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@  Thomas Hunna : (07:13 AM)


@  Test : (04:02 AM)

hahahaha fuck, i forgot i changed rhil0 to automatically change to woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:02 AM)

but nice knowing you woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

nothing but love to you, you're clearly very mentally ill

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

says more about you than me my brother, you're the one hiding on a guest account

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

@Guest LMAO, my dude, I'm still alive.

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:45 AM)

And if you’re still holding that much animosity towards someone you met on the Internet, look in the mirror and grow the fuck up

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

We’ve already lost 2 members, we don’t need anything else fucked up like that happening to anyone else

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

That shit ain’t cool to be fucking around about

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

Yo the fuck whoever that is

@  Guest : (01:51 AM)

Fuck you Khaled. I’m glad you’re eradicated :)

@  Guest : (01:48 AM)

He was the definition of a cancer. No use in pretending otherwise

@  Guest : (01:46 AM)

The world is now a better place without such a vile horrible “person”

@  Guest : (01:45 AM)

Nothing of value was lost. Rot in hell you lowlife piece of garbage :)

@  Guest : (01:43 AM)

Easily the worst human ever encountered on the Internet. Was such a garbage toxic cunt to many people here

@  Guest : (01:42 AM)

Heard the news Khaled overdosed :suge:

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

anybody got download link or know where I can find?

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

looking for a poshgod/freebase tape2

@  Thomas Hunna : (07:53 AM)

@Swampy shit dude, along time ago

@  Uhhimani : (07:38 PM)

I miss adam

@  Swampy : (07:54 PM)

also when the fuck did we get ice cream

@  Swampy : (07:53 PM)

When the fuck did they even make that

@  Hobo : (10:58 AM)

wtf when did i become member of the month?

@  YungBasedNikey : (02:01 PM)


@  Eatin Apples... : (04:43 PM)

Jeezis this place still exists?!

@  Android XVII : (08:30 AM)


@  Murphy Lee : (04:57 PM)


@  Mr Deerskin... : (03:04 PM)

Yo i can't believe this shit is still around

@  Guest : (09:17 PM)


@  Material : (10:24 PM)


@  Material : (04:06 PM)

join the discord

@  Material : (04:06 PM)

goldy i see you lurkin

@  Swampy : (01:44 AM)

message removed by moderator

@  Beeb : (10:28 PM)


@  Cheddahz : (02:30 AM)

everyone should join the discord

@  Guest : (11:06 AM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (04:29 PM)

@Fig join discord

@  Fig : (12:19 AM)

Good to know the forum still exists

@  Android XVII : (04:50 AM)

i feel like adam gone forever he fully a cancer

@  Wyatt : (04:59 PM)

Sup everybody

@  Wyatt : (04:59 PM)

Yo yo

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

jk ily

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

bby ass

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

im p sure he actually a cancer lol

@  Uhhimani : (03:31 PM)

is Adam bck nao

@  BEazy : (07:01 AM)

Imagine using the Shoutbox and not the discord

@  Android XVII : (09:12 PM)

where u work

@  Swampy : (01:31 AM)

Gonna call in sick tomorrow

@  Swampy : (01:30 AM)

I’m smoking big hash but I hate my job

@  Swampy : (01:29 AM)

I moved to Denver Colorado shits dope

@  Android XVII : (12:03 AM)

hiccups lowkey scary

@  Uhhimani : (02:39 AM)

I was drunk idk why my first thot was to come on here and post that..lol

@  Uhhimani : (01:46 PM)

I hv the hiccups rn. its terrible

@  A Fuckin Rad... : (10:55 PM)

First time logging on in over 6 years, just to find out UGK passed... this some 'ol bullshit

@  Android XVII : (10:30 PM)

its all good i forgive u

@  chrisb : (04:02 AM)

oops my bad

@  Android XVII : (08:54 PM)

i kno for a fact u did

@  chrisb : (01:04 AM)

i never had u on snapchat i don't think

@  Android XVII : (12:19 AM)

wtf hell naw u older than me u were always mean to me u blocked me on snapchat

@  chrisb : (04:26 AM)


@  chrisb : (04:26 AM)

i'd get ur back android but u were mean to me when i was 16 so

@  chrisb : (04:25 AM)

it was ugk's bday the other day

@  Android XVII : (03:18 AM)

and its no OFT without khaled.... shut the whole website down its no point anymore RIP ugk17

@  Android XVII : (03:17 AM)

i was hating on white woman on twitter and khaled got mad at me and abandoned all of us

@  chrisb : (10:11 PM)

what happen

@  Uhhimani : (08:29 AM)

: /

@  Android XVII : (04:19 PM)

if u follow me on twitter that aint shit compared to other things i said
its cancer season my guy was in his feelings das all it is
wya pooch
im in colton california pull up ill giv u the hands !!!! im fighting in the name of dj khaled and ima win cause americans can't lose to british ass fuckniggas

@  Android XVII : (04:18 PM)

i said its a lot of demonic elf looking white girls and my dude snapped

@  Android XVII : (04:16 PM)

u wasn't even there pooch stfu.... khaled sensitive ass got offended by a tweet how is that my fault

@  Pooch : (02:28 PM)

Hey Android, if I ever see you I will smash you into a pulp you useless cunt, fuck you.

@  tylersgay : (11:18 AM)

you know what im out too

@  tylersgay : (11:18 AM)

fuck MTY

@  tylersgay : (11:17 AM)

damn we lost a brother

@  tylersgay : (11:17 AM)

im the new manager of oft ladies and gents

@  Android XVII : (05:19 AM)

say it to face pussy

@  Android XVII : (05:19 AM)

fight me matty

@  Android XVII : (01:47 AM)

u wasn't even there matty

@  Android XVII : (01:34 AM)

:earl: :earl: :earl: :earl:

@  MTY : (01:08 AM)

bro shut up

@  Android XVII : (12:50 AM)

fucka twitter beef

@  Android XVII : (12:49 AM)

prayers up for my nigga khaled until i die

@  Android XVII : (12:48 AM)

bruh i love khaled im forreals sad i hurt his feelings i aint mean to do all that i jus b wildin on the internet.... i genuinely did not think i could affect somebody else mental state with internet words

@  Android XVII : (12:37 AM)

we witnessing the end of an era

@  Android XVII : (12:35 AM)

i dont kno how i got banned from twitter off such an inoffensive tweet but i believe u

@  Android XVII : (12:34 AM)


@  KHALED : (12:30 AM)

@ Steve Berman : (16 July 2013 - 01:38 PM)chick fil a doesn't hate gays, they serve me all the time

@  KHALED : (12:29 AM)

fuck this, enjoy the site. im changing my password to something i dont know and im not coming back

@  KHALED : (12:28 AM)

and no you dont have to take the job seriously, i dont ban people on here unless its that one weird dude Kendrick or whatever

@  KHALED : (12:27 AM)

oh shut the fuck up, i never got you banned, i never reported your dumb tweets i just blocked you

@  Android XVII : (12:21 AM)

really got me banned from twitter for 12 hours

@  Android XVII : (12:18 AM)

jus because i made fun of white womann on twitter

@  Android XVII : (12:17 AM)

khaled i kno u mad at me but please don't ban me from the shout box

@  tylersgay : (04:40 PM)

or can we fuck around

@  tylersgay : (04:39 PM)

@KHALED do we have to take the role seriously

@  KHALED : (01:43 AM)

to be*

@  KHALED : (01:43 AM)

anyone want to me management? im never coming back to this site

@  KHALED : (11:24 PM)

lil bitch

@  Android XVII : (09:24 PM)


@  KHALED : (01:09 AM)

im a big sean fanboy

@  KHALED : (01:09 AM)



OFT Album of the Week #12: Thundercat - Apocalypse

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#1 Henry Krinkle

Henry Krinkle

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:10 PM



  First of all, I’d like to welcome you on this ride; it is a beautiful ride, transient through time and, of course, mutually enjoyable and accustom-able to your needs! I’ve just finished watching the first Tyson – Holyfield fight – and what a damn good fight it was –the astounding beauty of boxing lies in its death; the possibility of something so wonderfully horrible; eleven rounds, Tyson barely standing, Holyfield comes in blow after blow, penetrating through Tyson’s fortress; smashing him down to the depths of hell – the referee has to stop the fight and Holyfield emerges the victor; and well-deserved it is: the warrior, the real deal . . . – shit yeah, man!

  But of course this is a music review; Thundercat, Apocalypse; a floaty moustache blowin’ in the wind. It is a strange delight of an album – and before I go on I have to justify myself: music reviews are generally trash and worthless; a lonely fart in the dark. Ratings are even filthier. Well, shit, that’s all about that guff really.

  Anyway, The Life Aquatic; enjoy this fucker as if it were a big titted rabbit woman getting fucked brutally; stranger after stranger, nutjob after nutjob – freaks cumming on sluts. Hell yes, man! it’s all here at this hour.  

   a cat whisper in the special stage . . . hard to take it straight.

Euphoria erupts at this point and the bass line appears and disappears over the strange course of time. Some bum plays a flute on the street and everyone laughs at him and no one gives him any money. It is like Tolstoy wrote through the diaries of some future-madman: a curse and a blessing, a kiss and a goodbye. This album was not as I anticipated. The first listen a week ago, I considered it nothing special – it was just all right. But now, by the influences of this haze, it transforms into a very goddamn fine looking female. Shit yeah, I dare say so, you motherfuckers. Fuck it, why not?

  It’s hard to take any lunatic seriously when they talk of music. After all, it is a dance with oneself – the best dance you could get – and sometimes even better than a shot of hot brown sugar. Usually the concoction of these two euphoria type feelings is the greatest feeling imaginable to the mind. If you wanna make a trip to Miami in the 1980s, then shit, man, hitch a ride and make it. It’ll probably do you good.

  Of course, if you can stop somewhere and consult the angel’s trumpet on manically important feelings of despair, then by all means, please do so.
  . . . never stood a chance as this, can’t make it straight after all.
  Well, another drink and a little sip. Don’t let the fat man fool you; he is a clown, but he means well and has only love and humour to share. Befriend him - he might make you laugh!

  Enjoy it while it lasts, cocksuckers. No need to be frightened.

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I spent all my money in a Mexican whorehouse
across the street from a Catholic church

#2 Costa


    The Untouchable Maybach Empire Presents

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:12 PM


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#3 Ant Live

Ant Live

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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:12 PM

Fucking Bravo


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#4 Guest_Big Black Dick_*

Guest_Big Black Dick_*
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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:13 PM

Somebody make Henry an author right now.

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#5 Spidey


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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:13 PM

yes. yes. yes.

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#6 MTY


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Posted 09 June 2013 - 09:15 PM

Nice review... I think?


Anyways, didn't know what to expect from this album since I wasn't familiar with Thundercat, but RyanKTA hooked me up with the leak and I really enjoyed this album. The production is really smooth and Thundercat's a decent enough vocalist. 


#7 Sean Coonery

Sean Coonery

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 04:06 AM


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#8 Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf

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Posted 10 June 2013 - 04:23 AM


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#9 Barakon


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Posted 12 June 2013 - 04:54 PM


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