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@  Broccoli1234 : (04:56 PM)


@  member george : (04:02 PM)


@  Guest : (12:14 AM)

his woman beating pops beat the masculinity outta him rofl should hit him harder tho

@  Guest : (12:14 AM)

can you picture him in a dress makeup and lipstick bro fkn yuck. he was already ugly as shit and now he look like a car ran him over

@  Guest : (12:13 AM)

bro tfw adamy is a tranny now :suge:

@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

I was in love but FUCK IT

@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

OFM banging on yo mfn FM

@  Guest : (12:51 PM)

Tyler The creator presets

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

oh shit dis not search lol

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

kile kanvas

@  Thomas Hunna : (10:56 PM)

Today marks 10 years ago that I joined the site

@  Android XVII : (06:18 PM)

metaldan online in the past 15 minutes :dog:

@  Android XVII : (06:16 PM)

I got locked out my discord account rip love yall :earl: :ronan: :tony:

@  mister unusual : (11:44 AM)


@  Ant Live : (06:24 PM)

I still hold a lot of good memories here man. I’m happy it isn’t gone

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

Still rip UGK

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

I cant believe this is still up

@  Material : (03:37 AM)

My account is almost 10 years old wtf.

@  Kandinsky : (11:03 AM)

shoutout to you all

@  Kandinsky : (11:02 AM)

amazed that this site still exists

@  Guest : (06:15 AM)

Anyways I think the albums pretty good definitively not better then igor or flower boy

@  Guest : (06:13 AM)

I guess im the first person to talk about (call me if you get lost) But that album was pretty good

@  HighClass : (09:47 PM)

RIP ugk. Keep on keeping on people

@  HighClass : (09:37 PM)

Fucking randomly came into my head today

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Good times

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Remember that dude that faked a whole bunch of art photos and got found out

@  SoulTrekker : (05:50 AM)

kevin abstract

@  SoulTrekker : (05:47 AM)

bro clockin in after so long, so much time has passed fr fr

@  Zebrakill : (11:49 PM)

fig thats bad ok that represents the devil please post

@  Fig : (06:59 AM)

crazy how i can never post again since i have 6,066 posts

@  Zebrakill : (11:46 PM)

im gonna start checking in daily ok. i see 50 members online in the last 15 minutes. No reason this place isnt lit

@  Guest : (03:32 PM)

Has anyone seen the new Tyler billboard he put up for his new album ¨Call me if you get lost¨ Hopefully thats the intro for his new album

@  chrisb : (08:26 AM)

hi zebra

@  Zebrakill : (08:31 PM)


@  Zebrakill : (08:29 PM)

i came on here and searched around today and its crazy that i remember everyones names. seriously idk if yall will remember me but i remember a lot of you. sm123 i still follow you on instagram

@  Zebrakill : (08:28 PM)

hey guys

@  Guest : (12:57 AM)


@  A Fuckin Rad... : (05:10 PM)

Man, i havent been on this site in forever. im shocked its still up lol

@  Guest : (06:26 PM)

my account is a fucking decade old what the hell

@  Android XVII : (08:38 PM)

aye do yall fuck wit odd future

@  Android XVII : (08:37 PM)

wasp wasps wasps yall wssup

@  Young Eater : (09:06 PM)

I'm trying to find it.

@  Young Eater : (09:05 PM)

Does anyboody remember that video of the one black kid dressed just like tyler running around and dancing at a skate park?

@  Swampy : (06:21 AM)

was gucci

@  Keanu Reeves : (11:00 PM)

is there anyone here who can get me into my old account?

@  mister unusual : (03:12 PM)

@Jack haha

@  Guest : (09:15 PM)

seriously who's still paying for the hosting of this site just let it go away already hahaha

@  Guest : (06:09 AM)

wow i joined on the same day as tony

@  Guest : (05:46 PM)

i didnt pay for it though

@  mister unusual : (06:58 AM)

@chrisb access to premium threads

@  chrisb : (08:48 PM)

i wna know....

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

i never got i wna kmow

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

what that get you actually tell me

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

ahaa lol u premium

@  chrisb : (03:05 AM)

wtf smd bitch

@  Guest : (05:37 PM)

im taller than chrisb

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (12:58 PM)

This place been dead for years

@  Clouds : (05:47 PM)

miss this shit, id come on here after school everyday.....

@  awsumpops : (10:05 PM)

Happy 10 for Yonkers.

@  Anti : (09:16 PM)

happy 10 year anniversary to yonkers

@  Anti : (09:10 PM)


@  sm123 : (09:01 AM)

i've been going through old threads and it's bringing me back, this place was such a huge part of my life, so weird and sad to see it like this now..

@  sm123 : (09:00 AM)

ugk :(

@  mister unusual : (08:57 AM)


@  Fig : (05:39 AM)

rip ugk

@  mister unusual : (03:38 AM)


@  sm123 : (07:04 PM)

holy shit hi everyone, it's so dead here now

@  Guest : (05:27 AM)

idk wtf I'm doing bruh

@  ShiTheCreator : (05:14 PM)

holy shit people still use this? lol

@  chrisb : (01:39 AM)

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions or concerns about the Golf hoodie

@  chrisb : (01:38 AM)

I am a 5"10 150lb male btw

@  chrisb : (01:36 AM)

I'm not sure about the Golf hoodie sizing, but for Gildan hoodies I am a size large, however I prefer an XL-XXXL for comfort

@  chrisb : (01:35 AM)

Hmm, I would say buy the brown one in regular small and just have it be a little big. Possibly room to grow into as well?

@  Guest : (05:51 AM)

I want to buy a Golf Hoodie there is a green or brown one. I want the brown one but the xs is sold out. In the green size there is xs. In the brown one there is small and i am a xs do you think I should just buy the green one or buy the brown one or just wait?

@  Guest : (05:40 AM)

hey i have a question

@  Android XVII : (06:43 PM)

black lives matter

@  Guest : (11:46 AM)

purpa cous

@  Guest : (11:45 AM)


@  chrisb : (01:46 AM)


@  Guest : (09:32 AM)

@Guest i have it

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't sell this forum Kevin

@  Guest : (08:29 AM)

Don't let this shit die

@  Guest : (05:26 PM)

bro wtf is going on, this shit doesn't work, didn't receive the validation email

@  Guest : (02:35 PM)

:jordancry: :jordancry: :jordancry: KTT died too

@  Guest : (02:32 PM)

Ayo anyone here?

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

This shit is so dead

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)

Bro what's going on

@  Guest : (02:01 PM)


@  chrisb : (01:55 PM)

hi guys right now i only have a 3/5 star rating on my profile please rate 5 stars thank you

@  Fig : (04:51 AM)

rip ugk17

@  Ryan : (10:34 PM)

Imma show my kids these threads

@  Ryan : (10:33 PM)

hope it always stays up

@  Heroin Soap : (04:14 AM)

yo yo yo

@  Material : (07:46 AM)


@  Guest : (02:52 AM)

fucking cock

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Its been 8 years already fuck

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (04:34 PM)

Yo who the fuck is still paying to keep this site up

@  Guest : (02:39 AM)

purple cows? im pretty sure that never came out lol

@  Guest : (02:36 AM)


@  Guest : (02:35 AM)



Now that the hype has died.. What do you think about the album?

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#31 bmasterx


    i am a fucking cocksucker

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Posted 21 April 2015 - 05:25 PM

Fish was eh why you hung up on it so much
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#32 ChiefKeef


    Ryan's army

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Posted 21 April 2015 - 08:42 PM

Fish was eh why you hung up on it so much

best song on goblin with window right behind it tbh
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Glo Gang.

#33 Staynoided



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Posted 21 April 2015 - 09:10 PM

best song on goblin with window right behind it tbh

nvm Fish was actually hella cool. The BBNG/ Tyler collab made me appreciate the song more but boppin bitch kinda ruined it. window was cool but the ending was gay.

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#34 Wyatt


    Tits McGee

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Posted 21 April 2015 - 09:23 PM

i'm in love with the album. it features some of his best production and it's heartwarming to see tyler happy with his true self now instead of fucking around with those morbid fag alter egos


sad to see him immersed in the fame life but what do u expect

spot on!

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#35 Guest_DevonsWOLF_*

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Posted 25 April 2015 - 10:29 PM

His worst album with Bastard, Goblin, & Wolf I could listen through the entire album as an experience I find myself skipping a lot of the songs. Production is beast.



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#36 SinzKTA



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Posted 22 May 2015 - 12:10 AM

I think a lot of people don't like it because they were expecting something else. I like the album a lot personally i like the direction he went with it although i was expecting something more like WOLF again. Maybe like 2 or 3 tracks i don't like (first time i can say that for a tyler album). On a few songs it's hard to hear him. 7/10 imo 

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They never did catch that rhino

#37 Mark


    The Paste God

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Posted 27 May 2015 - 09:28 PM

I never listen to it, gave it a couple listens on release though. Kanye and Lil Wayne feature was interesting, Tyler's production is getting better with what most people seem to be in consensus on. The rapping was ehh, Tyler hasn't been a very creative rapper for a while and there's been some glimmers of promise here and there over the years but he just hasn't been that interesting as a rapper for like half of his career (might be a generous estimation), the things he's interesting for at least in my opinion are the things he does that are non rap related, most notably his production and art designs, which started out pretty poor but have really come along even so in the Golf clothing line. I wouldn't wear most of Tyler's clothes but he really has his own style and has gotten comfortable with life to the point where he can do whatever he wants and live his dreams and that's awesome for anyone. Not a fan of his music really anymore but he's still a pretty cool person and an interesting celebrity figure from time to time, despite some of his personal views that I disagree with. 


At any rate it's been an interesting ride, with Wolf I was still there a little, Cherry Bomb had some moments but overall it's kind of given me that polarizing moment that I'd kind of been leading up to where I just officially put his music in the ground for me aside from the occasional old school OF nostalgia trip. At any rate it's been interesting to watch it all play out over the years and my time on this site when and after I was a stan has been worth it. Don't really fuck with his music but OF was legitimately a cool part of my high school years and Tyler is a pretty cool guy, low-key interested to see where his production, fashion, and directing efforts take him.

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#38 Mark


    The Paste God

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Posted 27 May 2015 - 09:31 PM

best song on goblin with window right behind it tbh


Damn for real? Window was so long and boring even when it dropped in 2011 to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  


I like his bars on Tron Cat and a couple of other tracks but it's not the type of shit I listen to these days.


I know a lot of people liked Window though, Frank rapping is pretty cool I guess. I'd like to see a little more of a mix with rapping and R&B singing on his next project.

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#39 volatile


    "odd future? is that the one with snoop dogg and eazy e?&qu

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Posted 04 June 2015 - 12:04 PM

As far as live:

Bastard>Goblin>Cherry Bomb>Wolf

Wolf is last? That's something I barely hear

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:et: ayy lmao  :et:

#40 mastermelo



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Posted 04 June 2015 - 04:25 PM

i hate it except for smuckers, find your wings and maybe a couple others. 

I respect the hell out of it tho, can hear how much he's matured as an artist and as a person. 

plus the production is fucking insane put aside the weird mastering.

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#41 1marcos6



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Posted 04 June 2015 - 06:21 PM

There's a few songs on the album that I love, but most of them are unbearable to me. Wolf is my favorite.

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OF till I OD, and I probably will 

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