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@  eee : (09:01 PM)

Thanks man, used to post here years ago

@  chrisb : (08:35 PM)

no they're here https://soundcloud.com/hardfrog but i still am curious who u are eee

@  eee : (06:13 AM)

did you delete all your old songs

@  eee : (06:13 AM)

cause i wanted to listen to it its been a long time

@  chrisb : (11:26 PM)

i haven't updated it in 3 years cus i quit but i just started again but i haven't finished anything yet but i'm still feel confused someone asking about it

@  chrisb : (11:23 PM)

im scared

@  chrisb : (11:16 PM)

why u need my songs

@  chrisb : (11:16 PM)

who u?

@  eee : (06:30 AM)

let me know

@  eee : (06:27 AM)

had the songs on my computer but i think theyre gone

@  eee : (05:52 AM)

chrisb i cant find your soundcloud

@  chrisb : (03:09 PM)

"Member Since 16 Apr 2011" wtf

@  Eatin Apples... : (08:49 AM)

sheph boy are dee

@  Swampy : (09:31 AM)

i miss ryan already

@  Ryan : (01:07 AM)


@  chrisb : (01:07 AM)

i just woke up but ok

@  Ryan : (01:07 AM)

I got to vanish again

@  Ryan : (01:07 AM)

chrisb sleep well

@  chrisb : (01:07 AM)

i won't

@  Ryan : (01:07 AM)

Love everyone that I remember here Tyler won a Grammy

@  Ryan : (01:06 AM)

Please don’t become a prostitute

@  Ryan : (01:06 AM)

When they say you will never love someone like you’re own child that shit real like this is you

@  chrisb : (01:06 AM)

mm, ya you might be right. well, if you ever get into discord for other reasons, maybe swing by the OFT discord

@  Ryan : (01:05 AM)

Hope you can experience the same

@  Ryan : (01:05 AM)

Great she’s so smart I don’t deserve it

@  Ryan : (01:05 AM)

Also I’ve never done discord and starting something new seems toxic to my addictive personality

@  chrisb : (01:04 AM)

how's that going

@  Ryan : (01:04 AM)

I’m needed elsewhere

@  Ryan : (01:04 AM)

Chrisb I have a child now

@  chrisb : (01:04 AM)

come to discord

@  chrisb : (01:03 AM)

stop ignoring me

@  Ryan : (01:03 AM)

Please private message me if you need the $100 dollars to keep the site alive every month Kevin muah

@  chrisb : (01:03 AM)

also i never used the oculus rift

@  Ryan : (01:02 AM)

Anyway love you guys life is good glad I can check in and shit let’s be honest the shout box was the only reason to come here anyway

@  chrisb : (01:02 AM)

ryan join discord

@  Ryan : (01:02 AM)

We all used an oculus rift in a mall in 2005 at some point and never left

@  Ryan : (01:01 AM)

Just more evidence were in a simulation

@  Ryan : (01:00 AM)

Crazy how him and jasper were having butt sex this entire time

@  Ryan : (01:00 AM)

It happened

@  Ryan : (01:00 AM)

@swampy Tyler just won a Grammy

@  Tony : (03:24 AM)


@  Pooch : (04:22 AM)

I certainly hope he is not dead but fuck you all anyway useless cunts

@  Pooch : (04:21 AM)

If adam has overdosed and died he was still a better human being than you useless pieces of shit fuck you all

@  Guest : (02:52 AM)

I don’t understand why an OFT discord was made in the first place when y’all didn’t wanna join Georgey’s OFT 2.0 chat

@  Guest : (02:50 AM)

And you’re in no position to call others mentally ill. You’ve sperged out so many times even when I called you mentally ill :suge:

@  Guest : (02:49 AM)

@Test nope not on the discord why would I want to associate with losers who can’t move on from a dead forum. One of your “friends” told me the info I don’t need to be on discord :suge:

@  Swampy : (01:06 AM)


@  chrisb : (05:31 AM)

Also Ryan why aren't you in the discord?

@  chrisb : (05:31 AM)

but i am somewhat enjoying checking out old threads and finding genuinely funny/interesting things i once said among the mount of problematic/embarrassing shit

@  chrisb : (05:30 AM)

disagree slightly

@  Ryan : (12:08 AM)

whoever pays to keep this site up I love you

@  Material : (06:00 AM)


@  Test : (10:58 PM)

but once again, you're clearly very mentally ill, so nothing but love to you :)

@  Test : (10:57 PM)

@Guest lmao, so you're stalking the discord, that's cool. maybe you shouldn't be so afraid to actually use the name OddPope, we all know its you.

@  chrisb : (05:45 AM)

don't come in hiding behind guest name like u be doing now

@  chrisb : (05:43 AM)

also what made u so goddamn upset that ur acting like it's 2011 or some shit here

@  chrisb : (05:41 AM)

dawg we don't even use shoutbox anymore if u wanna fight u come into discord

@  Guest : (04:49 AM)

And fucking lol I heard your “gf” is actually a lesbian the whole time. Just give up my man, how many L’s you gone take :suge:

@  Guest : (11:40 PM)

Miss me with the “nothing but love to you brother” shit :suge: you’re clearly butthurt. You always sperged about everything hahaha

@  Guest : (11:37 PM)

Khaled if you’re still alive then clearly you didn’t finish the job. Better luck next time :)

@  Guest : (11:36 PM)

@Thomas Hunna so typical of you sucking up to Khaled. Lol at you telling someone to grow up when you were always the one to encourage Khaled being his toxic self

@  Young Eater : (07:49 PM)

Make me butt boy

@  Ronan : (03:20 PM)

shut up

@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:16 AM)


@  Thomas Hunna : (07:13 AM)


@  Test : (04:02 AM)

hahahaha fuck, i forgot i changed rhil0 to automatically change to woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:02 AM)

but nice knowing you woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

nothing but love to you, you're clearly very mentally ill

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

says more about you than me my brother, you're the one hiding on a guest account

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

@Guest LMAO, my dude, I'm still alive.

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:45 AM)

And if you’re still holding that much animosity towards someone you met on the Internet, look in the mirror and grow the fuck up

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

We’ve already lost 2 members, we don’t need anything else fucked up like that happening to anyone else

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

That shit ain’t cool to be fucking around about

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

Yo the fuck whoever that is

@  Guest : (01:51 AM)

Fuck you Khaled. I’m glad you’re eradicated :)

@  Guest : (01:48 AM)

He was the definition of a cancer. No use in pretending otherwise

@  Guest : (01:46 AM)

The world is now a better place without such a vile horrible “person”

@  Guest : (01:45 AM)

Nothing of value was lost. Rot in hell you lowlife piece of garbage :)

@  Guest : (01:43 AM)

Easily the worst human ever encountered on the Internet. Was such a garbage toxic cunt to many people here

@  Guest : (01:42 AM)

Heard the news Khaled overdosed :suge:

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

anybody got download link or know where I can find?

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

looking for a poshgod/freebase tape2

@  Thomas Hunna : (07:53 AM)

@Swampy shit dude, along time ago

@  Uhhimani : (07:38 PM)

I miss adam

@  Swampy : (07:54 PM)

also when the fuck did we get ice cream

@  Swampy : (07:53 PM)

When the fuck did they even make that

@  Hobo : (10:58 AM)

wtf when did i become member of the month?

@  YungBasedNikey : (02:01 PM)


@  Eatin Apples... : (04:43 PM)

Jeezis this place still exists?!

@  Android XVII : (08:30 AM)


@  Murphy Lee : (04:57 PM)


@  Mr Deerskin... : (03:04 PM)

Yo i can't believe this shit is still around

@  Guest : (09:17 PM)


@  Material : (10:24 PM)


@  Material : (04:06 PM)

join the discord

@  Material : (04:06 PM)

goldy i see you lurkin

@  Swampy : (01:44 AM)

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Warning Points

Warning Points Banned OFT Rules

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 10:46 PM

Warning Points
Most of you have noticed with this new update we allow you the user to view how many "Warning Points" you have received, you are probably wondering how it works ill keep it short and simple if you still have questions feel free to PM me or any mod your question(s).

How It Works
You start off with 0 points, once you break one of these rules http://www.oddfuture...tion=boardrules
depending on the volume of rules you broke you will receive a warning point(s).

Once you get to 10 points, no matter what the reason was why you received that last point you will be banned, the length will depend on the mod and his/her judgement of your violation.

Don't think this means you can go around breaking rules until you get to the 9th point then stop, no we can still ban the user even if they have 0 warning points, this system is simply to keep you guys aware how close most of you are to a ban.

Location Of Points
You can find your Warning Point(s) level in your profile under you avatar.
Posted Image
Or when you post in a thread it will appear under your post count.
Posted Image
Deducting Points
You can get rid of some points by having good behavior.
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