Earl Sweatshirt Drops 2 New Tracks

Earl Sweatshirt has just released two new songs, “SONG FROM 2012 HIGH 6AM RAMBLING AT THE 5TH” (a slowed, screwed in some parts tune) “NEBRASKA MM VS ES” (a song produced by Earl himself, also featuring Vince Staples and Mac Miller. Hit play below to listen to the new tracks:

Let us know what you thought of the two tracks below

  • Peter Griffin

    horrible -_- but better than all that shit on Doris

    • Frank


    • SebastianHelset

      Why are you even on OFT if you don’t like him?

      • Frank

        Bro hes trollin

        • th3ory

          It’s sad but Peter’s right. all you sheep can’t make your own decisions on what you do and don’t like. both lacked on production and uniqueness.

          • Frank

            Thats why they’re unreleased gutta

      • Peter Griffin

        You are so dumb, i like Earl but i think his new stuff is bad. This is why i hate OF Fans they never have their own opinion they just say they like it because they are hipster bitches. Now if you excuse me i am gonna finger fuck Lois

    • Andrea Kofler

      fuck you

  • Jmt_the _best

    This is something. Odd Future needs to make a new album like the OF tape. But the two tracks are dope as fuck.

  • √Črika Miranda

    is there a date for the new album?