Tyler’s Old Skool Vans Given Release Date


You may have already heard that Tyler had collaborated with Vans to bring out an Odd Future pair of Old Skools! We have just found out, via Tyler’s Twitter account, that they will be released on June 1st!

Check out some pictures of the shoes below.

tyler-the-creator-x-vans-syndicate-02-570x379 tyler-the-creator-x-vans-syndicate-06-570x379



  • http://www.facebook.com/EahJordan Jordan Kay

    Where are they releasing?

    • tits mcgee

      BTNC in Fullerton CA will get them. I just called today they’re doing a release party and everything day of hot dogs and shit.

  • merz

    great, another pair of shoes that dont come in my size, cool

    • http://www.facebook.com/OddFuture13 M?g?ê? Mîr??da ?øp??

      How Do You Know The sizes?

      • merz

        vans doesnt make 17s

  • nik

    I’m really looking forward too, and millions of fans, there Offers about Business & promotion of your work abroad usa, it is Ukraine and Russia!!

  • Victor K Luu



  • Laura

    I’ve heard they’re only 8+. Wanted them so bad but I have small feet.

  • Goblin

    Can we buy em online and at the official vans store?

  • Kill them all

    yeah exactly who told you about the sizes? i’m a girl and even i will cop a pair (hopefully) if they’ll be avaliable in Canada or on Vans website. if they’re only on OF website Canada is fucked lol

  • Guest

    Omg I can’t wait for these !

  • Dorris

    will they have em at zumiez?

  • franciscOF
  • john