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@  Pooch : (04:22 AM)

I certainly hope he is not dead but fuck you all anyway useless cunts

@  Pooch : (04:21 AM)

If adam has overdosed and died he was still a better human being than you useless pieces of shit fuck you all

@  Guest : (02:52 AM)

I don’t understand why an OFT discord was made in the first place when y’all didn’t wanna join Georgey’s OFT 2.0 chat

@  Guest : (02:50 AM)

And you’re in no position to call others mentally ill. You’ve sperged out so many times even when I called you mentally ill :suge:

@  Guest : (02:49 AM)

@Test nope not on the discord why would I want to associate with losers who can’t move on from a dead forum. One of your “friends” told me the info I don’t need to be on discord :suge:

@  Swampy : (01:06 AM)


@  chrisb : (05:31 AM)

Also Ryan why aren't you in the discord?

@  chrisb : (05:31 AM)

but i am somewhat enjoying checking out old threads and finding genuinely funny/interesting things i once said among the mount of problematic/embarrassing shit

@  chrisb : (05:30 AM)

disagree slightly

@  Ryan : (12:08 AM)

whoever pays to keep this site up I love you

@  Material : (06:00 AM)


@  Test : (10:58 PM)

but once again, you're clearly very mentally ill, so nothing but love to you :)

@  Test : (10:57 PM)

@Guest lmao, so you're stalking the discord, that's cool. maybe you shouldn't be so afraid to actually use the name OddPope, we all know its you.

@  chrisb : (05:45 AM)

don't come in hiding behind guest name like u be doing now

@  chrisb : (05:43 AM)

also what made u so goddamn upset that ur acting like it's 2011 or some shit here

@  chrisb : (05:41 AM)

dawg we don't even use shoutbox anymore if u wanna fight u come into discord

@  Guest : (04:49 AM)

And fucking lol I heard your “gf” is actually a lesbian the whole time. Just give up my man, how many L’s you gone take :suge:

@  Guest : (11:40 PM)

Miss me with the “nothing but love to you brother” shit :suge: you’re clearly butthurt. You always sperged about everything hahaha

@  Guest : (11:37 PM)

Khaled if you’re still alive then clearly you didn’t finish the job. Better luck next time :)

@  Guest : (11:36 PM)

@Thomas Hunna so typical of you sucking up to Khaled. Lol at you telling someone to grow up when you were always the one to encourage Khaled being his toxic self

@  Young Eater : (07:49 PM)

Make me butt boy

@  Ronan : (03:20 PM)

shut up

@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:33 AM)


@  Young Eater : (01:16 AM)


@  Thomas Hunna : (07:13 AM)


@  Test : (04:02 AM)

hahahaha fuck, i forgot i changed rhil0 to automatically change to woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:02 AM)

but nice knowing you woat member, altright cunt

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

nothing but love to you, you're clearly very mentally ill

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

says more about you than me my brother, you're the one hiding on a guest account

@  Test : (04:00 AM)

@Guest LMAO, my dude, I'm still alive.

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:45 AM)

And if you’re still holding that much animosity towards someone you met on the Internet, look in the mirror and grow the fuck up

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

We’ve already lost 2 members, we don’t need anything else fucked up like that happening to anyone else

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

That shit ain’t cool to be fucking around about

@  Thomas Hunna : (03:44 AM)

Yo the fuck whoever that is

@  Guest : (01:51 AM)

Fuck you Khaled. I’m glad you’re eradicated :)

@  Guest : (01:48 AM)

He was the definition of a cancer. No use in pretending otherwise

@  Guest : (01:46 AM)

The world is now a better place without such a vile horrible “person”

@  Guest : (01:45 AM)

Nothing of value was lost. Rot in hell you lowlife piece of garbage :)

@  Guest : (01:43 AM)

Easily the worst human ever encountered on the Internet. Was such a garbage toxic cunt to many people here

@  Guest : (01:42 AM)

Heard the news Khaled overdosed :suge:

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

anybody got download link or know where I can find?

@  Guest : (06:37 PM)

looking for a poshgod/freebase tape2

@  Thomas Hunna : (07:53 AM)

@Swampy shit dude, along time ago

@  Uhhimani : (07:38 PM)

I miss adam

@  Swampy : (07:54 PM)

also when the fuck did we get ice cream

@  Swampy : (07:53 PM)

When the fuck did they even make that

@  Hobo : (10:58 AM)

wtf when did i become member of the month?

@  YungBasedNikey : (02:01 PM)


@  Eatin Apples... : (04:43 PM)

Jeezis this place still exists?!

@  Android XVII : (08:30 AM)


@  Murphy Lee : (04:57 PM)


@  Mr Deerskin... : (03:04 PM)

Yo i can't believe this shit is still around

@  Guest : (09:17 PM)


@  Material : (10:24 PM)


@  Material : (04:06 PM)

join the discord

@  Material : (04:06 PM)

goldy i see you lurkin

@  Swampy : (01:44 AM)

message removed by moderator

@  Beeb : (10:28 PM)


@  Cheddahz : (02:30 AM)

everyone should join the discord

@  Guest : (11:06 AM)


@  ASTOREA2K : (04:29 PM)

@Fig join discord

@  Fig : (12:19 AM)

Good to know the forum still exists

@  Android XVII : (04:50 AM)

i feel like adam gone forever he fully a cancer

@  Wyatt : (04:59 PM)

Sup everybody

@  Wyatt : (04:59 PM)

Yo yo

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

jk ily

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

bby ass

@  Uhhimani : (03:32 PM)

im p sure he actually a cancer lol

@  Uhhimani : (03:31 PM)

is Adam bck nao

@  BEazy : (07:01 AM)

Imagine using the Shoutbox and not the discord

@  Android XVII : (09:12 PM)

where u work

@  Swampy : (01:31 AM)

Gonna call in sick tomorrow

@  Swampy : (01:30 AM)

I’m smoking big hash but I hate my job

@  Swampy : (01:29 AM)

I moved to Denver Colorado shits dope

@  Android XVII : (12:03 AM)

hiccups lowkey scary

@  Uhhimani : (02:39 AM)

I was drunk idk why my first thot was to come on here and post that..lol

@  Uhhimani : (01:46 PM)

I hv the hiccups rn. its terrible

@  A Fuckin Rad... : (10:55 PM)

First time logging on in over 6 years, just to find out UGK passed... this some 'ol bullshit

@  Android XVII : (10:30 PM)

its all good i forgive u

@  chrisb : (04:02 AM)

oops my bad

@  Android XVII : (08:54 PM)

i kno for a fact u did

@  chrisb : (01:04 AM)

i never had u on snapchat i don't think

@  Android XVII : (12:19 AM)

wtf hell naw u older than me u were always mean to me u blocked me on snapchat

@  chrisb : (04:26 AM)


@  chrisb : (04:26 AM)

i'd get ur back android but u were mean to me when i was 16 so

@  chrisb : (04:25 AM)

it was ugk's bday the other day

@  Android XVII : (03:18 AM)

and its no OFT without khaled.... shut the whole website down its no point anymore RIP ugk17

@  Android XVII : (03:17 AM)

i was hating on white woman on twitter and khaled got mad at me and abandoned all of us

@  chrisb : (10:11 PM)

what happen

@  Uhhimani : (08:29 AM)

: /

@  Android XVII : (04:19 PM)

if u follow me on twitter that aint shit compared to other things i said
its cancer season my guy was in his feelings das all it is
wya pooch
im in colton california pull up ill giv u the hands !!!! im fighting in the name of dj khaled and ima win cause americans can't lose to british ass fuckniggas

@  Android XVII : (04:18 PM)

i said its a lot of demonic elf looking white girls and my dude snapped

@  Android XVII : (04:16 PM)

u wasn't even there pooch stfu.... khaled sensitive ass got offended by a tweet how is that my fault

@  Pooch : (02:28 PM)

Hey Android, if I ever see you I will smash you into a pulp you useless cunt, fuck you.

@  tylersgay : (11:18 AM)

you know what im out too

@  tylersgay : (11:18 AM)

fuck MTY

@  tylersgay : (11:17 AM)

damn we lost a brother

@  tylersgay : (11:17 AM)

im the new manager of oft ladies and gents


OFT Album of the Week - Update, The Lost Files, and More...

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#1 MTY


    Disneyland Pimp

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Posted 07 September 2013 - 12:21 AM

Hey guys, it's Matty, if you haven't noticed, I haven't put up a new Album of the Week for almost three weeks now, well, this is due to me being busy with school and such, so I need your help.


I want to have a reoccurring cast of people to do AotW, maybe like 3 or 4 people (including me), to post the new AotW every week. So if you wanna join, post in here or send me a PM.


Now, onto...


by Ryan


No question



Unknown Mortal Orchestra- II



Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s style almost like a pleasant pop of melodic guitar phrasing, Lennon-like vocals, a haze of noise and above all, fucking catchy ass music.

The band is like many new bands nowadays in that they seem to be recreating some fictional band from the past, in UMOs case, some garage band from the 70's.

I'd say It took about 2 months. Owned Unknown Mortal Orchestras first album 2 months before those grity, mucky produced sonic chicken nuggets wormed their way into my brain and have remained since. Obv thought Ballune', `FFunny FFriends' and `How Can U Luv Me' were instant classics, and made there way onto the 5 star hall of shame. But tracks like `Nerve Damage!', `Little Blu House', and `Strangers Are Strange' took more time. They needed to sit in the brain a bit longer before their full flavor could be appreciated. But once their lo-fi beauty blossomed they became staples of my musical diet. So last fall when I heard `Swim and Sleep(Like a Shark)' I felt this new UMO album could be one of the best of 2013.


and so far it is


"Isolation can put a gun in your hand" the first fucking thing that comes out of Ruban Nielson's mouth on ll, sets the mood for this release that doesn't suffer from any sort of bore.

You get the feeling in his music that Nielson chills in solitude's dark waters often. It seems to be part of his process. Without the loneliness UMO wouldn't be UMO. The isolation allows this artist to create the way he creates. Sure this isn't the healthiest way to exist, but some of the best artists live a life of solitude so they can hear the songs clearly in their heads. Regardless, the album showcases everything Ruban Nielson carries in his soul.


Fav track

`So Good At Being In Trouble'


Fucking Curtis Mayfield could've made the track into a soul staple back in the day. 

UMO hinted at this sort of groove on the last album, but here Nielson jumps in head first. He's created a genre unto itself indie psych soul nigga -bow on the fly.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Ruban Nielson continue the trend of solid songwriting. His murky production continues to win me over. I love every track on this album and it is my favorite of 2013 so far.







#2 Costa


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Posted 07 September 2013 - 12:26 AM

i can help

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