MellowHigh is set to drop their album in just a little over a month, but Left Brain and Hodgy Beats have released a new MellowHype track titled “Whut” – it’s a rough draft but you check it out on Hodgy’s tumblr.

  • Cath O Lic god says no so no

    Really pumped for the mixtape, definitely gonna be bumping it in the wind when it drops.

  • whydopeoplelikethis

    Nope, not good. No talent at all.

    • Still Cath O Lic

      Care to elaborate?

      • whydopeoplelikethis


        • Cath O Lic DORIS

          The internet is no place for a boy, stay home.

          • whydopeoplelikethis

            ha, whatever, want real music? Check out Big Sean and Drake. This is garageband shit.

          • Cath O Lic DOLLA DOLLA BILL

            I bet you still own an OF sweatshirt and have Yonkers on your iPod though.

          • mellow

            um, fake argument for up votes? Why don’t you just go ask your mom for a pat on the back next time. Nice track though.

          • Justin Patterson

            Mellowhigh and the rest of the Odd future gang are better than Big sean and Drake

  • Bruce Wang

    I Bought Goblin, Wolf, Numbers, doris because i love OF and i love Tyler the creators music and i want to hear whats next. And just to let you know, Yonkers IS ON THE FUCKING CD. do you expect a person to delete yonkers and only yonkers from their whole of library?

    • not so Cath O Lic

      No, I personally have Yonkers on my iPod aswell, I have it because I like the style, I like OF, I like Tyler’s beats and Left’s beats. So when someone comes along claiming that MellowHype has no talent but has Yonkers on their ipod? That’s when I say something. Although, after rereading my comments I was quite petty, and probably shouldn’t have judged someone on one comment. None the less MellowHype is very talented. So I’m going to suggest we all forget this and continue to visit OFT for the neverending quest for new good music.

  • Okmikeg

    Y isnt there news for the new mike g mixtape droppin in like 3 days cool song tho

  • Corey Zeimen

    MellowHype is not bad, I really think this post does them justice however. Review: