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@  troncatkillcat : (07:58 PM)

Tron wuz here

@  troncatkillcat : (07:58 PM)

Troncat wux

@  TheOneMFromDisc : (07:39 PM)


@  59Slime : (07:38 PM)

sosa cat was here

@  TheOneMFromDisc : (07:36 PM)


@  TheOneMFromDisc : (07:36 PM)

tyler, the creator

@  TheOneMFromDisc : (06:32 AM)

I got and what if anyone want it Im down to trade

@  TheOneMFromDisc : (06:32 AM)

Yall tf is up

@  Fig : (03:24 AM)

Love y’all <3

@  Fig : (03:24 AM)

I’m at a bar telling my friend about my days here

@  Guest : (10:04 AM)


@  Guest : (08:06 PM)

@Gnatuw HMU

@  Guest : (08:05 PM)


@  Guest : (07:45 PM)

@GOLFWANG10 people have said 10, way off. Probably way higher. Still a rare piece

@  Guest : (07:44 PM)

@Guest of course we do

@  Test : (08:11 AM)

@Guest you're lame bro, typical cripple

@  Jarvis : (07:22 AM)

Miss y'all. Kinda. <3

@  GOLFWANG10 : (02:13 AM)

do people remember how many dertbag x earl shirts there were (non tye-dye shirt)

@  Guest : (10:05 PM)

Got a giant ass file of some OF shit if yall want it

@  queefing dragon : (10:31 AM)

im moving to saturn dont contact me

@  queefing dragon : (10:30 AM)

probably just as boring and fucked up as my country

@  queefing dragon : (10:30 AM)

im moving to israel

@  queefing dragon : (10:29 AM)


@  queefing dragon : (10:27 AM)

i dont care about first world LGBT people though

@  queefing dragon : (10:26 AM)

im gonna beat the masculinity out of myself all by myself

@  queefing dragon : (10:25 AM)

what a mean guest

@  queefing dragon : (10:25 AM)

he was a shitty person though

@  queefing dragon : (10:24 AM)

i had a palestinian trans friend he got locked up and interrogated for like a month

@  queefing dragon : (10:23 AM)

the omincron particles got me 2 weeks ago

@  queefing dragon : (10:21 AM)


@  queefing dragon : (10:20 AM)

still alive lol

@  Guest : (03:49 PM)

OddCat / Gato here to stalk my old self.

@  Guest : (03:48 PM)


@  Neutrill : (07:36 PM)


@  oddwolfmen : (01:27 AM)

watch out for omincron particles

@  Solid : (06:25 AM)

get a hobby bro

@  Solid : (06:24 AM)

tfw you have no life so u hate tranny

@  Guest : (04:56 PM)


@  member george : (04:02 PM)


@  Guest : (12:14 AM)

his woman beating pops beat the masculinity outta him rofl should hit him harder tho

@  Guest : (12:14 AM)

can you picture him in a dress makeup and lipstick bro fkn yuck. he was already ugly as shit and now he look like a car ran him over

@  Guest : (12:13 AM)

bro tfw adamy is a tranny now :suge:

@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

I was in love but FUCK IT

@  RaeKwon : (07:18 AM)

OFM banging on yo mfn FM

@  Guest : (12:51 PM)

Tyler The creator presets

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

oh shit dis not search lol

@  mister unusual : (07:33 PM)

kile kanvas

@  Thomas Hunna : (10:56 PM)

Today marks 10 years ago that I joined the site

@  Android XVII : (06:18 PM)

metaldan online in the past 15 minutes :dog:

@  Android XVII : (06:16 PM)

I got locked out my discord account rip love yall :earl: :ronan: :tony:

@  mister unusual : (11:44 AM)


@  Ant Live : (06:24 PM)

I still hold a lot of good memories here man. I’m happy it isn’t gone

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

Still rip UGK

@  Ant Live : (06:22 PM)

I cant believe this is still up

@  Material : (03:37 AM)

My account is almost 10 years old wtf.

@  Kandinsky : (11:03 AM)

shoutout to you all

@  Kandinsky : (11:02 AM)

amazed that this site still exists

@  Guest : (06:15 AM)

Anyways I think the albums pretty good definitively not better then igor or flower boy

@  Guest : (06:13 AM)

I guess im the first person to talk about (call me if you get lost) But that album was pretty good

@  HighClass : (09:47 PM)

RIP ugk. Keep on keeping on people

@  HighClass : (09:37 PM)

Fucking randomly came into my head today

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Good times

@  HighClass : (09:36 PM)

Remember that dude that faked a whole bunch of art photos and got found out

@  SoulTrekker : (05:50 AM)

kevin abstract

@  SoulTrekker : (05:47 AM)

bro clockin in after so long, so much time has passed fr fr

@  Zebrakill : (11:49 PM)

fig thats bad ok that represents the devil please post

@  Fig : (06:59 AM)

crazy how i can never post again since i have 6,066 posts

@  Zebrakill : (11:46 PM)

im gonna start checking in daily ok. i see 50 members online in the last 15 minutes. No reason this place isnt lit

@  Guest : (03:32 PM)

Has anyone seen the new Tyler billboard he put up for his new album ¨Call me if you get lost¨ Hopefully thats the intro for his new album

@  chrisb : (08:26 AM)

hi zebra

@  Zebrakill : (08:31 PM)


@  Zebrakill : (08:29 PM)

i came on here and searched around today and its crazy that i remember everyones names. seriously idk if yall will remember me but i remember a lot of you. sm123 i still follow you on instagram

@  Zebrakill : (08:28 PM)

hey guys

@  Guest : (12:57 AM)


@  A Fuckin Rad... : (05:10 PM)

Man, i havent been on this site in forever. im shocked its still up lol

@  Guest : (06:26 PM)

my account is a fucking decade old what the hell

@  Android XVII : (08:38 PM)

aye do yall fuck wit odd future

@  Android XVII : (08:37 PM)

wasp wasps wasps yall wssup

@  Young Eater : (09:06 PM)

I'm trying to find it.

@  Young Eater : (09:05 PM)

Does anyboody remember that video of the one black kid dressed just like tyler running around and dancing at a skate park?

@  Swampy : (06:21 AM)

was gucci

@  Keanu Reeves : (11:00 PM)

is there anyone here who can get me into my old account?

@  mister unusual : (03:12 PM)

@Jack haha

@  Guest : (09:15 PM)

seriously who's still paying for the hosting of this site just let it go away already hahaha

@  Guest : (06:09 AM)

wow i joined on the same day as tony

@  Guest : (05:46 PM)

i didnt pay for it though

@  mister unusual : (06:58 AM)

@chrisb access to premium threads

@  chrisb : (08:48 PM)

i wna know....

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

i never got i wna kmow

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

what that get you actually tell me

@  chrisb : (06:34 PM)

ahaa lol u premium

@  chrisb : (03:05 AM)

wtf smd bitch

@  Guest : (05:37 PM)

im taller than chrisb

@  Fuck Flog Gnaw : (12:58 PM)

This place been dead for years

@  Clouds : (05:47 PM)

miss this shit, id come on here after school everyday.....

@  awsumpops : (10:05 PM)

Happy 10 for Yonkers.

@  Anti : (09:16 PM)

happy 10 year anniversary to yonkers

@  Anti : (09:10 PM)


@  sm123 : (09:01 AM)

i've been going through old threads and it's bringing me back, this place was such a huge part of my life, so weird and sad to see it like this now..

@  sm123 : (09:00 AM)

ugk :(

Full Time Drug Dealing uhhh I mean part time internet dope raper

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#31 Guest_Venereal_*

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Posted 05 May 2011 - 09:44 PM

You seem to have very high thoughts of yourself and your so called rapping skills... please just shut the fuck up.

Because I'm fucking god. Get the fuck up outta my thread then dumb ass nigga lmfao.

*btw dumb ass nigga you don't use the phrase "so called" unless the phrase following has already been used, I never referred to my so called "rapping skills" once in the thread*

**btwx2 i don't "seem" to have very high thoughts of myself, I do and I don't hide that**

***btwx3 did I mention your backwards logic in telling me to shut the fuck up in my own thread? lmfao dumb nigga***

****uhhh thats what I would have said if i was an asshole on that particular day in question... :)****
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#32 Guest_Venereal_*

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Posted 06 May 2011 - 08:34 PM

Updating the thread with a new track... Feedback appreciated as always... as long as its not some dumb shit about Earl, that shit got fucking retarded as fuck real quick.
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#33 IdiotSavant



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Posted 06 May 2011 - 08:50 PM


It's disgusting that someone actually has to intellectualize rapping about a topic similar to YOUR favorite rapper, how fucking pretentious of the audience here... The arrogance of assuming that nobody else out in the fucking world might have a background similar to them and therefor happens to have raps on similar subjects. Instead of focusing on what I do that is in common with OF, why don't you focus on the contrasting?

Real recognize real and I'm mad disappointed that OF has some fake ass fucking fans who just don't get it.

I can get behind this.

"Sarcasm isn't advanced, it's the inexperienced man's preference. Criticism isn't smart, it's for the artfully dejected"
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I'm uncomfortable, like children getting touched in their physical
-nauseous beats-

#34 IdiotSavant



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Posted 06 May 2011 - 09:02 PM

Twin blade razor with the lady's grip, raise the shade
I'm relaxed and flashin tip, life is made
So often boss I'm flashin teeth to throw these tossers off
Miseducated, everyday I'm living burn or cut
Live Caligula, feast fuck and throw some up
Vomitorium, ditched the honor role and torah, yeh

I'm uncomfortable, like children getting touched in their physical
Tickled pink, curvy drippy reaper sickle
Night terrors, high spite and prone to slight errors
Or bigger ones, I'm an unreliable narrator

Or stricken with Cotard's and snortin dust out my coffin
Brokin up and chokin on a bobby pin
Bloated Rick, deep inside the mask and making sick
Bulimic, with a grinding axe aimed to taste a witch

Slow kids getting scolded like they've stolen chalk
Hot rocks glowin in the hand where they holdin cock
Don't talk, a little smitten but holding up
Break a blister, paint a picture when the paper cuts

Rotten, holdin cock with a Botch fan
Or stone drunk with some young'un up in Land's End
Real blitzed, tryna fall asleep to a boxfan
I'm a mess, a fucking waste of time like watching Hollow Man

Or an octopus trying to walk bipedal
They pry me with a tire iron, body popsicles
Cosmonaut dying in his cot when his time is up
The other two screaming like "what the fuck?"

Steel trap mind tripping hard like martians slipping time
Tried to bite an orange, suckin orange rind
Wired different, lollygagging and flashing purple
shirting through the hours my powers multiply in triples

Mind wrinkles, straight up acting simple
Burst through time and crash through the borderline
So this is why they call it the crying game, it's a crying shame
Bodies of strays inside your snowbanks.

Recording coming soon (?), what. I'm on the internet cuz I'm an internet thug.
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I'm uncomfortable, like children getting touched in their physical
-nauseous beats-

#35 Guest_Venereal_*

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Posted 06 May 2011 - 09:09 PM

That's called love.

State time state time state time state time state time state time state time satate tiem staentime statenantimesatnstiametantsatasmtantatatnatamtatismetantataittatnatsatanstimestandtymsime.
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