MellowHigh – MellowHigh [Tracklist]

MellowHigh-600x600With MellowHigh just a few days away (out on Halloween) we get a look at the final tracklist. The album spans 13 tracks and features Earl SweatshirtCurren$ySmoke DZARemy Banks, and Tyler, The Creator.

1. Goon’n
2. Air
3. Yu
4. Extinguisher
5. Nobody
6. Self Titled
7. Troublesome
8. Get’n Drunk
9. Roofless
10. HighLife (feat. Curren$y & Smoke DZA)
11. Cold World (feat. Remy Banks & Earl Sweatshirt)
12. Cigarillo
13. Remix (feat. Tyler, The Creator)




    OOH KILL EM!!!!!!!!!

  • James Joseph Watson

    is this going to be a physical release or just digital like feel good? not being able to pick up the album in physical form is wack!

    • Zach Woolard

      I believe its a physical release.

      • whosadarius

        Where can a nigga pick it up at? The OF site? I’m thinking a physical release gonna be limited af.

  • yeawahtevr

    what the fuck has mike g been doing

    • 2cents

      Supposedly he had a mixtape due Oct 4 but he’s pushing the date. I wish Mike G was on this record but it was probably for the best he wasn’t. Just like apparently there’s no lb rapping.

    • Christian Peralta

      Mike Dj at clubs i think

    • Warren Welds

      He was supposed to be on this shit. they had pics of him in the booth and all. probably dropped the song last minute. I wish he would do more.

  • Ben Peters

    Left Brain is rocking a Lansing Lugnuts hat… Hell yah, but where is the fuck would he get that.

    • Jonny Thunda

      i noticed that too! from East Lansing… go Lugs!

  • Tskk

    Why hodgy wearing that shit iron maiden shirt though

  • austin

    thank based god that earl is featured in a song

  • McLovin Dis Music

    Hodgy is to domo what Earl is to Tyler, both duos make fantastic music while together.

  • ?question?

    on which album is “look” dropped?