Christian Rich Talks About Working With Earl Sweatshirt


Christian Rich, as you may already know, is the production duo behind Earl’s track, Chum. They recently sat down with and talked about being in the studio with Earl, Earl working with Pharrell and what we can expect from his new album, Doris. Check out what they had to say below and read the full interview here.


How’d you connect with Earl Sweatshirt?

Kehinde Hassan: We met up with Sony’s A&R people for Earl Sweatshirt. Earl heard of us before and they wanted to hear some beats, and then they heard some beats and he was going nuts in the studio like, “Wow, okay listen, you guys got to do this project with me.” So, we started out with just like three sessions. Three sessions turned into like four or five months. So, we came in and the first three sessions we did, I kind of had a feeling like, “Man, I should have one of these Neptune guys with us.”

So I called Chad Hugo and I was like,”Yo, I got to do three days with Earl Sweatshirt. Why don’t you come and do these records with us?” He was like, “Cool.” So, he flew in and we knocked out three days with him and the first record we did was “Chum.” We did “Chum” together. We did “Chum” with Earl and Chad came in and did the outro with us, which wasn’t originally an outro. It was just us doing a jam session and just playing different instruments. We played some chords. Chad played some chords. We were just messing around.

I won’t say too much about the album because we did a lot of stuff on there, not even just production, but I don’t want to give away all his secrets. One thing I can say is that I know I saw the opportunity for Pharrell Williams to work on there, and I was like “Well, listen, I’ll get Chad and Pharrell together. And you should do a couple records with them. Literally, when the call happened I was in Berlin. We flew back in the day of the session and it was one of the most incredible moments because that’s how, there’s a song out circulating called “Burgundy”  That’s how that song came about.

We were in the studio and Pharrell played a beat, I just looked at Earl and was like “Yo, that’s it.” And I looked at P’ and said, “Yeah, that’s the record right there.” From there, we just did other stuff and I kind of want to wait until the album comes out to kind of give people the gist of it. It’s definitely that kind of album where it’s like just all these surprise elements with crazy stories behind them and just musical brilliance from Earl.