Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, & Earl Sweatshirt – Look (Prod. Nottz)



Tyler, Hodgy, Domo, & Earl all come together on a Nottz produced track titled “Look”. Lets us know who you thought had the strongest verse down below in the comments.

  • Anton Olausson

    Shit man! Love this!!

  • Victor
  • Cath O Lic in jail

    Could a mixtape or lp be in the near future? Let’s hope so. Golf Wang.

    • ComplexFuckNiggas

      Isn’t a mixtape an lp:/ guessing you meant album..

      • Cath O Lic the destroyer

        *a lp

        • grammar

          “lp” starts with a vowel pronounciation of “e”. This is why catholics don’t rap.

  • bruhbruh

    Domo takes it, Earl comes in close though.

  • ghost


  • chalk

    i liked domo’s verse the most. + i liked this earl verse more than any on doris. fuck that depressed shit

    • Bruno

      I couldn’t agree more. He’s very unenthusiastic on Doris. I like any type of song (sad or joyful), but the rapping was off there.

  • KUDO

    Domo had the coldest verse

  • http://oddfuture.com/ zvmbie_rocky

    this shit makes my dick hard!

  • Crackpipe Johnson

    It’s the fucking AAAAAAAGH

  • manuel

    domo took it from when he started his verse earls is good also but domo took i t

  • LeftUbehindCons

    tyler and hodgy ripped it. domo too. fiyah track.

  • trashthrash

    Domo..but hodgy..he didint know. Shit was sick as fuck, period.