Hodgy Beats

Hodgy, a rapper from Los Angeles was a friend of Tyler’s from an early age. Hodgy eventually met Syd, Taco’s sister, and the two of them began making music together. She was a producer for the Dena Tape, coming in after most had been recorded to touch up some tracks. Hodgy was actually the one to introduce Tyler to Syd and since then, he created a subgroup – Mellowhype with fellow OF member Left Brain. He is often on stage with Tyler during Tyler’s own songs, as a front man of sorts to accentuate Tyler’s punchlines. He has performed everywhere from SXSW, The Jimmy Fallon Show, The Mtv Woodie Awards, and several tours on both coasts. Hodgy is usually in the studio with Syd, as she makes beats exclusively for him, stating that her sound is more his style. Hodgy not only raps in Mellowhype, but also performs solo himself, more specifically as a feature for other OF member’s projects and on his Dena Tape.




Born: November 9th, 1991

Nicknames: N/A

Label:Fat Possum Records

Discography:The Dena Tape (2009), YelloWhite (2010), BlackenedWhite (2010), BlackenedWhite Re-Released (2011), Ignorant (2011), Numbers (2011)