“Glowing” – A Music Video by Tyler, the Creator


Today, Tyler, the Creator released a video for a song called “Glowing,” which is not a song he did, but an anonymous artist. The video premiered on NPR‘s website, where the video is described as:

The video follows a couple who meet as children, fall in love, grow up and grow old together. As their romance blossoms, the world is in chaos, plagued by war, famine and abject poverty. The song itself is both joyful and reflective, with a bouncy, infectious melody and sweet harmonies in the spirit of late ’60s or early ’70s pop. Think Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Alone Again (Naturally).” But like that 1972 classic, “Glowing,” in the hands of Tyler, is a captivating study in contrasts.

If you want to see the video and what Odd Future manager Christian Clancy had to say, click play below!

  • Blake Campbell

    Tyler is an immensely talented director.

  • Bruno

    The song is old but nobody was able to point out who the artist is?

    • Mars

      song is new, but songs like 70s stuff

      • Bruno

        When I said “old” I meant “it is old enough to its creator still be unknown”.

  • Mraustinfalcone

    Sounds a lot like Benny Sings. Both the vocals and the song with the piano chords n such are a lot alike

  • moldyminttea

    Pretty sure this is by Chester French

  • bruh

    there are so many details in this video fuck fuck fuck

  • Keef Cross

    why is the couple light skinned the whole video, then black as hell in the end? hmmmm…

    • Steve Kyslawski

      skin color can actually get darker or lighter significantly with age.. also that’s not the point but ok

      • Keef Cross

        well the point on the surface seems pretty obvious, but if you look DEEPER into art, you’ll find that every meaning isnt always handed to you, sometimes you gotta actually gotta think, and i dont know how many black people youve seen start young and grow old, but we dont start out as light as raven simone, and end up as dark as nina simone, I dont care how old you get…all i was doing was pointing out something that may be a significant part of what tyler was trying to show, art is open to interpretation …the only person who REALLY knows the point of this is Tyler, so until he does a commentary on it, dont assume that you got it all figured out..

        • dude

          wow shut up

          • Keef Cross

            wow, eat a dick

          • f

            stfu fgt

  • An Idiot

    The singer has something that reminds me at Robbie Williams

  • Gerald_Wang