OFT’s Top 10 Odd Future Tracks

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With 25 projects and 100’s of tracks to choose from, it’s no surprise that everyone has a different answer when asked to name their favourite track from the group. There really is something for everyone. If you’re a fan of braggadocious weed laced raps, Domo has you covered. Earl is there for all the fans of intricate lyricism. MellowHype live up to their name and bring both super hyped aggressive tracks and some mellow chilled out ones as well. Mike G brings his smooth as hell flow over bubblegum sounding beats to the table. Frank is there for the bitches. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow for, I’m not sure who they are there for really, people from the future more than likely, but it’s still damn good music. The Internet bring the funk and of course last but not least, Tyler, who in a way is like all of that rolled into one and more!

But before we get to the list and find out what Odd Future Talk’s top 10 favourite Odd Future tracks are, check out what my fellow author Matty, some members and I had to say about our favourite Odd Future track.


Hmm… this is a tough one so I’m gonna go with a fairly recent track, “Lone” by Tyler. The song is probably one of Tyler’s more emotional and heart spoken songs and the way he handled such topics like becoming famous to his grandma’s death, it’s just a really heartbreaking. It also kind of ends off with a cliffhanger that’s brought a lot of questions to people like is Wolf the third installment of the trilogy, second, first, not even in there? It’s got a really nice beat and it’s the most emotional Tyler’s been since (coincidentally) the last track on Goblin, “Golden” (Close runner up to my favorite track).

Sean Coonery

My all time fav would be PartyIsntOver / Campfire / Bimmer, firstly because it showcases how well Tyler’s production has progressed through the years following Bastard and Goblin. Secondly, it put an emphasis on the different styles he can create. Each track takes you to a different world, and some might even say each one is better than the previous. From the moody, yet sublime notes on PartyIsntOver, to the warm and intense Campfire, each record is giving you a different flavor to chew on.  Campfire also features Lætitia Sadier from Stereolab, one of Tyler’s favorite musicians, which is like putting a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, I might add. Lastly, Bimmer, the smooth and soothing record featuring vocals from Frank Ocean, as well as Tyler reciting an almost poem-like verse, comparing Salem to his ride. Very reminiscent of VCR off of Bastard, and an excellent finale to the trio.


My favorite out of all of them is Fish.

It’s starts off with these light overtones, due to the piano chords, but still sounds dark, due to Tyler’s deepened voice. It’s a crazy metaphor display that paints a vivid picture, only to be matched by his lyrical content in this song. At first listen it doesn’t really get you, then you hear it more and more and listen to the lyrics more and you see that mostly everything he’s talking about has to do with catching a fish or rather getting the girl. “You can hear her shriek from the gashes in her cheeks.” Talking about a fish with a hook in it’s mouth and him torturing a girl. Just an example of the word play on his first profit release. Then Frank comes in and lays down some nice vocals which contrast the whole mood of the song superbly. Everything just works in this song and this was one of the first songs that really stood out, production wise in Goblin to me. Maybe it’s just because i’m a sucker for that piano piece played in the background.

Ram Armendariz

Golden Girl- Frank Ocean feat. Tyler the Creator

Two of my favorite artist on the same song, just make this song so perfect. The sweet tone of Frank telling the island how perfect she is, and how he is better off with her than where he came from. Then, the ending of Tyler’s dark twist to the song makes it even better. I want to just wake up to this song every morning.

Saito Dosan

Even though it’s unfinished ‘Hey You’ by Tyler is my all time favourite track. The subject matter Tyler touches on is that feeling you get when you’re around your dream girl and what goes down when you begin flirting with her, but unlike a lot of his other tracks on the subject he puts it across without using the violent imagery a la ‘She’. He describes the situation perfectly and, in my opinion, is one of his most relatable tracks. The Toro Y Moi produced beat fits the subject matter perfectly as it has a real summer feel to it and is slighty reminiscent of Analog 2, another one of my favourite tracks. It’s unlikely that this track will ever be finished and that is a shame, because if this is what the unfinished version sounds like I can only imagine how good the finished product would be. “It sounds cool to me”


Lets move onto the list! There is a couple of fan favourites in there but I was surprised at a couple of the choices. Time to get the ball rolling with..

10. Frank Ocean – Novacane

The breakout track for Frank taken from his debut project, nostalgia/ultra, chances are even if someone isn’t a huge Frank fan they will know this track, and for good reason.

9. Tyler, the Creator – Fish

Tyler, with the help of Frank, compares girls to fish. But with sinister undertones.

8. Tyler, the Creator – VCR/Wheels

The track VCR was used in Tyler’s first music video. Taken from the album Bastard it is a tale of love and rape, a reoccurring theme in Tyler’s early work.

7. MellowHype ft Frank Ocean – Hell

Hell is one of the standout tracks on the original release of BlackendWhite, but even so it was one of the tracks which did not appear on the re-release. Hodgy puts down some solid verses and Frank lays down a smooth hook all over the vocal sample of Tyler saying, “What the hell”.

6. Earl Sweatshirt – Luper

The shortest track on Earl’s debut release, see’s a young Sweatshirt talk about the ups and downs of teenage romance, but it sounds a lot better than I just described it.

5. Tyler, the Creator ft Frank Ocean & Syd- Analog 2

There is only one way to describe this track, Summer.

4. Domo Genesis ft Hodgy Beats – SteamRoller

“Every single day I smoke” From Domo’s debut album Rolling Papers comes this weed smokers anthem. The beat is produced by Tyler, and like the rest of Rolling Papers, is in my opinion, some of his best work.

3. Tyler, the Creator – Bastard

If you were to sum up the early career of Tyler, the Creator with one track, this would be it. The first track on Tyler’s debut album runs just over 6 minutes and is a glimpse into the mind of a young kid from California who, at the time, was unknown in the rap world. Every diehard Odd Future fan can remember how they felt the first time they heard that chilling piano start off the track. “This is what the devil plays before he goes to sleep”

2. Tyler, the Creator – Answer

One of the standout tracks from Tyler’s new album, Wolf. This isn’t the Tyler you are used to. Tyler shows on this track that he is more than just a shock rapper, a label which has been placed on him ever since he dropped his first album. Anyone who has grown up without their dad definitely got chills when they heard the first line of the first verse. Tyler tells three different stories on Answer, each one as heartfelt and meaningful as the last.

1. Tyler, the Creator – Nightmare

Nightmare, in affect, is one long rant by Tyler. He touches on everything in this track from his newfound fame, Earl being sent to Samoa, self-hatred and more. In a way it is the ultimate Tyler song. The track starts off with Dr TC asking Tyler how he is doing, which leads into Tyler speaking on the above topics. The beat has that trademark Tyler sound and in contrast to the subject matter is quite upbeat, albeit for a few switch ups mid song.


There you have it, Odd Future Talk’s favourite Odd Future tracks! What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Was your favourite song missing? Heard on over to the forum and let us know what your favourite track is! Forum.

  • http://twitter.com/bcampbell23 Blake Campbell

    There should be at least one more Earl song on here, I’d say add Kill and take Answer off. Also, Hell did appear on the original release of BlackenedWhite, but not on the re-release. You had it backwards.

  • Zach Woolard

    I’m surprised “EARL” didn’t make it on the list.

  • Zach Woolard

    My top 10 would be
    9. Rusty
    8. The Tape Intro
    7. Analog 2
    6. Sam (Is Dead)
    5. Lone
    4. PartyIsntOver/Campfire/Bimmer
    1. Bastard

  • Paulo Roberto

    10 – Chum
    09 – Drop
    08 – Pyramids
    07 – Transylvania
    06 – Analog 2
    05 – Rusty
    04 – Nigthmare
    03 – Blow
    02 – Songs for Women
    01 – She

  • Dago Garza

    5.Jack and the beanstalk
    2.Orange Juice

  • Frank Sand


    10) Cocaine

    9) Sarah

    8) EARL

    7) Chum

    6) In A Dream

    5) Forest Green

    4) 48

    3) No Idols

    2) IFHY

    1) Bad Religion

  • http://thespiralcase.net/ kayyyak

    10. Snare
    9. Pilot Jones
    8. Up
    7. Oldie
    6. CopKiller
    5. Dustoff
    4. Session
    3. Drop
    2. Super Market
    1. Blow

  • h

    vcr wasnt first video

  • Hobodog

    shittest list tbh

  • Sean

    I don’t understand people’s logic when they say the list sucks, because if you contributed to Eyedea’s original thread on the forum yours could’ve been on the list.

  • AxelKalo

    10 – Circus
    9 – Akward
    8- Me and my bitch
    7- Orange juice
    6- Pigs fly
    5- Luper
    4- Forrest gump
    3- threehome
    2- Kill
    1- Bastard

  • Clouded_Reality

    My Top 10 is interchangeable on any given day but this is how I feel right now…

    10. Rico
    9. ElephunkCircus
    8. Kickin’ It
    7. French!
    6. Grill
    5. French!
    4. DTA
    3. 48
    2. Blow
    1. Analog

    Honorable Mentions: SALE, Greezy, Untitled L, Jamba, She, Parade, Couch, Super Rich Kids, 65, etc. etc.

  • realbitchnigga

    10 Tyler – French!
    9 Frank – Golden Girl
    8 Tyler – Inglorious
    7 Tyler – Analog 2/Wheels 2
    6 Earl – EARL
    5 Mellowhype – Chordaroy
    4 Tyler – Seven
    3 Frank – Pyramids
    2 Tyler – Odd Toddlers
    1 Earl – Blade

  • horesemastaflex

    10) cocaine/television
    7)odd toddlers
    *bonus*0) interlude

  • jack london

    1) tyler – partyisntover/ campfire/ bimmer
    2) tyler – cowboy
    3) mellowhype – chordaroy
    4) earl – earl
    5) domo – rolling papers
    6) tyler – parking lot
    7) mike g – forest green
    8) mellowhype – monster
    9) internet – cocaine
    10) frank – super rich kids

  • Kevin Spellman

    The lack of “Pyramids” automatically makes this list suck.

  • fegmester

    10-Mike G ft. Earl: Stick Up

    9-Earl: EARL

    8-Tyler ft. Syd, and Frank: Analog 2

    7-Tyler: Blow

    6-Earl ft. Tyler: Pigions

    5-Earl: Drop

    4-Domo ft. Tyler: Supermarket

    3-Mellowhype ft. Tyler: Fuck the Police

    2-Earl: Luper

    1-Tyler: Sarah

  • http://puppyfaceface.wordpress.com/ GoofChub

    Two tracks I’d add without reservation are Couch and Bastard. Both of them perfectly capture the ’09/’10 OF aura.

  • George Buntzen

    although many people may not know about my top 10, most of the good people that actually visit OFT really know what odd future is about, not just songs like Yonkers or 64 (however, they are both great tracks) so, without further a due, my top 10 OF tracks

    10. there will be tears – frank ocean

    9. heart of gold – domo and tyler

    8. back for another one – casey veggies and tyler

    7. lucky charms – tyler

    6. gun sounds – mellowhype

    5. go – mellowhigh

    4. welcome2LA – mike g

    3. thuggin – mellowhype

    2. non stop – frank ocean

    1. lately – Hodgy Beats

  • tralalalala

    10 isn’t really enough. My top 15:

    15. Earl – Pigeons
    14. Tyler – Sandwiches
    13. Frank – Novacane
    12. Frank – Lost
    11. Mellowhype – Circus
    10. Mellowhype – P2 (feat. Earl)
    9. Tyler – Seven
    8. Tyler – 48
    7. Earl – Blade
    6. Earl – Chum
    5. Tyler, Domo – Sam (Is Dead)
    4. Earl – EARL
    3. Frank – Pyramids
    2. Tyler – Nightmare
    1. Tyler – Bastard

  • WinstonTheGiraffe

    Orange Juice?

  • Notasus

    not in order
    F the police
    High life(mellowhigh)
    Analog 1+
    You d2
    Power ballad
    Table tennis
    You don’t even know
    Yonkers and sandwitches are the worst along with 64 and all those ovvetated songs
    Sierra Leone