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@  Swampy : (02:23 AM)

Coogi polo will forever slap

@  KHALED : (11:06 PM)

dead MAGAtalk is for sale for $2000

@  KHALED : (11:05 PM)


@  KHALED : (10:22 PM)

but nah if im careful it shouldnt be life long, just gotta stick with the hcg and take some clomiphene when i stop

@  KHALED : (09:34 PM)

steroids be life long but if i dont have a long life it all works out

@  KHALED : (09:34 PM)

still fucking with the valium but also on zoloft too

@  ASTOREA2K : (01:31 PM)

steroids is as life long commitment

@  Android XVII : (04:38 AM)

u still fuckin with the valium or u switched substances completely

@  Android XVII : (04:37 AM)

i need to smoke weed with khaled in australia at steve erwins grave before i die

@  Android XVII : (04:37 AM)

what the fuccckkkkk khaled on steroids and weed now????? its a new mf era

@  KHALED : (08:45 PM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (05:32 PM)

hey fellas

@  KHALED : (05:00 AM)

the price is on the can though

@  KHALED : (04:59 AM)

its definitely kevin, all bad things are kevin

@  KHALED : (04:59 AM)

@MTY Kevin is a bitch for that

@  KHALED : (04:58 AM)

@Jack my personal life sucks dick

@  MTY : (04:00 AM)

@KHALED it seems that someone else (may or may not be Kevin) got a hold of the page and kicked me then started posting regularly again cuz I gave up due to a lack of interest

@  Jack : (03:19 AM)

tell me about your personal life

@  KHALED : (01:10 AM)

on e2 inhibitor and hcg so i can maintain my ball size and they dont shrink

@  KHALED : (01:09 AM)

i used my thigh over ass though

@  KHALED : (01:09 AM)

and its easy to just shoot it

@  KHALED : (01:08 AM)

not sure if its true, just what i heard

@  KHALED : (01:08 AM)

shooting, i heard bad stuff about oral

@  KHALED : (01:08 AM)

test e

@  Swampy : (12:53 AM)

Orally or shooting it in your ass

@  Swampy : (12:51 AM)

U taking tren?

@  KHALED : (10:41 PM)

fuck, give me georgey

@  KHALED : (10:41 PM)

or derper

@  KHALED : (10:41 PM)

or jack

@  KHALED : (10:41 PM)

or mty

@  KHALED : (10:41 PM)

or astorea

@  KHALED : (10:40 PM)

wheres android

@  KHALED : (10:37 PM)

no homo

@  KHALED : (10:37 PM)

bro when your take steroids you get so fucking horny from the testosterone, youd damn near fuck a dude

@  KHALED : (10:36 PM)

no lie no lie no lieieieie

@  KHALED : (10:36 PM)

i started smoking weed again and doign steroids

@  KHALED : (10:36 PM)

i been away a while

@  KHALED : (10:31 PM)

@MTY werent you like the only thing keeping it alive?

@  KHALED : (10:30 PM)

OFT 2 is wild man, got mad bitches in there@ Android XVII : (03:54 AM) i feel like khaled joined oft2

@  MTY : (05:48 PM)

lol i think they kicked me off the odd future talk FB page lmao

@  Guest : (08:13 PM)

And also im working on a project thats gunna be less experimental so id appreciate if you will listen to it when it comes out

@  Guest : (08:12 PM)

Thanks for listening. Do u guys have any advice for me to grow my music.

@  Jack : (08:08 PM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (10:49 PM)

Not really my thing bro but keep going

@  Guest : (03:07 AM)

Also if u like it, id appreciate it if u can follow me on my insta @NexDoorNeighbor if u here more updates for my shit

@  Guest : (03:06 AM)

Im just starting to post my stuff online and all I want out of it is for people to enjoy it, idc about the money for now. Hopefully u guys like it and Ill definitely be coming back here regularly

@  Guest : (03:05 AM)

Hey I see you guys are big Tyler fans just like me, and I am actually new to these forums. If any one of you guys wanna check my music out, you can check it out here https://soundcloud.com/user-750376687.

@  ASTOREA2K : (12:27 AM)

imma miss u

@  ASTOREA2K : (12:27 AM)

damn bye derper

@  Android XVII : (11:27 PM)

oft forever ima stay on this bitch til I'm the last 1

@  Android XVII : (11:27 PM)

derper u afuckin pussy nigga

@  Android XVII : (11:27 PM)

rest in peace

@  tylersgay : (09:01 PM)


@  tylersgay : (09:01 PM)

im logging out forever

@  Android XVII : (11:49 PM)

what happen to snyarf

@  tylersgay : (07:39 PM)

where the honey dips @

@  tylersgay : (07:38 PM)

wheres narkwolf @

@  tylersgay : (07:38 PM)

yikes bruh

@  ASTOREA2K : (03:21 PM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (03:19 PM)

i remember Ivel was the only dude on here who's rapping voice ia ctually liked

@  ASTOREA2K : (03:18 PM)

shoutout jetlag jacking of to pics of Rocky

@  ASTOREA2K : (03:17 PM)

wheres madmurderz at

@  Android XVII : (07:45 AM)

what the fuck is an antlive

@  Android XVII : (07:45 AM)

classic picture

@  ASTOREA2K : (12:05 AM)

lmao i remember it so vividly

@  tylersgay : (10:29 PM)

weird how you described it so perfectly

@  tylersgay : (10:29 PM)

LMAO yeah that one

@  ASTOREA2K : (10:19 PM)

like a video game cover art

@  ASTOREA2K : (10:19 PM)

you mean the one with the stache and he was like doing eyes up chin down

@  tylersgay : (08:59 PM)

i used to play transformice with him 24/7

@  tylersgay : (08:58 PM)

lol i remember there was a pic of him

@  ASTOREA2K : (05:38 PM)

i dont remember, im not sure how much about him was like made up and what was real

@  tylersgay : (02:17 PM)

wasnt he homeschooled

@  ASTOREA2K : (01:07 PM)

i wonder what 133 is doing

@  ASTOREA2K : (01:07 PM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (01:07 PM)


@  Android XVII : (03:54 AM)

i feel like khaled joined oft2

@  Android XVII : (03:53 AM)

coogi polo classic i always bump that shit

@  tylersgay : (01:27 PM)

we the last of a dying breed

@  tylersgay : (01:26 PM)

yes bruh

@  ASTOREA2K : (05:31 PM)

you changed your name !

@  ASTOREA2K : (05:31 PM)


@  tylersgay : (01:51 PM)

aka hodgy beats

@  tylersgay : (01:50 PM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (01:27 PM)

@tylersgay who are you?

@  tylersgay : (12:39 PM)

darn i hate it when it dont hyperlink :@

@  tylersgay : (12:38 PM)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByVDLi8gF-w who remembers this oft blassic

@  tylersgay : (12:07 PM)

fo sho

@  Android XVII : (01:45 AM)

fuck odd future

@  Android XVII : (01:45 AM)

straight up this the only real oddfuturetalk

@  Guest : (02:18 AM)

What's up Gooberz

@  tylersgay : (07:35 PM)


@  Android XVII : (02:08 AM)


@  Android XVII : (02:08 AM)

what it do

@  Beeb : (09:36 PM)


@  Android XVII : (04:53 AM)

i need to see what oft 2 is like

@  KHALED : (09:29 PM)

but either way, at least im not a virgin posting in OFT V2

@  KHALED : (09:28 PM)

or that julien dude asking what happened, like fuck, you dumbfucks stopped coming here, thats what happened

@  KHALED : (09:28 PM)

like writing rip

@  KHALED : (09:28 PM)

its so fucking lame when people come on here to say the sites dead like they are making a fucking revelation about it


An essay

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 11:11 PM

i have to write an essay for my economics class about current events every month. the topic i chose was the phasing out of the penny from the american currency system. i was kind of happy with it so i'm dumping it here to.

"The Future of the Penny"
I know many of us are trying the best we can to get by in life and are concerned about our
economy's current state. I mean, it's almost hard not to think about. But I feel that why there is certainly
plenty thought put into it there is not enough done. No matter how optimistic people seem to be about
the future, things haven't seemed to get any better. I believe simple changes can be done in our
everyday lives to slowly improve our economy little by little. One of these simple changes that can be
easily done is the removal of the penny from our modern currency system.

As you may already know, the cost of producing a penny is more than a cent. It currently costs
about two and a half cents to make a penny. The price of the metals used to make pennies, Copper
(2.5%), and Zinc (97.5%), have fluctuated the few past years. A few alternative notions have been put in
place, such as waiting for the prices of these metals to decline once again or making them with a
cheaper substance such as steel. The latter was done during the 2nd world war to conserve resources.
And while I think both of these notions are feasible I believe it would be better for our country on the
whole if the one cent piece was eliminated still. I doubt the former since the price of producing pennies
has only risen the past several years. Because while making them out of steel would save money, it
would be the matter pennies contain these slightly more-valuable-than-worth metals that they still have

So what would happen to the pennies after all their value was phased out? Well this could
potentially spark up a new industry to melt down pennies and harvest the copper and zinc they contain.
A practice done largely in secrecy all ready as it is highly illegal to destroy government reserve. In
addition, the government has heavily restricted the exportation of coins. However, I believe after the
penny is discontinued the government will no longer put forth laws protecting it. From 1793 to 1857
there was a half cent piece, which once eliminated was no longer protected. Today, its value does not
come from what it was made from (a surprising 100% copper), but from its rarity. Re-sale prices for
these old half cent pieces ranges from around roughly 30 dollars for later minted coins to prices in the
thousands for the earliest and uncirculated coins.

A handful of counter arguments have been made in support of the penny. I have provided a
portion of these arguments here and have written responses.

• Prices will be rounded up, not down - This would mean that instead of saving four cents for each of the
millions of products and services currently listed with a price ending in .99 that each consumer would
have to pay a cent more. This, I believe, is not the case. In other countries where their own one cent
piece has been eliminated, prices have not rounded up. The current reason prices are always kept at a
.99 tail cost is for the psychological reason that it is an aesthetically pleasing price. With the removal of
the penny companies the nation over will alter their prices to a .95 tail cost instead.

• Nickels will need to be produced more, which currently cost more than five cents to make - This
argument is fairly valid. It currently costs about 11 cents to produce a nickel, which is a slightly less ratio
than the fraction of money spent on and for producing a penny. This is also why I wouldn't mind having
nickels made with steel for a short time. Paper money doesn't inherently have any worth to it substance
- wise right now, so why can't we do something similar with nickels before possibly eventually phasing
them out as well?

• Charities need pennies - Many times throughout the country you might have found yourself buying
something and dropping your spare change in a small plastic bucket by the side of the checkout counter.
Odds are that the majority of the change you dropped in these containers were pennies. In fact, I
believe that this may solely be what many people use pennies for anymore. While I certainly understand
that people may not want to part with their nickels, dimes, quarters, or (in the unlikely event) cash, as
easily as it is, I think after the penny has been invalidated, nickels shall take up their place as the lowest
common denominator of value and will be equally as spared.

• Abraham Lincoln should continue to be honored - I found this to be a more silly argument for the
penny. With the Lincoln memorials, appearances on stamps, namings of towns, cities and buildings after
him; and finally his presence on the Five dollar bill which certainly isn't going anywhere, I think this one
change will not be disrespectful in itself to one of our most celebrated presidents.

At first, discarding the penny may not sound like a very desirable concept, but after just a bit of
thought is put into it, I think it's understandable that this is one move worth making. Recently, during a
conference president Obama was asked about his stance on the penny disposal notion. To which he
replied, "I don't know". This kind of discussion doesn't quite assure me that our country is ready to start
taking even the small steps toward a better economy, even if the plans are all ready made to.

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