Tyler, the Creator Announces Odd Future Is No More


Tyler, the Creator took to Twitter today to announce that Odd Future is over. Speculation has been rampant for the past two years or so about the status of the group as a collective, as we’ve seen spats between members, Frank Ocean leaving behind The Clancys, who manage most of the group, and less involvement in each other’s albums/projects. However, this tweet seems to be the most official announcement that the group is over.

Despite this, we will still keep you in the know about the latest news from the members of Odd Future.

EDIT: Hey guys, you may know me from the forums but this is Matty. I’ve been an OF fan since around 2011 and I’ve been very involved with the community since around 2012. While I’ve grown out of the group a bit and haven’t been a big fan of recent releases, there will always been a part of me that reps OFWGKTA. It’s the group that led to me discovering more music and wanting to become a music journalist, so I thank Tyler and the other members for that. While this may be the end of the group, this isn’t the end for the fans. We’re a family. A terrible one a lot of the time, but a family nonetheless. Stay legend.

  • tired of this shit

    vague bullshit that sensational bloggers are trying making a big deal about. That tweet came in the midst of other tweets sharing old photos and shit, talking about how things have changed these past 5 years. Things aren’t like they used to be, OFWGKTA is forever. Fucking clickbaiting bloggers need to all go fall in a volcano or something.

    • tired of your shit

      shut up

      • ur dad

        real mature there, blogger

  • Gregory Paul Anthony Jr.

    so wat do we do now…

  • Gregory Paul Anthony Jr.

    fuck it ima make something similiar but not the same to OFWGKTA,watch me come up

  • Akinbiyi Babarinde

    Yeah, I get they’re gone like it’s obvious they hadn’t released anything as a collective for a while, but I thought Odd Future was more than that, I thought they had Odd Future as their thing and each member did whatever the fuck they wanted, nothing changed for me. I don’t know if it’s just me but they legit just dropped that out of nowhere, like oh hey guys btw that collective? yeah it’s no more. I get everyone grows up, I’m literally same age as Earl I grew the fuck up too, but why is it that all we got was like three or four tweets!? I’m not upset I just don’t get it. I guess I just hoped when it came to an end it wouldn’t start out with Tyler reminiscing about what had been. Maybe, they’re tired of speaking to fans directly cause most people dont really give a fuck. I guess the birth of Golf Media was kinda his way of saying it was over, fuck I’m just ranting now, whatever..