Let’s Talk: Hodgy Beats Untitled EP 2

With the recent release of Hodgy Beat’s latest mixtape “Untitled 2” I had to film my two cents with one of my “Let’s Talk” videos. With Untitled 2 Hodgy takes a huge risk by combining rock music with rap. Check out my video above. Also check out a short review by fellow author Matty.



Ehh… it’s okay. A little better than expected, but a lot of the flaws from previous Hodgy/Mellowhype releases are here. Left Brain is still kind of boring and not special as a producer and Hodgy still makes no sense in his lyrics and sounds annoying. The mixtape does have the some pros though. Surprisingly, the best songs on here are the rock/rock-inspired songs clearly showing that Hodgy NEEDS to quit and/or take a break from rap, and do some rocks because he obviously has the pipes to do so. But, the biggest problem is the name of this EP/mixtape, Untitled EP 2, meaning that it’s a sequel to Hodgy’s previous solo mixtape where he worked with producers such as The Alchemist, Juicy J, and Flying Lotus. In this tape, most of it is produced by Left Brain with some help on the rock songs Trash Talk frontman Lee Spielman. That makes me wonder, why was this a Hodgy solo tape when most of it is with Left Brain, clearly sounding like a Mellowhype tape. The thing that was so special about Untitled EP 1 was that there was a variety of production and we didn’t just hear Hodgy over Left Brain or Tyler beats, which was a lot of fresh air. Hodgy worked really well with these producers and I don’t understand why he wouldn’t do something like that again on the sequel tape. Overall, this should have been a Mellowhype EP/mixtape and I’m giving it a 5/10, a few decent songs, but not to the level Hodgy set on the original Untitled EP.


  • Zach Woolard

    I honestly didn’t really like this EP at all. Mostly because I hate Left Brain. The only good songs were “SALE” which still was kind of bad, and “Karateman” I liked that beat a lot. “Years” was okay. The last 2 songs were not bad but not good, I found them to be pointless really. “Alone” was okay. And “Bullsh-ttin” was not very good.

    I was very dissapointed with this, considering it is the follow up to Untitled EP which was in my opinion one of the best projects released from Odd Future.

  • RIPMacDre

    Hodgy Beats did his mothafuckin thing on Untitled EP 2! and I bet most of the songs are better on stage to get live to! just cuz yall bitch ass niggas white folks only like one type of rap doesn’t mean every single person in the world does. get a taste for music befor you start judging 10/10 5 star mixtape! Hodgy you the best!

  • knsk

    naw the beats are tight, obviously hodgy raps random shit but he is awesome on the rock stuff and its way better than numbers

  • Steve Kyslawski

    matty you don’t know music.. untitled ep was a great ep but all the songs were sampled and samples are for basics. LB is a real producer who works from scratch looking for cords which takes real talent. And Hodgy is too lyrical for you to even understand. you are also jaded af and probably only to listen rap… open up a bit

    • Matty


      Just because production is original doesn’t mean it’s good. And the Hodgy thing, you wanna think he has good lyrics… fine, he makes no sense to me.


        Why would you even write about a mix tape you give 5/10?? it seems like you did a 20 second sample listen to each song. Hodgy is one of the most articulate coherent rappers alive & HOW THE FUCK IS LEFT BRAIN EVER BORING? his beats fucking knock and he sounds like a beast on the mic. EVERYONE SEEMS TO EXPECT THE SAME MUSIC FROM AN ARTIST. ARTISTS EXPERIMENT YOU SHOULD ENCOURAGE THIS. AND FOR YOU NOT UNDERSTANDING HODGY YOUR NOT THE TYPE THATS SUPPOSED TO.

        • ClassicPi

          Are you dumb? He’s an Author, he writes about current OF things even if he doesn’t like it all he makes his opinion known cause that’s what a reviewer does. The fact you actually said he is even one of the most articulate coherent alive shows you don’t know shit about rap music. It’s his opinion, you are lame for being so butthurt, log off, drink a juice box and take a nap kid.

    • ClassicPi

      The fact you actually called sampling for basics shows you don’t know much about music yourself. A lot of producers who sample can make beautiful music that you cannot even recognize the sample’s origins, that blow LB way out of the water. Hodgy is an average lyricist, he has a lot of craptastic lines.

      • Matty

        “Wolf Gangnam Style”

    • ClassicPi

      PS: LB does sample, learn the facts about your artist.

    • uhh

      *Dilla rolling in his grave…

  • SnoopLionKilled2pac

    Watch When Mellowhigh comes out hodgy,Domo left brain shitin on u niggaz

  • ?

    Not as good as the first EP at all. I only liked alone, bullshittin,SALE, and karateman. I don’t know if hodgy was experimenting with ransom stuff to gauge our reaction but I didn’t like it. I’d give this mixtape a 7/10

    • ?




  • hodgy

    hey matty. try and make music! fucking square.

  • Scruffy

    Hodgy salty.