Excerpt From Tyler’s Interview With Clash Magazine

Clash magazine have just released an extract from the recent interview they did with Tyler. The short preview, which is taken from the fittingly named ‘ Tyler Issue‘ of the magazine, sees Tyler talking about how he got his name and a few other topics. American fans will have to wait a while to read the full 9-page interview, which is available to purchase in the UK from this link, but for now check out this taster from the full article.

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How old were you when you realised you were different?
At a really young age. Most eight- or nine-year-olds had toys on their Christmas list, but I wanted CDs. The other kids found that weird. And I didn’t like sports. Like, at all. I liked skateboarding – for a black kid in 2002, that was pretty weird. And then my musical taste was different from all the other kids. I liked jazz and shit.

When did you start calling yourself Tyler, The Creator?
In 2006. I had two MySpace accounts – my regular one, and then another one where I put all my shirt designs, and beats, and little videos that I’d just make about the house. All my fucking ideas. But it didn’t have a name, so I just wrote ‘Tyler, The Creator’ one day, cos I didn’t have nothing else to put! Slowly but surely, people would listen to my beats through that page, so I just deleted the other MySpace and kept that one. And it stuck. It’s a stupid name, but I guess it worked out.

You rap, you produce, you draw, you design, you direct. Do you see yourself as a musician first and foremost?
Dude, I’m everything. I’m not anything. I’m just a person who has hobbies, and is very passionate about them. I get a kick out of all of it – I love being on Photoshop and making fucking flyers and stupid T-shirts with air balloons and donuts. But I get the same kick out of that as I do out of making beats and adding sound effects, or out of messing with syllables and saying cool little quirky things that only I get, or out of drawing out a scene, going to the spot and fucking filming it, and then going to the edit bay and adding the music and colouring it and shit. I get a kick out of all of it.


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