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@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

I was in love but FUCK IT

@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

OFM banging on yo mfn FM

@  Guest : (12:51 PM)

Tyler The creator presets

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

oh shit dis not search lol

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

kile kanvas

@  Thomas Hunna : (10:56 PM)

Today marks 10 years ago that I joined the site

@  Android XVII : (06:18 PM)

metaldan online in the past 15 minutes :dog:

@  Android XVII : (06:16 PM)

I got locked out my discord account rip love yall :earl: :ronan: :tony:

@  mister unusual : (11:44 AM)


@  Ant Live : (06:24 PM)

I still hold a lot of good memories here man. I’m happy it isn’t gone

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

Still rip UGK

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

I cant believe this is still up

@  Material : (03:37 AM)

My account is almost 10 years old wtf.

@  Kandinsky : (11:03 AM)

shoutout to you all

@  Kandinsky : (11:02 AM)

amazed that this site still exists

@  Guest : (06:15 AM)

Anyways I think the albums pretty good definitively not better then igor or flower boy

@  Guest : (06:13 AM)

I guess im the first person to talk about (call me if you get lost) But that album was pretty good

@  HighClass : (09:47 PM)

RIP ugk. Keep on keeping on people

@  HighClass : (09:37 PM)

Fucking randomly came into my head today

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Good times

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Remember that dude that faked a whole bunch of art photos and got found out

@  SoulTrekker : (05:50 AM)

kevin abstract

@  SoulTrekker : (05:47 AM)

bro clockin in after so long, so much time has passed fr fr

@  Zebrakill : (11:49 PM)

fig thats bad ok that represents the devil please post

@  Fig : (06:59 AM)

crazy how i can never post again since i have 6,066 posts

@  Zebrakill : (11:46 PM)

im gonna start checking in daily ok. i see 50 members online in the last 15 minutes. No reason this place isnt lit

@  Guest : (03:32 PM)

Has anyone seen the new Tyler billboard he put up for his new album ¨Call me if you get lost¨ Hopefully thats the intro for his new album

@  chrisb : (08:26 AM)

hi zebra

@  Zebrakill : (08:31 PM)


@  Zebrakill : (08:29 PM)

i came on here and searched around today and its crazy that i remember everyones names. seriously idk if yall will remember me but i remember a lot of you. sm123 i still follow you on instagram

@  Zebrakill : (08:28 PM)

hey guys

@  Guest : (12:57 AM)


@  A Fuckin Rad... : (05:10 PM)

Man, i havent been on this site in forever. im shocked its still up lol

@  DeleteMe : (06:26 PM)

my account is a fucking decade old what the hell

@  Android XVII : (08:38 PM)

aye do yall fuck wit odd future

@  Android XVII : (08:37 PM)

wasp wasps wasps yall wssup

@  Young Eater : (09:06 PM)

I'm trying to find it.

@  Young Eater : (09:05 PM)

Does anyboody remember that video of the one black kid dressed just like tyler running around and dancing at a skate park?

@  Swampy : (06:21 AM)

was gucci

@  Keanu Reeves : (11:00 PM)

is there anyone here who can get me into my old account?

@  mister unusual : (03:12 PM)

@Jack haha

@  DeleteMe : (09:15 PM)

seriously who's still paying for the hosting of this site just let it go away already hahaha

@  DeleteMe : (06:09 AM)

wow i joined on the same day as tony

@  DeleteMe : (05:46 PM)

i didnt pay for it though

@  mister unusual : (06:58 AM)

@chrisb access to premium threads

@  chrisb : (08:48 PM)

i wna know....

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

i never got i wna kmow

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

what that get you actually tell me

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

ahaa lol u premium

@  chrisb : (03:05 AM)

wtf smd bitch

@  DeleteMe : (05:37 PM)

im taller than chrisb

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (12:58 PM)

This place been dead for years

@  Clouds : (05:47 PM)

miss this shit, id come on here after school everyday.....

@  awsumpops : (10:05 PM)

Happy 10 for Yonkers.

@  Anti : (09:16 PM)

happy 10 year anniversary to yonkers

@  Anti : (09:10 PM)


@  sm123 : (09:01 AM)

i've been going through old threads and it's bringing me back, this place was such a huge part of my life, so weird and sad to see it like this now..

@  sm123 : (09:00 AM)

ugk :(

@  mister unusual : (08:57 AM)


@  Fig : (05:39 AM)

rip ugk

@  mister unusual : (03:38 AM)


@  sm123 : (07:04 PM)

holy shit hi everyone, it's so dead here now

@  Guest : (05:27 AM)

idk wtf I'm doing bruh

@  ShiTheCreator : (05:14 PM)

holy shit people still use this? lol

@  chrisb : (01:39 AM)

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns about the Golf hoodie

@  chrisb : (01:38 AM)

I am a 5"10 150lb male btw

@  chrisb : (01:36 AM)

I'm not sure about the Golf hoodie sizing, but for Gildan hoodies I am a size large, however I prefer an XL-XXXL for comfort

@  chrisb : (01:35 AM)

Hmm, I would say buy the brown one in regular small and just have it be a little big. Possibly room to grow into as well?

@  Guest : (05:51 AM)

I want to buy a Golf Hoodie there is a green or brown one. I want the brown one but the xs is sold out. In the green size there is xs. In the brown one there is small and i am a xs do you think I should just buy the green one or buy the brown one or just wait?

@  Guest : (05:40 AM)

hey i have a question

@  Android XVII : (06:43 PM)

black lives matter

@  Guest : (11:46 AM)

purpa cous

@  Guest : (11:45 AM)


@  chrisb : (01:46 AM)


@  Guest : (09:32 AM)

@Guest i have it

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't sell this forum Kevin

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't let this shit die

@  Guest : (05:26 PM)

bro wtf is going on, this shit doesn't work, didn't receive the validation email

@  Guest : (02:35 PM)

:jordancry: :jordancry: :jordancry: KTT died too

@  Guest : (02:32 PM)

Ayo anyone here?

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

This shit is so dead

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

Bro what's going on

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)


@  chrisb : (01:55 PM)

hi guys right now i only have a 3/5 star rating on my profile please rate 5 stars thank you

@  Fig : (04:51 AM)

rip ugk17

@  Ryan : (10:34 PM)

Imma show my kids these threads

@  Ryan : (10:33 PM)

hope it always stays up

@  Heroin Soap : (04:14 AM)

yo yo yo

@  Material : (07:46 AM)


@  Guest : (02:52 AM)

fucking cock

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Its been 8 years already fuck

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Yo who the fuck is still paying to keep this site up

@  Guest : (02:39 AM)

purple cows? im pretty sure that never came out lol

@  Guest : (02:36 AM)


@  Guest : (02:35 AM)


@  Guest : (02:31 AM)

poopity scoop

@  DeleteMe : (06:50 PM)

i would delete my account if i could

@  Android XVII : (02:26 AM)

what the fuck is purple cows

@  Guest : (03:10 PM)


@  Guest : (05:11 PM)

are people still here


Help me confuse jasper

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Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:18 AM

I wish they would come to houston... FUCK DALLAS.

just drive to Austin.
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#92 Zafyr



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:22 AM

just drive to Austin.

I live closer to Galveston then Houston, and it's really far even Austin is.
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Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:23 AM

I live closer to Galveston then Houston, and it's really far even Austin is.

You must not really want to see OF then!
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#94 Zafyr



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Posted 13 June 2012 - 02:26 AM

You must not really want to see OF then!

I am barely 14, I don't think my parents will take they're time to drop me off there. It's bullshit.
I guess I will go with my friend cause he has a house in Austin :D
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#95 Young Eater

Young Eater

    Kill Them All

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Posted 13 June 2012 - 03:21 AM

Is that Astro in the background?
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#96 wizard



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Posted 14 June 2012 - 12:40 AM

not gonna lie if you did this to a normal member of the public you should expect beatings
i'm not one to dickride or be a whiney bitch but this is a bit cunty tbh

lol jk the pic is fucking hilarious
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Posted 08 December 2012 - 03:27 PM

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#98 YungBasedNikey


    Where did the Sun go?

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 09:30 PM

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#99 oddfuturenorway



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Posted 24 December 2012 - 07:18 PM

bump, because this would be hilarious. can you imagine, even in europe, people just go up and take pics of jasper?

LOL I wish I saw this thread before I met Jasper in Norway this summer. Idk I confused him by saying that I love that he just fucks bitches off twitter and just doesn't give a fuck etc I laughing while I said it so he didn't really understand so he just laughed along and was like what the fuuck idk confused him i guess
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#100 buttholes



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Posted 27 December 2012 - 08:57 AM

his face doeeeeeee shit is priceless
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8====D ~ ~ O=

#101 TrashWolf



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Posted 04 August 2013 - 12:43 PM

Tyler and Jasper should remake Good Burger

I could see this being a Loiter Squad skit or something hahahaa
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#102 BevisnoButthead



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Posted 04 August 2013 - 09:25 PM

I'm seeing earlwolf on the 21st I might lurk around and find jasper and do this. He'll probably come out for a smoke in the afternoon

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u wot m8?

#103 ImARaptor



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Posted 05 August 2013 - 05:31 AM

lol this is funny. i like the idea of this TBH. goodluck!

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#104 Joshua


    I take Rhilo's cock in and around my mouth

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 01:13 AM

I could see this being a Loiter Squad skit or something hahahaa

That bump though. :thurnis:

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#105 Julien


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Posted 07 August 2013 - 07:20 PM

How is this thread still going 

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#106 DontEvnInternet



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Posted 10 August 2013 - 12:21 PM

How is this thread still going 

Through the power of the internet

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Christ died for my sins, better do some new ones

- Seth Sentry

#107 meatgrinder



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Posted 11 August 2013 - 02:11 PM

you are all stupid and annoying for thinking this is cool

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oh rats

#108 Steelo Ice

Steelo Ice


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 01:00 AM

Noice. Think I'll do that if I ever get the chance.

does that dude in your sig actually kill the bitch

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