser empties, potato chip shrapnel, blunt guts, skateboards and dust bunny warrens galore. There’s a paper towel magneted to the fridge that says “Fuck You!” scrawled in Sharpie. The walls may be marked with dingy fingerprints, but Earl’s starter apartment is one of a specific mien; he lives in the same complex Bay Area YouTube rapper Kreayshawn moved to when she signed her purported $1 million deal with Sony. Last year, Earl signed his own papers with Sony, securing an imprint called Tan Cressida with distribution through Columbia. He likes the digs but loves the complimentary Flavia coffee machine in the leasing office. “I’m hyped on it,” he says. “I drink that shit every day.”

Be sure to check out the footnotes from this issue as well! AG Rojas(Directed the music video for Earl), Syd, Matt Martians and Hiro Murai(Directed the music video for Chum) all talk about their experiences working with Earl. http://www.thefader.com/2013/05/07/footnotes-earl-sweatshirt
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