Blvck & fuckblogs Present: fucktitles… here’s some OF shit


Our friends over at the KanyeToThe Odd Future section have put together a compilation of rare/previously unreleased Odd Future music. Highlights from the tape include “Rest Stop Flow (Trap Remix)” by Tyler the Creator, “RATS”, a song from 2010 by Earl Sweatshirt produced by Tyler the Creator, “Gold” by Earl Sweatshirt when he was known as Sly Tendencies, and a bunch of instrumentals made by various members of Odd Future.


1. Tyler, the Creator – Phill (Instrumental)

2. Tyler, the Creator – Sandwitches (Radio Edit) (feat. Hodgy Beats)

3. Tyler, the Creator – Rest Stop Flow (Trap Remix)

4. Tyler, the Creator – Spunk (Instrumental)

5. Casey Veggies – Can’t Tell Me Nothing

6. Tyler, the Creator – Fish (Rough Draft)

7. Tyler, the Creator – Nino (Instrumental)

8. Earl Sweatshirt – RATS

9. Earl Sweatshirt – Snakeskinshirt (Instrumental)

10. Hodgy Beats – Indian Grub (Instrumental)

11. The Super 3 – The Mountain Blue (Instrumental)

12. The Super 3 – Louder Run (Instrumental)

13.  Tyler, the Creator – Jack & The Beanstalk (Original Version)

14. The Super 3 – Give Me Love (Instrumental)

15. Hodgy Beats – J-Hawk Freestyle

16. The Super 3 – Robotic Heart (Instrumental)

17. Tyler, the Creator – Tron Cat (Alternate Version)

18. Tyler the Creator – Hang Up (Instrumental)

19. Left Brain – Warmup (Instrumental)

20. MellowHype – 666 (feat. Mike G) (Original Mix)

21. Tyler, the Creator – Heart of Gold (feat. Domo Genesis) (Better Quality Version)

22. Sly Tendencies – Gold