Tyler Gives Back To The Community


Recently, Tyler took some big ass boxes of clothing that he didn’t want and handed them out, kind of, to some homeless people in LA. No homeless people were harmed in the making of this video.

  • http://thespiralcase.net/ kayyyak

    cotdamn i want that treehome instrumental

  • OF_Wolf

    If you are really giving back at least look at this rap i made. Its my rap shit, that got me this detention shit. But all i want to do is fuck bitches and bake shit! But im not old enough to fucking earn shit, so i stuck to burnin shit. Im fucking super duper on that luper shit, but i dont have a scooter bitch i ride to hooters with my bitch and shit. I cant afford to listen to mike g. His highness is kingly my fucking dick is dinglin. Had a bitch touch her toes just to let them other hoes know im not paying for the fuck. Cut my lines short. Fuck that and roll that just to escort it to my home on the west of the border where my house at. I cant say nigga right because im white but fuck that im trying to go O.F. with no plan at all because these other rappers have dike shlongs. I poke fun at chucky cheese. I think this is long enough to make a domino fort to keep liv tyler for me and myself. Its a slow rap but it will get my point across. 
    I just want to be a wolf till the moon is no longer in existence.
    And im done. 

    To all of Odd Future Wolf Gang i want you to know im only 13 but if earl could do something big i thought why cant i. So this was for  you and the way you inspired me! Thank you

    • G. Redd

      Try being yourself.