Pyramid Vritra Interview w/ Los Angeles Nista

As the release of Vritra’s next album Indra draws closer, we slowly get more information and insight on the upcoming release. In this 2 hour long interview/podcast, Vritra talks to Eddie Solis of Los Angeles Nista about a variety of topics such as his involvement in Georgia State for his major in film, linking with Matt Martians for the very first time, and the different auras he has experienced while living in different areas.

In addition to the interview questions, Vritra plays a big chunk of the album during the intermissions as a bonus. If you want to catch what will most likely be the very first live performance of Indra, Vritra also announced that he will be performing at Low End Theory in Los Angeles on February 12th. Stay tuned for more information!

  • dafunk

    Good shit Jarvis. I like this. Let’s see more Please VRITRA!