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@  Thomas Hunna : (10:56 PM)

Today marks 10 years ago that I joined the site

@  Android XVII : (06:18 PM)

metaldan online in the past 15 minutes :dog:

@  Android XVII : (06:16 PM)

I got locked out my discord account rip love yall :earl: :ronan: :tony:

@  mister unusual : (11:44 AM)


@  Ant Live : (06:24 PM)

I still hold a lot of good memories here man. I’m happy it isn’t gone

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

Still rip UGK

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

I cant believe this is still up

@  Material : (03:37 AM)

My account is almost 10 years old wtf.

@  Kandinsky : (11:03 AM)

shoutout to you all

@  Kandinsky : (11:02 AM)

amazed that this site still exists

@  Guest : (06:15 AM)

Anyways I think the albums pretty good definitively not better then igor or flower boy

@  Guest : (06:13 AM)

I guess im the first person to talk about (call me if you get lost) But that album was pretty good

@  HighClass : (09:47 PM)

RIP ugk. Keep on keeping on people

@  HighClass : (09:37 PM)

Fucking randomly came into my head today

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Good times

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Remember that dude that faked a whole bunch of art photos and got found out

@  SoulTrekker : (05:50 AM)

kevin abstract

@  SoulTrekker : (05:47 AM)

bro clockin in after so long, so much time has passed fr fr

@  Zebrakill : (11:49 PM)

fig thats bad ok that represents the devil please post

@  Fig : (06:59 AM)

crazy how i can never post again since i have 6,066 posts

@  Zebrakill : (11:46 PM)

im gonna start checking in daily ok. i see 50 members online in the last 15 minutes. No reason this place isnt lit

@  Guest : (03:32 PM)

Has anyone seen the new Tyler billboard he put up for his new album ¨Call me if you get lost¨ Hopefully thats the intro for his new album

@  chrisb : (08:26 AM)

hi zebra

@  Zebrakill : (08:31 PM)


@  Zebrakill : (08:29 PM)

i came on here and searched around today and its crazy that i remember everyones names. seriously idk if yall will remember me but i remember a lot of you. sm123 i still follow you on instagram

@  Zebrakill : (08:28 PM)

hey guys

@  Guest : (12:57 AM)


@  A Fuckin Rad... : (05:10 PM)

Man, i havent been on this site in forever. im shocked its still up lol

@  DeleteMe : (06:26 PM)

my account is a fucking decade old what the hell

@  Android XVII : (08:38 PM)

aye do yall fuck wit odd future

@  Android XVII : (08:37 PM)

wasp wasps wasps yall wssup

@  Young Eater : (09:06 PM)

I'm trying to find it.

@  Young Eater : (09:05 PM)

Does anyboody remember that video of the one black kid dressed just like tyler running around and dancing at a skate park?

@  Swampy : (06:21 AM)

was gucci

@  Keanu Reeves : (11:00 PM)

is there anyone here who can get me into my old account?

@  mister unusual : (03:12 PM)

@Jack haha

@  DeleteMe : (09:15 PM)

seriously who's still paying for the hosting of this site just let it go away already hahaha

@  DeleteMe : (06:09 AM)

wow i joined on the same day as tony

@  DeleteMe : (05:46 PM)

i didnt pay for it though

@  mister unusual : (06:58 AM)

@chrisb access to premium threads

@  chrisb : (08:48 PM)

i wna know....

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

i never got i wna kmow

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

what that get you actually tell me

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

ahaa lol u premium

@  chrisb : (03:05 AM)

wtf smd bitch

@  DeleteMe : (05:37 PM)

im taller than chrisb

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (12:58 PM)

This place been dead for years

@  Clouds : (05:47 PM)

miss this shit, id come on here after school everyday.....

@  awsumpops : (10:05 PM)

Happy 10 for Yonkers.

@  Anti : (09:16 PM)

happy 10 year anniversary to yonkers

@  Anti : (09:10 PM)


@  sm123 : (09:01 AM)

i've been going through old threads and it's bringing me back, this place was such a huge part of my life, so weird and sad to see it like this now..

@  sm123 : (09:00 AM)

ugk :(

@  mister unusual : (08:57 AM)


@  Fig : (05:39 AM)

rip ugk

@  mister unusual : (03:38 AM)


@  sm123 : (07:04 PM)

holy shit hi everyone, it's so dead here now

@  Guest : (05:27 AM)

idk wtf I'm doing bruh

@  ShiTheCreator : (05:14 PM)

holy shit people still use this? lol

@  chrisb : (01:39 AM)

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns about the Golf hoodie

@  chrisb : (01:38 AM)

I am a 5"10 150lb male btw

@  chrisb : (01:36 AM)

I'm not sure about the Golf hoodie sizing, but for Gildan hoodies I am a size large, however I prefer an XL-XXXL for comfort

@  chrisb : (01:35 AM)

Hmm, I would say buy the brown one in regular small and just have it be a little big. Possibly room to grow into as well?

@  Guest : (05:51 AM)

I want to buy a Golf Hoodie there is a green or brown one. I want the brown one but the xs is sold out. In the green size there is xs. In the brown one there is small and i am a xs do you think I should just buy the green one or buy the brown one or just wait?

@  Guest : (05:40 AM)

hey i have a question

@  Android XVII : (06:43 PM)

black lives matter

@  Guest : (11:46 AM)

purpa cous

@  Guest : (11:45 AM)


@  chrisb : (01:46 AM)


@  Guest : (09:32 AM)

@Guest i have it

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't sell this forum Kevin

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't let this shit die

@  Guest : (05:26 PM)

bro wtf is going on, this shit doesn't work, didn't receive the validation email

@  Guest : (02:35 PM)

:jordancry: :jordancry: :jordancry: KTT died too

@  Guest : (02:32 PM)

Ayo anyone here?

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

This shit is so dead

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

Bro what's going on

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)


@  chrisb : (01:55 PM)

hi guys right now i only have a 3/5 star rating on my profile please rate 5 stars thank you

@  Fig : (04:51 AM)

rip ugk17

@  Ryan : (10:34 PM)

Imma show my kids these threads

@  Ryan : (10:33 PM)

hope it always stays up

@  Heroin Soap : (04:14 AM)

yo yo yo

@  Material : (07:46 AM)


@  Guest : (02:52 AM)

fucking cock

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Its been 8 years already fuck

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Yo who the fuck is still paying to keep this site up

@  Guest : (02:39 AM)

purple cows? im pretty sure that never came out lol

@  Guest : (02:36 AM)


@  Guest : (02:35 AM)


@  Guest : (02:31 AM)

poopity scoop

@  DeleteMe : (06:50 PM)

i would delete my account if i could

@  Android XVII : (02:26 AM)

what the fuck is purple cows

@  Guest : (03:10 PM)


@  Guest : (05:11 PM)

are people still here

@  Mark : (12:30 AM)

everybody stay blessed

@  Mark : (12:30 AM)

o shit i ran that minecraft server

@  dead unicorn : (02:46 PM)

free heroin soap

@  dead unicorn : (02:45 PM)

plug dj

@  Clouds : (07:53 PM)

who remembers mefirst time back on in years

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#597874 Hodgy says Jack Mushroom's not from OF

Posted by Christian on 11 August 2012 - 01:53 PM

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#142826 Top 5 ways to Spot an OF dickrider.

Posted by Vincent on 18 September 2011 - 12:12 AM

They make topics like this
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#349405 Mike G should be dropped from OF.

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Everyone that likes this post has a small penis
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#365570 The Official 133 Thread

Posted by alsweatshirt on 18 March 2012 - 08:40 PM

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Theodore Tugboat

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Posted Image

Tubby The Tuba

133 - The Prophet Of OFT

'oh no' - 133

'we know that colors arent real

its one of the many things nobody knows or thinks
well, since its just light and more bugs and fish see more colors anyway its hard to make them real
how do we know anything we think is real
thats all' - 133

'oh ive figured everything out free thebe, since nothing matters i will just stay happy till i die and everything repeats' - 133

'theres some rreally cool things like trees and everything humans done is either bad or nice' - 133

'remeber dilbert is an example of what the humans' - 133

'let me explain that its more over that its funny to type funny online when theres a keyboard, thats all hahaha' - 133

'maybe if she sees they are just happy nice, sheel let yo go, tell her theres lots of people there' - 133

'this robot just killed himself
his head blew up' - 133

'and so are the anchovies gone' - 133

'drawing comic. music and having a life like a person, going to store. buying CDs ' - 133

'have a fun time on this site, lots of meanies are on this site so becarful' - 133

'yaay i can watch the cleavland show online yaaaay' - 133

'why is odd future so great? because they are great' - 133

'steve berman, is that you in your avatar?' - 133

'thats cool, but i dont get it' - 133

'left brain is cute, why they say he ugly' - 133

'i like the beat of forest green cause of those voices that make the noise at the begining caues they sound funny' - 133

'guys is it okay to eat plain cofee beans? like a handful, just eat them?
i was eating coffee beans cause they taste good and my momss gone so she cant find out, i have restrictive parents
and besides theres no pretzels so i cant eat those' - 133

'no, he seems nice and calm, but if you really tried to attack him he would freak out and punch you in the neck with extreme force and youre neck would fracture and you would die mike g is my favorite member' - 133

'poor hodgy, he look so sad when the lady is yelling at him, and he eating sandwich...' - 133

'i woulld be a housewife' - 133


'i wouldnt want to go to the beach caues i might step on glass and get sick' - 133

'wow im tired i might fall of the couch
*fell of the couch and felling to sleep*' - 133

'my favorite NES games are the unliseced ones' - 133

'there are some really important things that nobody ever notices' - 133

'my favorite color is always any color because we always enjoy different things and cant hate' - 133

'this laptop was stage one. *STAGE TWO*' - 133

'i always like to look at the nice sky, but ussualy most people dont cause they have the most human thought and dont enjoy nice things' - 133

'you dont get it cause you are lost in human thought joust

joust stop thinking about human worries and just enjoy stuff' - 133

'im not a alien' - 133

'if all the humans stoped worring about their jobs and posesions i think they would be happy and hate less but the teachings they get say no' - 133

'i wouldnt care much if i was homeless cause if aslong as i could find food i would have fun walking around and plants and stuff

:D' - 133

'there would really no god and when you die you rot in the ground bye bye' - 133

'its hard to ever convince people because most have already developed there whole thought process. so we must all figure everything ourselves' - 133

'my mom is nice because she is nice and isnt mean i guess i shoudnt hate anything :D

i have to go eat dinner' - 133

'do your shcoolwork and behave and then stab someone with a pocketknife and have them go to the hospital and be healed and not die and throw a paper airplane at the teacher too' - 133

'no, henry youre nice' - 133

'humans are dead' - 133

'i canot waste my time worrying about lepchracoauns' - 133

'yaaaay we are all having fun outside. there is no inside because everybodys house is outside. everybody please set youre house on fire' - 133

'its cause casey veggies accidentaly killed the original founder of odd future in a gun accident. the original founder of Odd Future was "Big Taste Phillip", and he was best freinds with tyler, but was shot acciddentally by casey, so tyler kicked him out and became the new founder of odd future' - 133

'it would be cool to make a nice evil song' - 133

'eeeh this walnut taste badddd' - 133

'piano, yay' - 133

'we all im draw and listen to the music thats nice' - 133

'i have to go make grilled cheese, hee hee
i shouldnt be leaving the griled chees unatended' - 133

'isnt it bad when you stop enjoying something and you just cant enjoy it anymore?
cause then you remeber you used to enjoy it, and are sad you no longer enjoy it and there wont be anymore happy memorys oh well' - 133

'hahahaha faces and such' - 133

'yes it is a nice song, but vinces verse is mean' - 133

'thats not the taoster, its tubby the tuba' - 133

'oh mooo' - 133

'it was startling when the deer hit the car and i could see it trying to move, but it legs were probably broken
and my mom has to call car insurance to see if they can get money or something, cause the front door wont open
the deer banged the door, and i thought at first it looked like a dog
nooo, my dad didnt go help the deer... he just went home, but later called the police
i wis we could have hepled the deer, oh well

the deer was like flopping and trying to get out of the road and it went into the grass, and when my brother asked whether we could help the deer my dad yelled at him' - 133

'what if earl crashed his cars
and we wuold hope that earl wouldnt get glass in his face or be crushed by impact, or also or a metal pole through his chest' - 133

'i like any music that i can enjoy, and i simply didnt enjoy it' - 133

'hodgy would break into the person house and fight them' - 133

'spit it out tell it "i hate this yuo gum" throw it on the floor aand kick it out the window and get it hit by a car' - 133

'King Ghidrah is high on drugs and bieng silly' - 133

'lights is all dead now if you remeber just remeber and be happy' - 133

'spiderman two was a lot of fun, and the glitch when he gets hit by the train and goes flying infinatly is great' - 133

'whats waht.cd?
it looks like a place' - 133

they look funy faces
this weird thingy just pop up so i exed it off' - 133

'i am a himan
im doing this cool picture of a girafe in a forest on fire' - 133

'uh oh yuo stuck
sneak out the window right now and run to the store and by a tennis racket
then when your freind sees it act like it nothing
like you just already had there' - 133

'i work on important stuff

comic drawing such

and plots and plans and such

well i try to concentrate

its hard to focus though, :(

so basically yeah i just go online' - 133

'i did this other one with tubby the tubba riding elephants in a basement and gil scott-heron' - 133

'whats on lil b's forehead?' - 133

'hahaha he fell down the stairs
thats great
hahah i just thought it was funny how he fell down
its so funny
i like how his hat goes flying
its funny though cause he falls unaturally stiff' - 133

'OH,i get it 420, like marijauaba' - 133

'i dont want to obey the sweatshirt

but i have to...' - 133

'chicken is bad nobody eat it or die' - 133

'im thinking of writing a book, it would be like science ficktion' - 133

'i dont really like knaye west much' - 133

'whoa i just saw this persons face' - 133

'i should go outside should go outside' - 133

'cant wait for numbers cant wait for numbers
wow i never really listened to 65 that sounds great i really cant wait for numbers cant wait for numbers' - 133

'haha bernie mac has stupid children' - 133

'he just wants to be freind
the bee is nice
the bee is a buisness venture' - 133

'i'll say that metro zu is a nice group' - 133

'wiine the pooh is not a stoner dont be silly' - 133

'oh boy oh boy oh boy i cainont wait for the new el-p album!' - 133

'mike g's face is nice, what are you talking about
he doesnt look like a monster hes nice
shut up mike g is very nice
shut up mike g is wonderful and makes great music' - 133

'i thought you had to climb cliffs and dodge birds and rocks and get the highest score on stupid facebook]' - 133

'once i had this lucid dream where i flew around and hit this girl who i used to go to school with with a baseball bat then went back home and every body was wearing metal hats and not saying anything and then i tryed to fly again and hit a telephone wire and it didnt work
and i also went to a city in that dream, i've gone to that area twice in a dreams i think
and flew up in a tree and it was nice' - 133

'memory is a thing that is a' - 133

'theyre really cool though and wonderful fun' - 133

'lets all go outside and get hit by a car' - 133

'*snacks* "why are you eating that food?!" "i have like eating" "do you not realisise that other people are dead" i do and dont care anymore' - 133

'dogs dont enjoy christmas' - 133

'*car crash* *plane crash* *train crash* *boat crash* *car crash* *plane crash* *train crash* *boat crash*' - 133

'i wish i was alive in a house with a nice person' - 133

'why are so many humans not realised reality' - 133

'i have to be careful around humans' - 133

'theres things with certain case when that the thing is when that the pesron is when that case!' - 133

'c[_] coffe cup' - 133

'yaaaay we are all having fun outside. there is no inside because everybodys house is outside. everybody please set youre house on fire' - 133

'my dream skateboard would not be a skateboard, but infact a neverending bag of popcorn that wouldnt get you sick or unhealthy' - 133

'shoot the pizza man. shoot him when he comes to the door. *knock Knock KNock* heres pizza *BANG*. he dead' - 133

'there were five big mice that were as tall as 5ft. they went to the supermarket and bought 5 cartons of milk. then they went home and watched tv and laughted at the jokes. they had fun. the next day they killed 4 people at a convention.' - 133

'yeah im mad too why edison is there, and i do hate new people, but eh, whatever, everything repeates' - 133

'once i had a sugar sandwich and my mom got mad..' - 133

'the docter said he would kill all of the frogs , " here frogs eat this poison" but the frogs were safe becasue they were ghosts' - 133

'im curenty writing this story about esger alan poe and a puppy and killing people' - 133

'he was bored about being alive and such so as he picked up his laundry basket and then dropped it out the window and hit someone... "hahaha"' - 133

'"im punch you in mouth!" take this!! and was punched lost all teeth and was in love.. "thanks" then punched in stomache.. "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"' - 133

'we went to austrailia to just to kill some kangaagroos but only found some dieing ones in the zoo...' - 133

'the man was riding a horse and was having fun then the horse fell over and died and "why, stupid horse, get back up and walk" but to death' - 133

'he went to the backery and bought a pound cake and then threw it at a person and now the stupid police are worse than before' - 133

'tomy knocks is my favorite members' - 133

'write about puppys becasue puppt are nice' - 133

'somebody smack rick ross so he pee his pants and push him down a snow mountain so he can fall down and stop making bad music' - 133

'domos album should be packaged in a fishbowl' - 133

'chirdirish gamanbindo is stupid and annoying' - 133

'was the case to hid form cops either enough to build case house in woods for safety or go to homeless society for heroin and coccaine? human' - 133

'133 is the name that is a perfect choice' - 133

'hey buddy *gunshot* was the only cause of death stress from years or cases of life' - 133

'there was a once upon a time "he was outised and wondering why he was lost in the city but to bad" and enjoyed even though not know anything' - 133

'he should get hit by a car and it would be on TV and he would fly in the air and his hair would fly around too' - 133

'*knoch knoch" who there? "doctores order" "doctors order who" "you have serious disease come over hear for medicine treatment" "noo" then takes box and throws it out window cause car crashe' - 133

'this is what from human mind, keep that' - 133

'YOLO is the stupid phrase that dummies say' - 133

'who cares much an internet forum minor part in some peoples lifes so the worry about what and such isnt that much of a case but who am i to say about other lifes im sorry' - 133

'im hungry so much i could attach a human and bite them' - 133

'the worst i could do is push someone into traffic' - 133

'you can say that its not you and you can pretend to be the mother and say, "i am not a mother!" and then run out the school and vomit, and then say "hep me superman" and they might think your crazy and want to excuse you from trouble' - 133

'mellowhype have dead, in baement with broken necks' - 133

'but for humans only can be based back to humans' - 133

'and i dont trust anyone...anybody hear could be fake or trick to kill me' - 133

'the ones with kittys are nice' - 133

'*for goevernments reading this* i dont like your tricks, why you do that ,,,, ,,, ...,,, oh no im sorry ,.,..,..,' - 133

'here honey" "look inside my skull" craces open "ohh" "Ohh i ohh ohh" "i see" "oohh ohhohh" "OH" "ah" "thanks honey" "no problem found in experation' - 133

'the best art is when the person say " I AM JUMP OF A BUILDING" and just jump off of car and that not in the section' - 133

'the worsts are also cooking' - 133

'i'll tell a story too: here was the town of where there were only five people. they were popilation, and were tired. so one said to other, "hey! hey!" and started grabbing the person
then the person jumped and tried to ran away! but the person had too much grab, so he couldnt ! the the person said " merry christmans!' - 133

'"i did enjoy my dinner" "me too" "we should do this again sometime" *gunshot*' - 133

'massmurdes will eventualy have delet ed all songs
cause one deleted, then another then should just be all
you should delete all of them
delete them' - 133

'hahaha i just realised the sound at the begining of the song fish from goblin begins with this brass hit sound
it goes bwaah
ive used that sound before but i ussualy slow it down so it sounds like its actually a trumpet being played' - 133

'i forgot how good modest mouse were' - 133

'i dont have any freinds either,' - 133

'my mom just said she was gonna laser-burn me with her eyes from fire from her mouth' - 133

'these notes are so pretty' - 133

'hahah whos mac dre
sounds foolish' - 133

'oh ho ho money symbal $ i get it' - 133

'the video is stupid. it should of been him and his frends doing a squaredance togtether.
seriously, he has enough freinds, they should have been dancing a squaredance and were cowboy hats, and rocky would be like telling them what to do, and with the beats, "do doo do do doo dee, doo doo do doo dooo" i could imagine them daincing circles' - 133

'wow i just heard this weird noise in my right ear, it whent fwhhsshh fhwwhsshh' - 133

'did you know that pancake and suffocation both also look like the same word but then arent because on the human creation and on also what hapen and then its shapes so thats the case for it' - 133

'quack quack quack' - 133

'music is great :lol:' - 133

'marilyn manson should die' - 133

'im going to drink too., a water
water is the best to drink and im gonna drink water now
daranked the water
hahahaha' - 133

'im not actually a pen pals with joust' - 133

'yup stupid human mind and such' - 133

'there is some chance that the stupid humans will mess up and die soon whic would be funny' - 133

'when he went to the doctors "hey doctor" "take a seat" then sat down " i need to check because check time" then he got a weapon and attack' - 133

'the cop and spy relaxing on side of wall in hidin of trees and watching paserby in city and says "all the cases can hide for relaxtion such"' - 133

'the only case was when they all got to brisge adn' - 133

'"he was only 23 and was hit by bus" "why are telling this" "i am human sad" "silly human dont be sad by death casue its pointless you die to' - 133

'"clark charlston was arested by law yesterday" "thans for the warning i take into effect" explanation: can know but must be smart not to act' - 133

'"please tell me explanations of all human thouht and case" when asked all that was said was "dont say silly things crazy" but good question' - 133

'my mom yells at me cause i do my schoolwork wrong' - 133

'i i i is icr is iceland? is isceland. ? is iceland the IS CI ICEiceland the place where it it icelandg????' - 133

'please wait a few minites, as we install the virus. thanks for you coraperation' - 133

'its not funny' - 133

'its always good to have a good morning cause better chance to have a better day overall :)' - 133

'great now im having bad time
nothing i just having bad time in my head
feel bad stressed out time
is days like this when i cant think straight and spell bad
haveing bad time lousy time uo oh' - 133

'taco seems nice in real life' - 133

'video game ones were funny, "gimme that stick"

yeah thurnis and pickles wer my favorite
and jucy j gets angry was funny
mike g was almost funny
because the joke was too forced
the random logic was a bit stupid
ussualy any random logic joke is stupid' - 133

'ouch now my ears hurt' - 133

'ive seen videos of gay animals' - 133

'the kids when the kids, and fans too, bbut when they are then, to the point, was' - 133

'welcome to hlel
thanks for my birthday pary
i am amrican dream, but irish
jam down south jams
classic hq bets on fire
"wow who made this beats?"
go to classics music slown jams to down south classic jams
lost in pacific ocean' - 133

'someone eat like a pig someone eat like a pig someone eat like a pig someone eat like a pig someone eat like a pig someone eat like a pig' - 133

'the reason was crisbee cause there was a joke talking about bees, then chrib entered and say "hi chrisbee" cause then its both, one from before and now' - 133

'i have you kidneys
get in the trunk im gona kill you when i get to my apartment
les go on a cruise and drown n
why is this jams cool sweet?
"buy the tracks" buy free
cool time, somke and hammok in sumer backyard
get fucked and listen to tracks
we are listening, we like music of this
lee "scratch" perry, not this music
lee scratch perry is reggae
go of highway and smacked car' - 133

'see if someone is angry and cuts someone head off, its negative so its not nice, but if someone, while hugging them, bites the perssons face, with positive intent then its nice' - 133

'i saw one once of a dad playing hide and seek with his daughter in this big house, and its dark, and shes playing with her imaginary freind, and when he goes into one room he sees an arm moving in the corner but she jumps out a different spot' - 133

'break into apartment smack her then take her in car in bridge to new area and as passing on bridge sunrise, so its nice and then you find out the worlds enidng cause of wars so she loves you again casuse she knows she always did and always will till she die which is soon so it all works out' - 133

'great , now eveything smell like the evil cattepillar food' - 133

'great i just chewed off a bit of the first layer of skin on my index finger
now my moms gonna get mad
esspecially since i shouldnt be on my computer' - 133

'i'll cut your throat garfield the cat' - 133

'youre making massmurdes upset' - 133

'look at your arm theres bugs in your arm they infected from eggs and bad food you ate' - 133

'take those bugs out and put them on garbages out in the dumpster to not get sick and die for atleast 40 years befior you realise that your human life is pointless look at your liveing house if you have a house' - 133

'hahah just fininshed song called "Have Fun With Dog and Killer in Apartment"' - 133

'he was at the store buying treats and drinks the went up the roof and all jump of and hit cars was then broke windsheld but driver eat snack' - 133

'go of highway and smacked car' - 133

'tjres no zombie apclypes sotp saying thattjres no zombie apclypes sotp saying that
if people keep talking bout zombies im gonna hit them hard in the face with punch' - 133

'and spielberg backwords is,,,, oh no ive said to much' - 133

'if Numbers doesnt have a song called 69, im not buying it
it was a joke, im buying numbers either way' - 133

'well, location is a human definition so it dont count or matter' - 133

'we would be upset if peter pan stoped smoking but not domo' - 133

'take the money [$(4)$]' - 133

aha this face :0
hahahah it will make me laugh for years :0
:0 :0 :0 :0' - 133

'watch out for when someone starts trying to chew on your head
get ready for when you put gun to mouth
when youre a little kid you will be wathced by people in buildings
have fun in a life before you die haha
little kid, keep it up
you can either be positive or negative have fun in life
keep it uo
some things are really actually really nice
have fun deciding life
dont live in a apartment
do what you can make sure you do what you can ma
dont forget certain things always look in different perspectives
you gonna die' - 133

'grab the animal head and shake the animals head and then grab animals back feet and hold them upside down and ssay "hahah you animal and certain cases can be decided but i will just throw you" and throw them onto a pillow or somthing' - 133

'i just saw something moving around in my room but its not there' - 133

'if i listen to music too loud it makes my eyes hurt
i know but sometimes i do cause
if i get to stressed i listen to music really loud so that way im not even thinking at all' - 133

'ive thought that to but i dont have freinds so i dont worry' - 133

'and now i start chewing on my arm again
but i cant puncture the skin so theres no point in trying to chew my hand off' - 133

'i really think joy division was a big joke, and ian curtis suicide was the punchline
because then they would never know that it was a total joke because it all seemed so real
and him killing himself forever sealed everyone who thought they were good into the joke
becuase someting seeming so serious couldnt be misinterpreted by the humans as a joke, so they now all listen to the joke tracks
would be cool if that was actualy true and it was a joke and not real' - 133

'lets see how much coins i have to see if i can buy Channel Ornage
it sounds like a TV news station that reports about grocerys' - 133

'anything hapening right now is being looked and mocked by better beings
like with spys' - 133

'take a sponge to your neck' - 133

'im gonna do a song with 555 bpm' - 133

'someone should do an album with a thousand songs' - 133

'its hot out but in the shade here theres a nice breeze' - 133

'hahaha im not doing crimes, im playing grand theft auto , i just stole a firetruck and drove it dow the highway spray water at cars and scaring people' - 133

'i was trying to steal his police motercycle
fuck fuck fuck the police caught me' - 133

'lil b keeps holding that gun to his head he'd better be careful' - 133

'@133 get out of my house' - 133

'once i got killed in an accident' - 133

'rite-aid is named rite-aid cause she was really sick and almost died but they got the medicine from rite-aid and she didnt die
wait a minute why the fuck did i write rite-aid , ive never been to a rite-aid in my life
turns out theres a rite-aid down the street from the library and ive accually gone to it before' - 133

'"lets use the computer" then he types: _rado_fm_selesct_piss/error runing file/ abort "i do know what the fuck im doing" he was a good job' - 133


'lil mouse is the stupidest dont encourage him' - 133

'piss and donkey piss; you know whats for sale' - 133


'get out of my house! what are in my house! robers give me headaches to put away funds that could go to better living is not true *wink*' - 133


'he didnt even have a home to get in a sleep and this greedy man shoved him off the stret for being dirty "WHEN IS MYY BURGER READY" hahaha' - 133


'aha, i see that googles evil brainwashing tactics have already gotten to you, such a shame' - 133

'alsweatshirt is out savior
thank you from the tyrany' - 133

'what about tapeworms
dont eat pork then, you could get some tapeworms in your head
you can aaccualy get tapeworms, if the pig was infected, and they dont cook the meat long enough poof, you got a tapeworm in your brain' - 133

'why is it kanye to the, what is it to' - 133

'wow i played grand theft auto all morning' - 133

'woo going to grandmas house
on noo internet falling out
yaay now im at grandmas house
wow this computer is slow
google will arreste you
fuck why are there so many toolbars on the internet
no the internet connectrion is fast, its the computer though' - 133

'close up blurry picture of a lego mindstorms spider hahahahah' - 133

'it looks like your trap has backfired!
i guess thats a lesson in caring
i guess thats what i learn from disableing chat
looks like your trap backfired to you!' - 133

'but vsts are easy to find and good so then fl studio is the best' - 133

'ive never gotten a noseblled ever or gotten stung bye a bee or hornet' - 133

'm sorry but cloud 9 has been closed for repairs, please try one of our many other facilitys or entertainment centers, thank you for your coaperation' - 133

'what it is is that we think its the same thing but its raelly different' - 133

'why did they do that
why would they delete stuff federal trickers goevernemt spy trickers and not freidns with nice aliens
but why did they deelte it did he post governemt stuff
wow a big thing tricks, who knows whats going down and on human plans' - 133

'dammit i thought i just heard someone wispering' - 133

'clicks big shrink shotbox' - 133

'Low Battery
You should change your battery or switch to outlet power immediatly to keep from losing your work.' - 133

'squares was lots of fun
but you can still play it
by just google search' - 133


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

(Inspired by chrisb)

Posted Image

Posted Image

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#30135 Bastard and Goblin: An Analysis

Posted by Grace on 13 May 2011 - 04:19 PM

This analysis is mainly comprised of things that cropped up in my mind while I listened to Bastard and Goblin. I can't comment as far as whether these connections are intentional, subconscious, or just funny coincidences and nothing more. And, to clarify, I'm analyzing the character and narrative that Tyler has presented in the albums, and I know that that character isn't necessarily Tyler himself. This is a study of the story, not of the person who wrote it. This analysis contains spoilers about the story on both albums.

The foundation for the first album seems to be Tyler's father and their relationship; one of the most obvious examples is that it's called BASTARD. Tyler seems to define himself from who his father was/is. You see this a lot in the lyrics, but most obviously in the opening and closing tracks:

Bastard, BASTARD:
0:59 This meeting just begun, nigga I'm Satan's son
3:20 I graduated without honors or fucking father
4:33 My father didn't give a fuck, so it's something I inherit

Inglorious, BASTARD:
0:12 My father died the day I came out of my mother's hole
And left a burden on my soul until I was old enough
To understand that the fucking faggot didn't like me much
0:48 I was hyper because I didn't get attention from my real pops
0:55 Statistics say that niggas with no father ain't going to be shit
2:20 I don't give a fuck either like father, like son, I'm done

Tyler seems to be unable to separate his own identity from his father's. This is interesting because Tyler also hates his father, probably more than he hates anyone else. Mainly, Tyler expresses anger at his father for impregnating his mother and then leaving both of them.

I'd like to point out here that Tyler has a lot of inconsistencies about what actually happened with this father. He says again and again that he's dead, but he also recounts times his father has tried to buy him gifts to win him over, and he says in the first track of GOBLIN that his father hasn't called him yet. The repeated references to his father's supposed death could also be taken as purely metaphorical.

Tyler seems clear in saying that he is the way he is because that's the way his father was. We don't know anything about Tyler's father, but we do know Tyler, and from that we can sort of reverse-engineer what his father was like. The bad treatment of women that they sexually desire seems to be what they have in common. We can assume that Tyler's father wasn't a homicidal rapist, but the seed of that persona was the way he treated Tyler's mother. Tyler's hate for his father takes that grain of truth and turns him into an inhuman homicidal rapist. If Tyler's father is a homicidal rapist, that means that Tyler is one, too. Tyler even introduces his father in the first track of his first album almost as an explanation for the tracks to come, in which Tyler talks about murdering and raping women.

It may seem paradoxical (a word I'll use a lot in this analysis) that Tyler could hate someone and still emulate them, but, tragically, this is often played out in families where the father has left. How many albums have we heard made by rappers who hate their fathers for leaving their mothers, and in the same album describe violent or degrading treatment of their sexual partners?

Another key character in both albums is Dr. TC, implied to be Tyler's school counselor. He says at the beginning of the track Bastard on BASTARD that he and Tyler will have three sessions; many people, myself included, think that this means that BASTARD is the first session, GOBLIN is the second, and the upcoming album WOLF will be the third session. Dr. TC is portrayed by Tyler with his voice digitally deepened. As we find out at the end of the track Golden on GOBLIN, Dr. TC is a figment of Tyler's imagination, a manifestation of Tyler's Conscience.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at some key differences between BASTARD and GOBLIN...

Posted Image

Above is BASTARD's cover, a class photo of several young children where most of them have had their faces warped or altered. From the beginning, Tyler is defined by his father's actions: He is born a bastard. Throughout the album, Tyler makes references to school and his childhood. I think a lot of the things Tyler describes doing, like raping women and doing drugs, could be viewed as daydreaming and fantasies. The idea that Tyler is just thinking about these things and not actually doing them explains why Dr. TC, literally Tyler's conscience, ends their first session on a light note:

Inglorious, BASTARD
0:00 [Dr. TC:] Well Tyler, uh, it's about that time
You're a good kid, just misguided

The end of the last track on Bastard and the beginning of first track on Goblin flow together perfectly.

Inglorious, BASTARD
3:27 [Tyler:] D-low where's the trigger, I'll let this bullet play hero
No, no, fuck that
Fuck that, I don't deserve this
Over it

Goblin, GOBLIN
0:00 [Dr: TC]
You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone
You don't even have the balls to begin with
What you need is me, someone to talk to
Uh, it's been a while since our last session
So, tell me what's been going on

Posted Image

Above is the cover for GOBLIN, and it contrasts with BASTARD, yet reflects it at the same time. The cover is in a similar style, but this time it bears the picture of cowboy Buffalo Bill at age 19. It's interesting to note that on BASTARD, there were a crowd of children; on GOBLIN, there's just one young man by himself. This seems to foreshadow the fact that Tyler's friends are products of his imagination, and that he's really by himself. On this album, Tyler is a tortured soul, trapped between his human morals/conscience and his animal-like impulses to rape, murder and eat people. Like the opening of Yonkers, Tyler is a paradox on this album. We see him acting out his darkest and sickest fantasies on one track, and in the next track he's a shy and courteous teenager who just wants a date.

This isn't a really solid point, but I also found these contrasting verses about Tyler's mother another interesting change between the two albums:

Bastard, BASTARD
1:08 My mother raised me a single parent so it's apparent
That I got love for my mother, none of you other fuckers
Are much important

Yonkers, GOBLIN
1:43 My mom's gone, that fucking broad will never understand me

Dr. TC is a strong voice for good inside of Tyler on GOBLIN, and Tyler is often receptive to what he's saying. It's clear to me that Dr. TC is not only Tyler's conscience manifested, but the good father figure that Tyler never had. He's the perfect personality to combat the negative influence of Tyler's real father.

Some of Tyler's actions are truly monster-like on GOBLIN, and he goes further than the rape and dismemberment described on BASTARD. Transylvania portrays him as Dracula feeding on women, and Fish frames him as a fisherman who lures women in and eats them. Paradoxically, there are three tracks that are almost entirely romantic, during which Tyler is portrayed as just another lovesick teenager wanting some female attention: She, Her, and Analog.

The paradoxes and contradicting natures inside of Tyler tear him down throughout GOBLIN, and eventually Tyler succumbs and kills his friends. This doesn't make much sense during the first listen, but when it's revealed at the end that Tyler's friends are all figments of his imagination, the picture becomes clear. In order to escape the personalities raging inside of him, Tyler's solution is to simply kill them so that he's the only one left. This need to become one person is foreshadowed early in the album, during Radical's outtro:

Radicals, GOBLIN
4:30 Fuck your traditions, fuck your positions
Fuck your religion, fuck your decisions
See they're not mine so you gotta let 'em go
We can be ourselves, but you gotta let us know

Tyler seems to be trying to avoid the good-evil conflict by basically telling his evil side to fuck off. A glimmer of sanity in him knows that he doesn't have to be the way his father was, that he can be himself if he just acknowledges that his father's decisions and beliefs aren't his and let them go. I later noticed these two references of Tyler having imaginary friends on BASTARD:

Bastard, BASTARD
5:32 Eighteen, still talking to imaginaries
Hopefully they see the talent I carry just like Jimmy

0:06 I like my friends imaginary with no names

Anyway, back to Radicals. Dr. TC, predicting Tyler's eventual breakdown and seeing that he needs to outgrow his invented reality, tries to intervene:

Radicals, GOBLIN
5:37 [Dr. TC:] You gotta let these shits go, man
It's not making any sense to you right now but
All these little dreams you got, they're not shit
All this rebellion
All this crazy shit you got, saying this shit
Getting too old for this shit, man, you gotta grow out of it
Growing up, your dreams are getting bigger
You gotta look at reality
Understand that shit so you don't get caught (could be wrong, couldn't find lyrics for this outtro)
I'm just being real
[Tyler:] Nigga fuck you
[Dr. TC:] I'm just trying to help you man, trust me.
[Tyler:] Look, I'm mature day after day nigga
You don't know shit
You're a fucking therapist
[Dr. TC:] Whatever

Dr. TC is unsuccessful in trying to convince Tyler to let go of his troubled past and of his imaginary friends and grow into a mature man, free of his father's influence. He even tries to ease Tyler into the knowledge that he's schizophrenic, telling him that it might not make sense now, but he needs to look at reality and let go of the world he's invented. The fact that Tyler's friends are imaginary is foreshadowed when Dr. TC says that Tyler is incapable of murdering anybody at the beginning of the album (he's not actually killing his friends, because they don't exist):

Goblin, GOBLIN
0:00 [Dr: TC]
You wouldn't do that Tyler, kill yourself or anyone

In his final "showdown" with Dr. TC on the last track, Golden, Tyler speaks honestly about what he believes about himself:

Golden, GOBLIN
3:37 And I’m not even human, I’m a body shaped demon
With some semen in my sack and some problems in the back

Using what we know about his relationship with his father, Tyler seems to think he is now completely his father: A monster, a demon, a goblin, plagued with problems, his only human trait being the ability to impregnate women. This seems to mirror a line in the previous album:

Inglorious, BASTARD
0:22 He loved my moms enough to bust a nut and then he shake Junt

Then Tyler describes the being torn apart:

Golden, GOBLIN
3:44 ...and a finger filled with hate
And a gat that’s filled with love, now let opposites attract
I can finally be one like a marriage in a church
But this marriage has a hearse and the parents of the one
That’s getting married has a curse and it’s made up inside of him
Too late to reimburse but, wait it gets worse
All the guests that’s in the church, all decided to disperse
So there was nobody who could stop the wedding with converse
So they tied the knot, now it’s too late to reverse
This arrangement

First Tyler describes his earlier actions of killing his friends as an act of both love and hate. It's an act of love because it helps to heal him and make him one person, but it's also an act of hate because he seemingly had to murder them. Then he portrays his internal war as a sort of perverse marriage, a permanent and paradoxical bonding of good and evil. The evil half, described as a curse, originates from the parents of his father, Tyler's grandparents. The curse passes from his paternal grandparents to Tyler's father, and from Tyler's father down to him. Tyler expresses anger that nobody stopped the marriage of good and evil inside of him, and, like the groom, he says it's too late to be reversed.

Then we get a serious dose of Tyler's reality:

Golden, GOBLIN
4:16 ...and the nurse is amazed at the hurt
That he was painting but it was obvious in all the photos
He was paining, now a bunch of whispering immerse
And then the nurse blurts
[Female voice:] "What the fuck is his problem, here, we have two doses to give him, here"

On my first listen, this just seemed to be the nurse that Dr. TC called in, but if you listen to it with the knowledge that Dr. TC is a figment of his imagination, this seems to imply that Tyler is at some sort of hospital, painting pictures to express his pain. After listening to BASTARD some more, this line at the end of the last track on the album stood out to me:

Inglorious, Bastard
3:23 Now this counselor is trying to tell me that I'm emo, she don't give a fuck

I always thought the counselor that Tyler mentions was Dr. TC, but he uses the word "she." It seems to me that the presence of the nurse is being foreshadowed here. Anyway, back to Golden.

Golden, GOBLIN
4:37 Why didn’t anybody ask him first?
[Dr. TC:] I’ve been asking you this whole time

When Tyler says "him," it could go either way; it could be referring to his father, who he's already described as having the same curse inside of him that Tyler does, or he could be referring to himself in the 3rd person, or both. Then Dr. TC points out that, as his conscience, he's been giving Tyler the choice between doing good and doing evil all along.

Golden, GOBLIN
4:45 [Tyler:] Because nobody gave a fuck
[Dr. TC:] Someone gave a fuck Tyler
And, uh, the person that gave a fuck was me
See, you’re not, going crazy, it’s me, I’m your best friend Tyler
I know everything, I know everything about you
You’ve been helping yourself this whole time
Your friends, they’re just figments of your imagination
Dr. TC, see Tyler, I’m your conscience
I’m Tron Cat, I’m Ace, I’m Wolf Haley, I’m... Me

It's hard to understand how this ending will affect Tyler, because until WOLF is released, we only have 2/3 of the story. Personally, I take the ending as somewhat redemptive, because Tyler realizes that he hasn't murdered his friends, and he doesn't just have a cursed monster inside of him; this voice for good comes from inside of him, too. Dr. TC was so untouched by the evil in him that he's imagined as an entirely different person. Side note, the story reminds me of the film Identity.

I guess we'll have to wait and find out in WOLF which side wins the battle for Tyler's soul.
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#2100 Tyler the Creator Discography

Posted by itzmurda on 05 April 2011 - 10:05 AM

Tyler The Creator Discography

READ: I spent a lot of time putting all of this together, so please do not copy/paste any of this without linking this thread. Thanks.

And look, I'm going to make this real simple: If it says "unreleased" by it, then don't ask for it or where you can find it. Because... IT'S UNRELEASED! It's sad I even have to write that, but unfortunately I do. Edit: I guess what I wrote still wasn't clear enough. Early tapes that are labeled "unreleased" do not exist. If you search for it and "find" it, you're downloading a fan-made compilation, not the actual release. This is because they are unreleased and do not exist (they are scrapped projects that never saw the light of day).

Posted Image

"Stereo-Type" (2007)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "Gloomy Radio," "Supreme," "I Dream," "Lounges," "X Blox," "Odd Toddlers," "Handsome Sounds," "Secret Garden," "Fat Girls," "X Robots," "Odd Future Pt.2," "Retail Price," "Speakerboxx Promo," "7up," "1201," and "Rocky Revenge.")

Posted Image

"Eargasm" (2007)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "Herpes And Cupcakes.")

Posted Image

"At Your Own Risk" (2008)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "I Dream," "Waffle," "Air Balloon," and "Get Fresh Remix.")

Posted Image

"The Special Olympics" (2008)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "Lisa," "Bapes On My Feet," "Hi Hat," and "Mr. Santa.")


"Dinosaur EP" (2009)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "Fuck Love.")

Posted Image

"BASTARD" (2009)

01 Bastard
02 Seven
03 Odd Toddlers Featuring Casey Veggies
04 French! Featuring Hodgy Beats [VIDEO]
05 Blow
06 Pigs Fly Featuring Domo Genesis
07 Parade
08 Slow It Down Featuring Hodgy Beats
09 AssMilk Featuring Earl
10 VCR/Wheels [VIDEO]
11 Session Featuring Hodgy Beats And BranDun Deshay/Mike G
12 Sarah
13 Jack And The Beanstalk
14 Tina Featuring Jasper And Taco
15 Inglorious

Posted Image

"GOBLIN" (2011)

01 Goblin
02 Yonkers [VIDEO]
03 Radicals
04 She Featuring Frank Ocean [VIDEO]
05 Transylvania
06 Nightmare
07 Tron Cat
08 Her
09 Sandwitches Featuring Hodgy Beats
10 Fish/Boppin Bitch
11 Analog Featuring Hodgy Beats
12 Bitch Suck Dick Featuring Jasper And Taco
13 Window Featuring Domo Genesis, Mike G, Hodgy Beats And Frank Ocean
14 Au79
15 Golden


01 Burger Featuring Hodgy Beats
02 Untitled 63
03 Steak Sauce


- A Milli Freestyle (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Analog 2 (From "Summer Camp Mix 2011")
- AssMilk Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (Extended Version) (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Auto Tuned By Hodgy Beats And Tyler The Creator (prod. Syd Tha Kyd)
- Back For Another One By Casey Veggies Featuring Tyler Creator (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Baking Soda (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Bapes By I Smell Panties
- Bapes Freestyle By I Smell Panties
- Bitches Brewin' By Ace Creator (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- BlaccFriday By MellowHype Featuring Wolf Haley And Mike G (From "Yellow/White")
- Blow By Skool Boy Featuring Tyler The Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Breez By Skool Boy Featuring Tyler The Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Bring The Hi Hat In By I Smell Panties
- Bubble Gum By Hodgy Beats Featuring Tyler Creator And Casey Veggies (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Car By BranDun Deshay (prod. Tyler The Creator) (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Chlamydia (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Chordaroy By MellowHype Featuring Earl Sweatshirt And Wolf Haley (From "BLACKENEDWHITE")
- Commercial By Ace Creator Featuring Casey Veggies (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Comrade Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Couch By Earl Sweatshirt Featuring Ace Creator (From "EARL")
- Cowboy By Tyler The Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Cult Shit
- Dazed x Amazed
- Dem Hoes
- Dope Dealers By Blak Tha Map Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Double Cheeseburger By Domo Genesis And Wolf Haley (From "Radical")
- Dracula By Ace (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Dream Away By Krys$hun (prod. Tyler The Creator)
- DTA By Casey Veggies Featuring Tyler The Creator (From "Sleeping In Class")
- Fat Drunk Bitch (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Fin By Ace (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Finally Something Different By Casey Veggies (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Customized Greatly Vol. 2")
- Flowers By Poly/Mono (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- French! Featuring Hodgy Beats (Toro Y Moi Remix)
- Friends Zone
- For The Club By Poly/Mono (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Fuck Love
- Fuck Santa
- Fuck The Police By MellowHype Featuring Tyler The Creator (From "BLACKENEDWHITE")
- Fuck This Christmas By Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator And Hodgy Beats
- Fuck This Election (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Fucking Lame By Ace (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Furb Set Anthem (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Gettin' Money Nigga By Cam'ron Featuring Tyler Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Good Knight (Knight Hawk Remix) By The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Good Morning By Tyler The Creator And Domo Genesis (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Green Purse (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Happy Holiday Hoe Freestyle By Tyler The Creator
- Heart Of Gold By Domo Genesis Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Hello By Skool Boy (prod. Tyler The Creator)
- Herpes And Cupcakes (Instrumental) (prod. Tyler The Creator)
- Herpes And Cupcakes (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Herpes On My Lip (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Hi To Me By I Smell Panties
- I Don't Know (Skit) By Casey Veggies Featuring Ace And Anwar Carrots (From "Customized Greatly Vol. 1")
- I Follow Rivers (Remix) By Li Lykke Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Inside Of Clouds (Remix) By N.E.R.D Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Jasp By Jasper (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Leather Head (From "Radical")
- Let's Dance (prod. James Pants)
- Lilo Fucks Stitch By I Smell Panties
- Lisa By I Smell Panties (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Llama Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Love In Da Mall By TTDD
- Martians vs. Goblins By Game Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Martin Lawrence By Krys$hun (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Most Hated")
- More Ovaltine Please By BranDun Deshay (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Volume: Two! For The Show")
- Mushrooms (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Networking By Casey Veggies (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Customized Greatly Vol. 2")
- Oblivion (From "Radical")
- Odd By Casey Veggies (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Customized Greatly Vol. 1")
- Odd Future Freestyle By BranDun Deshay (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Volume: One! For The Money Mixtape")
- Odd Octubree By BranDun Deshay Featuring Tyler The Creator, Casey Veggies And MF DOOM (From "Volume: One! For the Money Mixtape")
- Odd Toddlers By Ace Creator Featuring Casey Veggies (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Odd & Twisted (Got It Twisted Freestyle) By Tyler The Creator and Domo Genesis (From "What's Poppin Vol. 1")
- Orange GumDrops By BranDun Deshay (prod. Tyler The Creator) (From "Volume: One! For The Money Mixtape")
- Orange Juice By EarlWolf (From "Radical")
- Pancakes
- Pigions By Earl Sweatshirt Featuring Wolf Haley (From "EARL")
- Pimp Slap By Left Brain Featuring Ace And Hodgy (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Potu Freestyle By BranDun Deshay And Ace The Creator (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Rasta By MellowHype Featuring Ace (From "Yellow/White")
- Raw Freestyle (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Remember Me By Casey Veggies Featuring Ace Creator (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Rest Stop Flow By BranDun Deshay, Casey Veggies And Tyler The Creator
- Rest Stop Flow (Remix) By By Hal Williams Featuring Tyler The Creator (named on the net as "Fuck Tammy")
- Rolling Papers By Domo Genesis Featuring Wolf Haley (From "Rolling Papers")
- SB.TV Freestyle Featuring Hodgy Beats
- Secret Garden (Instrumental) (prod. Tyler The Creator)
- Secret Garden Freestyle By Tyler The Creator
- Seven (James Pants Remix)
- Shitty Freestyle (Last Dayz Freestyle) By Tyler The Creator And Hodgy Beats
- Sippin' On Some Syrup Freestyle
- Sleep Freestyle (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Slow It Down By Tyler Creator Featuring Hodgy Beats (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- Snakes (Remix) By Salem Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Sor­ry Freestyle
- Splatter (From "Radical")
- Summa Luv By JHawk Featuring Tyler The Creator And Hodgy Beats
- Super Market Featuring Ace Creator (From "Rolling Papers")
- Swag Me Out By Jasper And Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (From "Radical")
- The Tape Intro By Ace (From "The Odd Future Tape")
- ThisNiggaAintFunnyAtAll By Tyler The Creator, Taco And Jasper (prod. Left Brain)
- Thisniggaugly By Earl Sweatshirt Featuring Tyler The Creator (From "EARL")
- Timeless By Mike G Featuring Tyler The Creator (prod. Left Brain) (From "ALI")
- Trouble On My Mind By Pusha T Featuring Tyler The Creator
- Ugly Girls (From "Radical")
- Up By Tyler The Creator, Domo Genesis And Hodgy Beats (From "Radical")
- Welcome Home Son By The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Featuring Casey Veggies And Tyler The Creator (From "The Journey To The 5th Echelon")
- What's So Fuckin Funny By BranDun Deshay Featuring Tyler The Creator (From "Volume: Two! For The Show")
- Why Don't We Fall In Love By Casey Veggies Featuring Ace The Creator (From "Customized Greatly Vol. 1")
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#264980 Upcoming Releases (4 TBA, 14 Scrapped/Unknown)

Posted by NathanCrossley on 08 January 2012 - 10:36 AM



The Internet - Purple Naked Ladies [Deluxe Edition] (January 31 2012)
Hodgy Beats - "Untitled" EP (February 24 2012)
OFWGKTA - The Odd Future Tape Vol.2 (March 20 2012)
Kilo Kish - Homeschool EP (April 1 2012)
Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE (July 10 2012)
Domo Genesis x Alchemist - No Idols (August 1 2012)
Pyramid Vritra - Pyramid (August 7 2012)
MellowHype - MellowHype Week (Starts September 11 2012)
MellowHype - Numbers (October 9 2012)
Trash Talk - 119 (October 9 2012)




Kilo Kish - K+ (February 7 2013)

Tyler, the Creator - Wolf (April 2 2013)

Mike G - Verses (April 11 2013)

The Jet Age of Tomorrow - JellyFish Mentality LP (May 24 2013)

Hodgy Beats - Untitled EP 2 (June 1 2013)

Earl Sweatshirt - Doris (August 20 2013)

The Internet - Feel Good (September 24 2013)

MellowHigh (Hodgy Beats x Left Brain x Domo Genesis) - MellowHigh (October 31 2013)




Earl Sweatshirt - Gnossos (TBA) [Source] *Second Studio Album*
EarlWolf (Earl Sweatshirt x Tyler, the Creator) - Untitled Album (TBA) [Source]
Hodgy Beats - Untitled Album (TBA) [Source] *No features, 100% Hodgy*

Mike G - Mike Check 2 (TBA) [Source]


Scrapped / Unknown


Domo Genesis x Cardo - Untitled EP (TBA)
Domo Genesis x Uzi - Damier (TBA) [Source]
Domo Genesis x Earl Sweatshirt - Untitled EP (TBA) [Source]
Domo Genesis x Mike G - Untitled Project (TBA) [Source]

Hodgy Beats - Damien (TBA) [Source]
Hodgy Beats - Rock/Slab (TBA) [Source]

Left Brain - Untitled Album (TBA) [Source]
MellowHigh (Hodgy Beats x Left Brain x Domo Genesis) - Untitled EP (TBA) [Source]
MellowHigh (Hodgy Beats x Left Brain x Domo Genesis) - Untitled Mixtape (TBA) [Source]

Mike G - Greatest Hits (TBA) [Source] *All new songs*
Mike G - Untitled EP (TBA) [Source]
OFWGKTA - Radical 2 (TBA) [Source]
Sweaty Martians (Earl Sweatshirt x Matt Martians) - Sweaty Martians (TBA) [Source]


I Don't Even Know Anymore


Mike G - Gold (TBA) [Source]

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#336546 earlxsweat & DOOM

Posted by m i l k on 01 March 2012 - 06:49 PM

Earl Tweeted Saying:

Posted Image

So what i did was get a hold of DOOM's cousin over @ Universal Illflow Records
and let him know that Earl want's to work with DOOM and to contact him @ earlxsweat.
he replied rather quickly

Posted Image

Let's Cross our fingers for this one :)

Posted Image

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#2032 Earl Sweatshirt Discography

Posted by itzmurda on 05 April 2011 - 05:11 AM

Earl Sweatshirt Discography

READ: I spent a lot of time putting all of this together, so please do not copy/paste any of this without linking this thread. Thanks.

Click here for the "FUCK SAMOA" compilation that contains everything not included on "EARL."

Posted Image

"Kitchen Cutlery" (2009)

Unreleased (confirmed tracks include "Fuck Your Compression" Featuring Gruzen And "Dat Ass.")

Posted Image

"EARL" (2010)

01 Thisniggaugly
02 Earl [VIDEO]
03 Couch Featuring Ace Creator
04 Kill
05 Wakeupfaggot
06 Luper
07 epaR Featuring Vince Staples (prod. Left Brain)
08 Moonlight Featuring Hodgy Beats
09 Pigions Featuring Wolf Haley
10 Stapleton (prod. Branden BeatBoy Martin)

Posted Image

"OFT x LooFy Presents Unreleased Vol.3" (2011)

01 Sly x Stones Throw
07 WattStax (prod. Weird Eye)
12 Rebellious Shit (prod. Vision)


- 36c By brandUn DeShay Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Arm And Hammer (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- AssMilk By Tyler The Creator Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (From "Bastard")
- AssMilk By Tyler The Creator Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (Extended Version) (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Blade (From "Radical")
- Brand New (prod. Weird Eye) (Snippet)
- Brand New Featuring Mike G (prod. Weird Eye) (Full Version) (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Chordaroy By MellowHype Featuring Earl Sweatshirt And Wolf Haley (From "BLACKENEDWHITE")
- Cool By Earl Sweatshirt And Mike G (From "Radical")
- CopKiller By MellowHype Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (From "Yellow/White")
- Dat Ass
- Deerskin
- Drop (From "Radical")
- Fuck It Featuring Mike G, ThatNiggaTaj And Left Brain (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Fuck This Christmas By Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler The Creator And Hodgy Beats
- Fuck Your Compression Featuring Gruzen
- Llama By Tyler The Creator Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (RARE/UNLEAKED)
- Mezmorized By Mylo Featuring Earl Sweatshirt
- Molliwopped (prod. Weird Eye)
- Number 4 By The Backpackerz (Instrumental) (prod. Earl Sweatshirt)
- Orange Juice By EarlWolf (From "Radical")
- Stick Up By Mike G Featuring Earl Sweatshirt (prod. Syd Tha Kyd) (From "ALI")
- Swag Me Out By Jasper And Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (From "Radical")
- Unknown Track (RARE/UNLEAKED) (This is not "Arm And Hammer." )
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#677325 Confessions of an OF Listener....

Posted by Guest on 25 October 2012 - 04:03 PM

heres a package for you

Posted Image

oh no! it was a bomb!

Posted Image
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#223049 OFT x LooFy Presents Unreleased Vol.3

Posted by itzmurda on 01 December 2011 - 06:51 AM

OFT x LooFy Presents Unreleased Vol.3
Our previous releases can be found here.

Posted Image
(cover by GJ)

Posted Image
(alternate cover by Hk)

For this release, we have partnered with LooFy aka Weird Eye to bring you more exclusives than you ever could have imagined possible. An unheard Tyler the Creator track? Check. An unheard Hodgy Beats track produced by Tyler the Creator? Check. Three unheard Earl tracks, including the first song he ever recorded? Check.

I'm sure you all would agree that this release was worth the wait. Here is what is included on this volume (Unreleased Earl tracks are explained by LooFy):

01 Sly – Sly x Stones Throw
"i really forgot who produced this, i think it was MF DOOM, but idk, it was for a project he was thinking of, which would be Sly x Stones Throw..he was gonna rap over like Madlib and MF Doom beats you know.."

02 Hodgy Beats – Wwarehouse (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)

03 Tyler, The Creator – Friends Zone

04 Left Brain – Oldirty (Instrumental)

05 Mike G – 707

06 Domo Genesis – Cashmere (Produced by Michael Uzowuru)

07 Sly – WattStax (Produced by Weird Eye)
"Sly's FIRST SONG....this is the first song he ever recorded, and i remember it was me him and producer Ashton McCreight, our moms were sitting in my front room chatting it up and watching WattStax (old concert featuring a bunch of old black bands and musicians and all that) and as he recorded he tried to keep his voice low..anyway..>>>all the EXTRA LOUD adlibs were by me lol<<<...*disclaimer*: this is all out of love for Thebe...lmao idk how he feels about this song but I love it, like the lyrics are on point like a mutha fucka.. quality is whatever, but thats just because of my dumb ass adlibs....so yeah, this is Sly at his best...the original, WattStax, The Backpackerz, 09, World Playground..."

08 Syd Tha Kyd – Get It In (Instrumental)

09 Hodgy Beats – Pop That (Produced by J Hawk)

10 Tyler, The Creator – Furb Set Anthem

11 Pyramid Vritra – Fuck Wind

12 Sly – Rebellious Shit (Produced by Vision)
"first part is same verse from CopKiller, he did it WAY before that though, Gruzen's actual artist name is Vision...so yeah this is the same dude from FYC"

13 Weird Eye – WattStax (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)
"out of any of my other beats i had for him he liked this shit, i mean i loved it, it was my beat..but for some reason it never sounded so good until he rapped over it"


Everything included is either unheard, unreleased, or exclusive to this compilation. We spent many hours digging, contacting people, trading, and going to great lengths to acquire these tracks to share with all of you. We are also very thankful to LooFy for supplying the Earl tracks.

A special thanks for this release goes to: ak562 (a.k.a. TascamVillain), itzmurda, GhettoNintendo (a.k.a. Keith Sweatshirt), alsweatshirt, Hk and GJ. Thanks to LooFy for helping out with a ton of exclusives and thanks to MaleficForm for the Pyramid Vritra track. We all hope that you enjoy this release and the only thing that we ask in return is for this thread to contain a fair amount of discussion regarding the tracks and the release itself. We do not mind if you re-upload these tracks on other sites, but please be kind enough to accompany it with a link to this thread.

Once again, we hope that you enjoy this release and we are already hard at work on the next volume. Can we top this one? Well, that would be quite a feat, however, we have a few ideas in mind that may or not work out. Many people didn't think that we would even make it this far or drop the exclusives that we have, but I think that so far we have proven to be the number one source of unheard Odd Future material on the internet (only source? lol). Luckily for you, we're going to strive to keep it that way.

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#211943 Shocking truth about Earl's current location

Posted by Stanislav on 22 November 2011 - 06:36 PM

Posted Image
I found this picture in the local russian social network. So i asked the person(his name is Vasily) on whose page the picture was about Earl. He told me that he knows Earl as Thebe and he served in russian army with him. I was totally shocked. Vasily also told me, that Thebe arrived in Russia from some south country near Australia, he had a surgery on his face after accident, so now the skin on his face is totally white. Thebe graduated from the military service in october and now he lives in Yekaterinburg.
That is all what Vasily said.
So guys, i think Earl will not return in couple of years yet. We should ask Tyler about that.
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Posted by sweet baby rays on 04 July 2012 - 05:23 AM

i'm hi and im bi wait i mean im gay
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Posted by Traverse on 04 July 2012 - 05:22 AM



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#233222 Tyler looks like....

Posted by Boxy Brown on 10 December 2011 - 05:38 AM

Posted Image
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#880977 Being a douchebag to Female members

Posted by Material on 09 June 2013 - 03:08 AM

When new female members join, it seems as if all the 15 year olds on this forum like to do what they can the get their e-rep up by trashing them unnecessarily. From now on, if we see you acting like a fuck boi for no reason to the females we're gonna ban you and not care about it. Yep. Thanks.

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#649467 SH

Posted by BORHOI on 23 September 2012 - 08:26 PM

Who the fuck cares?
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#257184 I like Earl, but....

Posted by NotARapist on 01 January 2012 - 11:04 AM

Earl is worshipped by his fans because of the unlikeliness of his skills.

He is ugly as fuck; not very presentable as an artist at all, yet still has taken a small dip into the mainstream.
Posted Image

He is still very young. He's not even a legal adult in the USA. Nobody his age can do what he can do.
Posted Image

The "Free Earl" gimmick has brought plenty of attention to Odd Future. People who don't know what is going on instantly ask "Free him from where?" "What is going on?" and search deeper to find his story. They are interested in him, and that just draws them deeper into his music.

Posted Image

His lyrics are provocative. He often plays the antagonist in his rhymes. Not to mention, all of those shocking lyrics at such a young age.

Posted Image

His flow is undeniable. His pronunciation of words is near perfection. His voice is solid. Not too high-pitched, not too dark.

Posted Image

He adds a genuine, distinguishable character to OF. Even while we have an idea of his artistic persona, he is still so mysterious to us considering he has been gone for so long, and at the time during which OF has had the most exposure. This means that while we know so much about Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike G, Syd, Domo, etcetera, we still know very little about Earl. There are only a handful of photographs of him. There are only a handful of tracks we can listen to, and some of those tracks have yet to leak.

Posted Image

Overall, he is a character worthy of the recognition he has received. His story is very unique considering all of the above, his grandfather being a South African poet, I could go on and on, really. People are interested in him.

As for all of the "Free Earl Fuck Steve Harvey" shit, basically every phrase was created by an Odd Future member. It's shit they say, big deal. It draws attention. The white kids like it.

Please don't make a really fucking dumb thread like this, ever again.
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#667774 OF BET Cypher

Posted by TKJ on 13 October 2012 - 04:43 PM





Mike G: *stands in the background*

of cypher bruh
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#579791 (UPDATED VIDS) EarlWolf performing Assmilk, Couch, Pigeons, LIVE footage from...

Posted by Milkiest Asses on 28 July 2012 - 03:00 AM

Recorded this for all you fuckers:

It was hard to keep everything steady but I was able to smooth it out a little with a motion filter.

Here are the other Earl songs from the set as in the order they were performed:

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