Tyler Major – Field of Grass

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Long time friend of us here at OFT and frequent collaborator with Odd Future member Pyramid Vritra, Tyler Major from NRK blessed us with a birthday single from his upcoming full-length album “By Lakes.” Production is helmed by Tyler Major himself, and as a result we receive the perfect balance between dreamy instrumentals and aggressive bars.



Car start —out the morning park sage morning walks
All talk—bar up your class reunion with for starts
Pushing envelopes every album different seals from the heart
its something bout the way the way we wrote it rhymes all decoded
Box in niggas out the page all these racks we blowing
Not the paper but its something closer
Man its something potent something to relate and cope with
All these descriptions of my visions got me something focused
Now im tryna stroke in something moisturized gifted with the pen off the potion
kenny logging playing by the ocean
Redemption on the road wit the team I roam
Thought about this in the cold like every verse is fucking froze
Selling concerts off the woes I wrote
About a field of grass staring out in space
Sips of lemonade
Never had them dreams by a escalade
I just knew what wanted saw it all now im getting offers tryna add my commas up
nigga run up