Golf Wang Vans Available Tonight At 9pm CST!


For anyone who has not been able to get their hands on a pair of the new Golf Wang Vans yet, here is your chance! They will be going online at 9pm CST on the Silo webstore and will be available for people in the USA ONLY. It’s first come first serve and one pair per colorway, per person(for a total order of 4 pair max). Be sure to be online a few minutes before 9pm as these will more than likely sell out fast. They will be available from this link: SILO

  • canada ppl

    usa only. wow, biggest fuck you to the nicest ppl :(

  • Ricardo Shnappa

    Why only in the US? And we here in Europe are waiting as stupids?!?!? Come on. That couldn’t be real!?
    Greets from Switzerland.

  • fuck1

    fuck too fucking late fuckk

    • joe

      im so mad ive been looking for days and im too late

  • DMSthaWolf

    44 minute too late:( wish i woulve known sooner…FLIPPING A

  • Ritawang

    Portugal wants that shoes, fucking off, im gonna write golf wang in my old skool vans and done.