Earl Sweatshirt Announces That His New Album Is Done


Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter today to announce that his second studio album was completed. In fact, it’s been completed since June according to him.

He also retweeted this:

So, when will the timing be right for Earl to drop his album? We’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know.

  • dagdag

    earl got old way too fast.

    • dusta_32

      Earl is still the best

      • white guy

        yeah exactly, he hasnt hit his peak yet, him and the rest of O.F. are gonna be around for a while if you ask me

  • swagonmyass

    then little bitty tole me sloppy toppy was a hobby
    check my music out

    • Jim Jones

      Fuck your music

  • Benjamin Crawfish

    Odd Future fell way off this year… Sitting on an album so long might not be a good idea. You can only sit on something for so long eventually nobody’s gonna care

    • Guest

      they’ll still care about it more than people will care about you or your silly comments.

    • steez

      they’ll still care about it more than they’ll care about you or your silly comments.

    • Jerome

      Cause that threat is suppose to make him drop it sooner? Lmao GTFO earl doesn’t need your shit

  • Ofwg

    It’s will drop in winter it what they do

  • Asap zombies kill them alse

    Earl and Mac miller should make a COLAB mixtape and release it for free on itunes

    • dom_ofwgkta

      That would be sick, but I doubt it will happen

    • Holla at Cha Gualla

      They have collabed on a few songs, namely “Bill” from Mac’s Delusional Thomas mixtape. It’s basically his “Sway in the Morning Freestyle” verse with a heavy beat.