The Internet – Feel Good Now Available for Streaming


Thanks to all of your support and constant tweets to Matt and Syd, the stream for their sophomore album Feel Good was released six hours in advance. Get some good headphones, lay back, and listen to the 13 new tracks that Matt and Syd deliver in this long awaited project. Stream down below.

Feel Good will be available on iTunes on September 24th – pre-order here. According to Syd, physical copies of the album will be available as well through certain websites. Stay tuned.

  • zvmbie_rocky

    raw af

    • MR.LongJohns

      hellz yeah

  • Dillon

    Will this be available in stores as cd?

  • Swaggot

    Notice all the OF dickriders started off with “Tellem” then as they listened to more of the album, they realized they were faggots who weren’t really into jazz then they quit on life. Thus, concludes my theory on why the first song has way more listens then the rest of the album.