Tyler, The Creator – Garbage (From GTA V)


Today, a new Tyler, the Creator track titled Garbage surfaced on the Internet, and from the brief intro to the song, we learn that it’ll be featured on Flying Lotus’ radio station in Grand Theft Auto V. Stream it down below, and cop GTA V when it hits the shelves on September 15th.

  • raoul duke

    Better than most of Wolf

    • Cody TheThird Jesus

      You are fucking stupid, faggot.

      • Logic

        Dick Rider Alert

        • Cody TheThird Jesus

          >Names Logic
          >Uses none

          • TardWrangler

            >Greentexting off of 4chan
            What are you, fucking 12?

    • Propanegod

      Yeah wolf gets old fast bastard is by far his best album

      • sugarmilk790

        you fucking stupid! bastard is a good album but wolf dident get old

        • steve

          wolf never gets old.

        • Propanegod

          Lol wolf is a good album but I’ve listened too if so much it gets old.

    • STEVE

      youre an idiot.

  • AndTron


  • bart


  • B D

    he should make more shit like this

  • Kenny

    Is he touring in the uk again ? , I missed hes solo tour :(

  • jamie

    gta5 comes out on the 17th not the 15th.